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Coaxing Fall & Two Giveaways

Darren Gygi home collection | July 31, 2016
I was really and truly hoping that once our Summer break series came to an end so would Summer. Silly me...who was I kidding?? I mean seriously, I live in Texas and I just know that right now my Texas friends are shaking their heads and thinking to themselves what is wrong with this lady... You see I am one of those people who rush through Summer, sort of like when you pass everyone on the freeway, well that is me passing on thru Summer. I have two super nifty ways that I am coaxing Fall on in and this how I am going about it. One, I am personally hosting a little tiny sweet giveaway this week, as well as a Darren Gygi Home Collection Art Giveaway , now seriously if this doesn't coax Fall on it, what will! I am thinking way ahead because I am ready to decorate for Fall and I am wondering if you  would like to join me in choosing a print for the giveaway. I am going to share some photos of a few of Darren's prints and you help me choose which  one you like the best for the art g

Favorite Faux Flower Arrangement

Diy | July 26, 2016
I am super excited to introduce Susan from  Love Of Home . Susan inspires us daily with her gentle love of home, family, life and creating a welcoming  home for those she  loves and then she shares it with us! How fortunate are we to have a blogger like this in  our lives. She believes in creating within a budget, and who doesn't love that...her tips are always winners and her beautiful 1890's Farmhouse home is filled with three bright and beautiful  children and her  loving husband.                                                                                                                                  Faux Flower Arrangement                                                            Contributor ~ Susan Duane Hello, I’m so happy to be here with you today! My name is Susan and I blog at Love of Home. Jemma thank you so much for having me share with your readers today! I have an easy project to share with you today, it’s one of my favorites.  I have a favorite faux tuli

Thoughts Of Home On Thursday #23

link party | July 14, 2016
Welcome to Week 23 of Thoughts of Home On Thursday! We had such an amazing party last week because of each one of you, sharing your time  and  talents with us and we thank you ever so much! Our hostess this week is Jemma and she has been creating a project for the Sweet Tea fabric  challenge using sweet tea charm packs. Stop by and visit Poofing The Pillows and Decor To Adore too, to see where their creativity  took  them in this challenge.                                                                                                                                                                                Decorating   If you have ever wondered how to arrange flowers, search no more. Barb from  The Everyday Home ,  shows us step by step how   to create a stunning  arrangement for your  home.                                                          Recipes                          Everyday Savvy  shared these cute and clever cupcakes with us and some creative theme parties as well

Love You To The Moon & Back Canvas Art

canvas art | July 13, 2016
I never imagined that back in March of this year when the Sweet Tea Fabric line was  launched that I would be part of this exciting fabric  challenge using KariAnne's Sweet Tea  Fabric Line . This fabric is   truly such a sweet, sweet fabric and the colors are  pure  Summertime  joy. One of the real nifty parts about all of this, is that this friendly Texas craft  challenge  really  did  all begin  over Texas  sweet  tea,  pound  cake and a group of gals  chatting  and laughing at our Texas Art and Craft  retreat. One of the gals,  Carole from  Garden Up Green   initiated the notion and well, the rest is  history! Don't you just love a good heartwarming story to go along with a project... We were all given charm packs at the Art and craft retreat to use for this  project.  If you are unfamiliar with a charm pack they are c ollections of pre-cut 5 inch squares of  fabric, which can be used anyway you would like, the sky is the limit on how to channel  your inner  creativity. I