Our Mini French Country Christmas Home Tour

December 09, 2021

Good December Day to one and all!

Welcome to our Mini French Country Christmas Home Tour.

Dave and I have enjoyed decorating our home for Christmas, I made two grapevine wreaths for the front door. 

The tutorial for these wreaths is right here.

It has been a real labor of life making our home welcoming and cozy for our family.

This year we enlisted the help of professionals to put up our outdoor Christmas lights. 

This is a no-fall zone! 

We used Elks Lighting and we are so happy with the results.

Mini Christmas Home Tour In Mississippi

In setting the tone for this tour please join me in turning on your favorite Christmas music while I listen to mine. I am a real fan of Silver Bells.

Oh and I also have the most lovely Opal House scented candle lit (Holiday Spruce.)

Christmas time is such a joyful and at times a very melancholy time of the year for me. Seems my emotions go from exhilarated joy to melancholy, but today we focus on the joy of the season!

Warm Southern December Evenings

December in Mississippi has been mild.

We have had lovley mild and days and evenings.

So Sadie, Dave and I have enjoyed quiet evenings on the front porch with the warm glow of Christmas lights engulfing as the end of the day gives way to darkness.

Honestly, I long for December days with glittery, crunchy snow and I'll make no promises about not being in a Winter Wonderland next year at this time.

Sadie welcomes you!

Sadie Celebrates her 4th Birthday!

Sadie celebrated her 4th Birthday on the 8th of December. In honor of this milestone she was treated to  a glorious bubble bath and came out of the tub renewed, refreshed and smelling as fragrant as a bouquet of Lavender!
We are working on getting her to sit/stay so I can photograph this sweet gal of ours.
As you can see, she's not overly pleased in sitting still in this photo, although she did get her favorite treat after her photo shoot!

Our nostalgic Christmas Tree in Foyer

Nostalgic Christmas Tree In Foyer

They foyer in our Mississippi home is large enough to have a skinny Christmas tree.

So I used the Tree which I purchased back in September when I styled a Fall Harvest Tree for our home.

This petite Christmas Tree is perfect for a few of my Keepsake Christmas ornaments from my Children's young years and believe it or not from my childhood too!

I am not even sure how I have held on to everything like I have,.

These multiple moves these past few years and clear across the U.S. have been very trying.

Gold, White, and Copper Christmas 

Gold, White, Silver and Rose Gold Christmas Themed Christmas Tree

In our Living room I place our medium size flocked Christmas Tree and went with a gold, white and rose gold theme combined with stars and farmhouse bisque style affirmation ornaments.

Truly the Foyer Christmas Tree and Living Room Christmas Tree mirror one another with colors.

I topped it all off with faux white fur tree skirt.

I found this wonderful bisque ornaments at Walmart in November.

Ornaments on Living Room Christmas Tree

Foyer and Living Room Christmas Tree

Let's move on to some of my favorite things about Christmas.

My keepsakes and whimsical vignettes!

I do love a good snowman and a village for my snowpeople to live in.

Collectibles in Christmas Vignette

Metal Toy Horse Collectible in Christmas Vignette

I have many treasured collectibles in this vignette.

Christmas Vignette With Unikat Christmas Ornament and Hummel 

Unikat Christmas Ornament and Hummel Vignette

I collect a variety of birdcages and I always enjoy creating interesting vignettes using them.
For this particular Birdcage Vignette I placed two other precious girl and boy Hummel in the birdcage and then added this very delicate Unikat Christmas ornament too.
I love the pattern on this darling and fragile polish Christmas ornament given to me my daughter, Amanda.
Happy Snowman Juggling Snowballs

Scandinavian Home and Bottle Brush Tee Vignette

Mixing Old and New

I love mixing old and new and I hope that I always will. 
It's fun to combine the two and creates a beautiful mix of nostalgia and a few trends. 
I had so much fun shopping with my daughter, Rebecca, for these Scandinavian Style Homes.
We shopped early in the season and picked up these houses at Hobby lobby, the Trees at Target and of course my snowman is a natural antique!




Remember the reason for the Season!

Homemaking during the Holidays is always extra special and at the same time can cause some stress. So I hope you'll find moments to relax and enjoy these days of December.

Thank you for joining me today for our Mini Christmas Home Tour.

May we all honor the reason for the season and find joy in those wonderful, magical and unexpected corners of life!



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  1. Your home looks beautiful. I love the idea there are people out there you can hire to do outside lights. We scaled down the last two years but the younger people on the street below us compete to see who can have the most lights. It is comical.
    All your decorations look nice and good to hear I am not the only one that is nostalgic. I have all our ornaments from our kids childhood and a few from mine.
    I enjoyed your tour, Jemma. Merry Christmas!

    1. Hello Bonnie,
      Thank you for the lovely visit.
      We were so fortunate to have found this professional Christmas Lighting company or there would have not been a single light on the eaves! We have too many memories of electrical shocks and near slips on the ladder!
      I have really enjoyed decorating this year and I did not put quite as many of my treasures on display. I think I'll begin rotating them each year.
      Enjoy your beautiful Christmas in Colorado with your precious family!
      Merry Christmas,

  2. Oh, everything looks wonderful, Jemma. I love it all! I love how you mix the old with the new, and it looks so charming together in your home. Your two Christmas trees are beautiful, but I especially like the tall one with all the childhood ornaments on there - such treasures. Those little glass frosted trees from Hobby Lobby are so cute, and the 1970's frosty snowman is darling. The Hummels are priceless, and I've been wanting to get one that belonged to my mother-in-law that I always loved when I visited her home. We can't seem to find it, by hopefully one day we will. And the cup, 'tinsel in a tangle'........I love that! Thanks for sharing a bit of your Christmas home with us, dear Jemma. I didn't realize it's still warm during the Winter in MIssissippi. I am hoping for some snow before Christmas, but not sure if it will happen, but January and February are the coldest months here, and the snow sure does fall at that time. Everything looks so nice and cozy at your house, Jemma. And you always do such a fantastic job with the holiday decor around Christmastime. : )


    1. Thank you Sheri,
      It's been enjoyable to decorate and has meant so much to me. My goal is to never become complacent about decorating for Christmas.
      I hope you get snow for Christmas, Sheri. It completes the perfect Christmas scene to me.
      We must never let our tinsel get a tangle! (LOL)

  3. This is all beautifully done Jemma! I like how you embellished the trees and all your accents. Love the outdoor lighting!

    1. Hello Liz!
      Thank you from dropping by and sharing in the joy of the season! Merry Christmas!

  4. Everything Looks so beautiful and Sadie looks Christmas card ready. Love that and finding joy that is where I'm headed. So glad I stopped by.


    1. Hello My Friend,
      You are so right-you are navigating to a joy filled life.
      Thank you and Merry Christmas too!

  5. Good morning dear Jemma! WOW! Oh your home is outstanding. The exterior is so French and beautifully designed, decorated and stunning. Then, there's SADIE at the door! LOL She is hilariously cute and knows that this is HER abode and is the first to welcome us in. Magic ensues...your hospitality glimmers my friend. What a tour!

    1. Hello Darling Friend!
      Isn't Sadie a hoot! She cracks me up with her friendly yet cynical appearance. She is definitely in charge of this house and boy does she know it.
      Thank you for the cheery visit and sweet words too.
      Merry Christmas!


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