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Coaxing Fall & Two Giveaways

I was really and truly hoping that once our Summer break series came to an end so would Summer.
Silly me...who was I kidding??

I mean seriously, I live in Texas and I just know that right now my Texas friends are shaking their heads and thinking to themselves what is wrong with this lady...

You see I am one of those people who rush through Summer, sort of like when you pass everyone on the freeway, well that is me passing on thru Summer.

athomewithjemma hosts a celebrate fall together giveaway

I have two super nifty ways that I am coaxing Fall on in and this how I am going about it.

One, I am personally hosting a little tiny sweet giveaway this week, as well as a

Darren Gygi Home Collection Art Giveaway, now seriously if this doesn't coax Fall on it,

what will!

Canvas Art, Decorate you home for Fall
I am thinking way ahead because I am ready to decorate for Fall and I am wondering if you 

would like to join me in choosing a print for the giveaway.

I am going to share some photos of a few of Darren's prints and you help me choose which 

one you like the best for the art giveaway.

The Scarecrow Print set, and Harvest Print set are both on sale right now just in time for

your Fall decorating.

1. One scarecrow print

a. Top left corner
b. Top right corner
c. Bottom left corner
d. Bottom right corner

sunflower, pumpkin, apple, Indian corn
2. One harvest Print
a. Sunflower
b. Pumpkin
c. Apple
d. Indian corn

decorate for Fall, elm leaf, oak leaf, maple, leaf, aspen leaf

Did you know that Darren's art also comes in collections so you can purchase the entire

set, the Leaf Collection is on sale right now just in time for decorating for fall and if 

you use Jemma10 you will get an extra 10% savings for one month.

3. Leaf Collection
a. Maple
b. Aspen
c. Elm
d. Oak
Decorate for Halloween with a witch's shoe, haunted house
Halloween anyone, I have fun decorating for Halloween so these really appeal to me too.

These canvas art prints aren't just for hanging on the wall, they truly add to a seasonal


Create vignettes with canvas art for Fall decorating ideas
So let me know your thoughts.

The single canvas art print with the most votes will be the 9x9 giveaway.

Giveaway winner for both giveaways will be announced on Monday August 8th.

Remember you can shop day or night on Darren's website, from the comfort of your own

home and shipping is always free.

Darren also has a Face Book page, it would be super sweet of you to give him some likes:)

Fall, spatula, dishtowel, decorating, kitchen

Let's celebrate Fall Together with this cute dishtowel, spatula and a Darren Gygi 

Fall canvas print giveaway!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Get More with Garden Infused Water

This is the last post in our two weeks of the Summer break series and I truly, truly hope that 

you enjoyed this series as much as I did.

I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to get to know these talented women a little 

better and have them share their talents with us all.

Today we welcome my friend Carole from Garden up Green, we both share the joy and 

struggles of gardening on acreage in Texas.

Carole is an accomplished writer and you will find her published works both online and in a 

kindle format.

She and her husband are living the life of empty nesters and she feels very blessed to live

on a small farm where she enjoys and thrives living an independent lifestyle.

Get More with Garden Infused Water
Carole West – Garden Up Green
hydrate, homemade water, refresh with herb infused water
Summer is Hot in Texas and I’m always reminding myself to drink more water Sometimes I forget because unless it’s ice cold with lemon or lime I’m not interested.   
This summer I decided it was time to jazz up my water and turn it into Garden Infused water.  Yes this is something I made up because I needed inspiration to help increase my water intake.
Drinking water benefits our overall health and most important it keeps us hydrated.   This means I have more energy to keep moving forward.
Summer Break series with garden up green and athomewithjemma
Moving forward took me to the garden where I picked cucumbers and peppermint.  I needed something with a wow factor so I brought home lemons and organic raspberries from the grocery store.
hydrate, fresh, vegetables, water, fruit
To make this garden infused water we begin with a vintage mason jar followed by a few ingredients.
Garden Infused Water Ingredients
  • One lemon slice
  • Four or five cucumber slices
  • A handful of Fresh Raspberries – they can also be frozen
  • Sliced pieces of Peppermint
First add a squeezed lemon slice into the jar, followed by cucumber slices.
Drink more water and stay healthy by making your own
Then we include raspberries and chopped peppermint.  Chopping the peppermint is optional; the flavor is more pronounced which is something I like.  

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Welcome to My Chandelier Makeover

Isn't this fun to see how creative minds and passion for life go together and create 

wonderful, amazing and gorgeous DIY decor for our home.

I know I am motivated and as soon as the weather cools I am heading to my garage with 

some furniture from my attic and getting creative.

Today we welcome Lisa from the Purple Hydrangea, as one of our guest DIY contributors

for the Summer Break series.

Lisa fell in love with furniture rehab, three years ago after taking a furniture workshop.

She is so passionate about her projects and is always challenging herself to find new ways

to breathe new life into furniture - "creating furniture you'll love one brush stroke at a time!"

front porch, summer, french chair

Welcome to my $5 office chandelier makeover

                              Contributor~ Lisa Taylor                                            

When I wrote my first post of 2016 I shared a little about my design style and my inspiration board for my office. So today I want to tell you all about my chandelier makeover.
  Inspiration board for my office makeover and my $5 chandelier makeover. 
So here's my builder grade light.
You can clearly see why I might be longing for something different. Personally, I think these lights should be banned around the world. They are not visually appealing and the light they provide is almost non-existent. But do you love these beams the way I do?
  Chandelier makeover 
By now you know I am crazy about French style decor. I had visions of a chandelier dripping in the french gold paint with lots of crystals. I shopped online and poked around my local thrift stores and I just couldn't find one for less than $125 which was more than I was willing to pay. I quickly realized the one I paid $5 for that has been sitting in my garage for 2 years would do just fine. The only problem is the color, silver just.won't do.
  $5 garage sale chandelier makeover 
So I did what any self-respecting DIY'er would do and searched on Pinterest for chandelier makeover ideas. I must have changed my mind at least 10 times. I thought about all white. Then I thought about gold. I asked my blogging buddies what they thought. I actually bought a can of oil rubbed bronze spray paint and a ceiling medallion to match. I thought I could "french" it up with some gold shimmer wax. For a couple of months I really thought that was the direction I was heading in but the longer I pondered this I realized I just wasn't in love. So I kept searching and waiting for the color inspiration that would shout "pick me"! Then I found this verdigris finish chandelier makeover tutorial. The search was over!!! This would give me the pop of color I was craving to stand out in front of my wall of built- ins that are very dark. You may know the word verdigris actually means the green of Greece and refers to the blue/green patina that occurs on a copper or bronze surface when exposed to the elements over time. I didn't until I researched it. I know what you are thinking..."your chandelier is silver, so how do you intend to create a verdigris finish"? I was thinking the same thing but I decided not to let this small detail defeat me. The tutorial I read used acrylic paints, a glaze, and other items I didn't have on hand. My answer to the verdigris conundrum was...milk paint. I wanted a blue/green kind of crusty finish and milk paint can be very crusty unless you sand it smooth.

So here's my version of how to create a faux verdigris finish using supplies I already had on hand.

(The following supply list contains affiliate links. This simply means I have provided you with convenient links to the products I used or similar ones I recommend. If you purchase any of these products using my links I will receive a small commission)

Here's what I used:

Spouncer brush 1 small foam brush Zinsser water based primer (white) Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint in Boxwood Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint in Kitchen Scale (this color is already on 3 pieces in my office) In order to get the crusty look, I decided to coat my chandelier first using Zinsser primer. I used a foam craft brush and it didn't take long at all. Creating a faux verdigris finish using Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint in Boxwood and Kitchen Scale. 
I knew the next layer needed to be Boxwood but as you can see in the picture it is much darker than kitchen scale. It is a beautiful green that has a strong yellow undertone. I knew this would need to be toned down so I decided to experiment. I started with 3 tablespoons of Boxwood and one tablespoon at a time I added in Kitchen Scale until I finally had a winner.
The final recipe was 3 tablespoons Boxwood to 5 tablespoons Kitchen Scale. I am calling my custom color "verdigris." It's the color on  the left.

Chandelier makeover
Next, I used this spouncer brush to gently dab my paint on.
  I used this spouncer brush to create a faux verdigris finish on my $5 garage sale chandelierChandelier makeover with a faux verdigris finish 
You can see all the bubbles, drips, and runs this technique created.
  Chandelier makeover using a faux verdigris finish   I 
have to say I was really surprised
shocked how well it turned out.
  Chandelier makeover using a faux verdigris finish
I love how you can see little peeks of white, green, and blue. I decided not to seal it or do anything else because I was really happy with how crusty it turned out. I was basking in the glory of my verdigris triumph when I realized the ceiling medallion I purchased was rubbed bronze finish and I completely forgot about the silver chain. The idea of painting a chain to match the finish just didn't seem like my idea of fun so the alternative was to make a cover!!!!!!!!! If you read my no sew drop cloth curtain post then you know already how I feel about sewing. I rummaged through my fabric stash and found what looked like may have been a sheet in a former life. So I cut my fabric and stitched it up by hand!!!! (anything to avoid getting that sewing machine out) And I painted the medallion with white primer.
  My $5 chandelier makeover is complete with a faux verdigris finish using Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint. 
 I need to give my husband a huge shout out for hanging what he is now calling "the glamdelier" in the dark, while wearing a headlamp. This post wouldn't be possible without him and I am willing to overlook his comment that he thought the "sock" (his word for cover) should have been the same fabric as my drop cloth curtains. And that I should have painted the medallion and the candle covers the same color as the glamdelier. And now you finally know why I refer to him as "my silent partner" because he is anything but silent. The funny thing is I actually agree with him. But for now, it will stay just as it is.
  I created a faux verdigris finish on my $5 garage sale chandelier. You can see more at   Chandelier makeover using Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint
You have probably figured out by now I am not a professional photographer and trying to get blog-worthy shots was a challenge.
  My $5 chandelier makeover is complete with a new verdigris faux finish using Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint. To learn more visit me at
I kinda love it. In fact sometimes, I just walk in the room and turn it on just so I can gaze at it. So tell me what you I able to add faux finisher to my resume'? Next up, I will be shopping my house for items to style the built- ins that are the bane of my existence. But for now, I am just going to enjoy the glow of my glamdelier previously known as the chandelier makeover. 
Ciao for now Lisa.

Thank you for joining us Lisa and for sharing this fantastic chandelier makeover.       

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Favorite Faux Flower Arrangement

I am super excited to introduce Susan from Love Of Home.

Susan inspires us daily with her gentle love of home, family, life and creating a welcoming 

home for those she loves and then she shares it with us!

How fortunate are we to have a blogger like this in our lives.

She believes in creating within a budget, and who doesn't love that...her tips are always

winners and her beautiful 1890's Farmhouse home is filled with three bright and beautiful 

children and her loving husband.


                                                        Faux Flower Arrangement

                                                           Contributor ~ Susan Duane

Hello, I’m so happy to be here with you today! My name is Susan and I blog at Love of Home. Jemma thank you so much for having me share with your readers today! I have an easy project to share with you today, it’s one of my favorites.
 I have a favorite faux tulip arrangement that I bought years ago, they look so real. I think the clincher is the "water" they are in.  I love flowers but it's not always possible to have fresh flowers so this is a great alternative to fresh and it's so much cheaper to make these faux arrangements yourself. This project has been on my idea list for months! Since I'm working on decorating for Spring I thought it would be the perfect time to make it come to life. Make your own faux flower arrangement. Love of Home
 Here's what you'll need: Faux flower stems Quick water - Here is a less expensive one on Amazon *affiliate link A vase of some sort, I used a mason jar Wire cutters Container to mix the acrylic in and a something to stir it with Directions: Cut stems to their desired length for your container. Follow the directions on the box for the quick water. Mix according to directions and pour into a clean container. Add your faux stems and let set overnight. Decorate! Make your own faux flower arrangement. Love of Home This project was super easy. It took me less than 30 minutes, cost me around $15.  This is a bargain compared to the faux arrangements you can buy! I used the water solution to make a second one with a bunch of flowers I already had at home. Make your own faux flower arrangement. Love of Home
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The Simple Things That Bring Joy

Are you feeling as joyful and inspired as I am, maybe even a little giddy with the pure

goodness of life that these talented ladies have been sharing with us.

Haven't we been treated to just some wonderful projects, decorating and recipes!

Today a tried and true friend as well as a beloved blogger kicks off the beginning of our 

second week in the Summer Break series .

You might just know this talented gal Laura from White Spray Paint.

Laura seasons her decorating posts with just the right amount of storytelling and life lessons

for us all, and then there are those ranch recipes and oh her zinnias!

Pink chairs, pink umbrella, beach, sand


Today we are taking a gentle stroll through a portion of Laura's lovely Texas home and 

enjoying a sweet story too.

The Simple Things That Bring Joy

Contributor~Laura Harrison

Blue and White Porcelain

Many, many years ago, when my husband and I were first married, and we moved into our
first home-a garage apartment teetering on top of a carport in Kingsville, Texas.
We had the usual furnishings of that era:  bookshelves made out of cinder blocks and boards, lots of stereo equipment and albums, college mementos and impractical (at the moment)wedding gifts.

white table, gold table, summer vignette

I didn't need to worry however, because within a day my mother of White Spray Paint fame drove in from the ranch-her car loaded to the top-followed by my father pulling a cattle trailer.
Out of that trailer came my white bedroom furniture, a couch and chair, a small dining table and two chairs and lamps.

blue and white chair, table, inspiration, decorating

And then the relatives arrived.
My Uncle Jerry put down the carpet, my Aunt Sherry painted walls, my Murchison cousins brought gifts, my grandparents brought all sorts of small appliances, all while my mother helped me make this simple bare place into a home.

Also, on that day, unknown to me because that was his way, my Father had a side of butcher wrapped beef delivered to Gafford's Meat Locker on 14th street as a gift to us.

simple, joyful, decorating, living room

The message here for me, which is the ongoing message of my blog White Spray Paint, is that it is about the simple things in life and enjoying what we have.

The flea market finds in the photos above, from the botanical birthday prints, to the lamps, to the brass tray table are all simply ways we make our house a home.

Summer break series, guest post Laura of White Spray Paint
                                 You Do It Too I know you do


I am so honored to post these thoughts on Joyce's blog today.
Every time I read one of her posts, I fell I am connecting to a kindred spirit.
Her lovely home, and her gardening and love of family all appeal to that young woman you just read about from many years ago, who stood in that garage apartment while her mother guided her in how to make a house a home.

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DIY Country Red Chair

Our Summer Break series welcomes the creative and talented Susanne from

She is a city girl who has been transplanted to a small country town of 400 and lives her life

inspired by her husband, children and grand littles.

She is an newbie blogger, interior design nut and views blogging as a wonderful and

inspiring new adventure. 

She loves to share her DIY and when you see this project that she has created you will

certainly "get," her passion for inspiring other to create and begin something new!

Photo credits given

DIY Red Chair & Belts

Contributor~ Susanne Stewart

This past weekend was a DIY trifecta for this city girl! After helping the hubby finish up his yard leveling, grass seed sowing project (okay, I only helped with the grass seed sowing part ;)  )  and while he took a nap, I went to town on a few projects of my own.  I finished up staining and lacquering a vintage ammo box (details on that to come) and made a planter out of an old galvanized WASH TUB.
My final project of the day involved digging an old chair out of my stash in my storage room in the garage, along with a bag of old belts I had been saving for this project.  It has taken me 2 years to get around to doing this project, if that tells you anything about the stash I have in that storage room!
DIY RED chair with belts
Materials needed for this project:
  • 1 old chair
  • 20 belts (give or take depending on the size of the belts and the chair
  • staple gun and 1/2 inch staples
  • fabric shears
I had already painted the chair red so I sprayed it with the Valspar's Clear Satin spray to keep the red paint from rubbing off on the wall (yep that has happened) and carefully picked out which belts I would use.  That is not as easy as it sounds!  You need a few wide sturdy belts to start off with to help with the sturdiness of the seat.

red chair

red chair1

I started by putting 3 of the sturdiest belts, 1 in the middle and 1 on each end, and then stapled them in place.  I stapled one end then pulled as tight as possible on the other end to make sure it didn't have very much give when I pushed down on them.

red chair2

Then I added the rest of the belts using the same technique.  After they were all stapled on I took fabric shears and cut off the excess of each belt.  I chose different colors and different textures of belts to have a patchwork effect.  Check out that white one with the little animals on it!!!  Isn't it just the cutest?!!

red chair3

Now on to the second layer, the basket weave layer.  Starting at the front I wove the rest of the belts into the design, making sure to keep them close and tight, making this seat even more sturdy. Over and under, over and under, over and under...well, you get the idea.
red chair4
red chair5

I wove all of the belts in first then turned the chair over and stapled them using the same technique as I did with the first layer.  After they were all stapled I used the fabric shears and cut off the excess.
red chair6

There were a couple of belts that were a little too thick so the hubby (after being woke up to go on a fire run, he is a volunteer fireman) helped me by shooting 3/4 inch nails in them with a nail gun.  Make sure to check after to make sure they didn't shoot all the way through, air staplers are pretty forceful!  Then I turned it over and tested it out, it held my weight!!!  Success!!
red chair7

Then it found it's new home in the family room.  It's a big room, plenty of room for more projects ;)
red chair8
red chair9

When looking for belts for this project I suggest shopping your hubby's side of the closet, source them from friends and family members(everyone has a stash of old belts, except me), or check at garage sales or your local thrift stores.
Do you see yourself trying this project?  Are there other belt projects you have done?  I would love to hear about them!!

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