Christmas Dining Room Tour & Positivity

November 19, 2017
Good Morning friends, I am thrilled to be sharing this post, it is jam packed with positive thoughts and a little Christmas inspiration too.

Today is the kick off for our PERK focus word which is POSITIVITY. Goodness knows when I am decorating I need some extra "can do," attitude. Sometimes decorating sends me into a panic.

Seriously, I am crafter who loves decorating our home, I am not an interior designer.

Christmas Glow In Our Dining Room

Stacey and I will be sharing some thoughts on how we strive to incorporate PERK into our lives and maintain a positive outlook throughout the seasons of life.

I invite you to spend a little time with us this morning as we share Christmas d├ęcor, a warm hug and our Home Depot gift card and Pompom wreath giveaway!

All Is Well With My Soul

Let Go of Perfection and Stay Positive!

Staying positive during the pressure of the Holidays can sometimes be a challenge, so I am sharing some tools that work for me.

Rather than let myself get in a tizzy over how my Christmas decorating, cooking, gifting whatever those triggers might be. I let go of the notion of perfection and do what I LOVE! It releases me from unrealistic expectations. I am set free to simply enjoy the process, embrace the moments, express my true self and boy does that feel good!

Our White Christmas decorated with ornaments old, new and handmade.

Life is made up of seasons.

With each season there is emotional and spiritual growth. We begin to understand what we need to embrace and what we need to let go. As for me I realize rather than spend wasted time fretting about how I think things should be, I just let them be. Accepting what is helps me to stay mentally, spiritually, emotionally on track and positive.

Assorted Christmas Ornaments

My Memories help to keep me positive.

Many of the ornaments on our tree hold memories of days gone by or trips to Hobby Lobby, Walmart, The Dollar Tree or even handmade with my girls laughing over silly goodness and there might just even be a grandchild in the background fussing.

Woodsy Christmas Dining Table

Speak kindly to yourself.

I think it is really important to speak well to ourselves and push out those negative narratives. The thoughts we think and stories we tell ourselves become our reference, so it is important to keep our references positive.

Christmas Owl Table Setting

Learning to live with ourselves is a skill and I am not certain that we ever really arrive at total acceptance. However I do believe that if we know in our hearts we are doing our very best and set realistic expectations of ourselves we can live a little gentler, kinder and more positive. When we do that we can pass those positive energies onto our world.

Believe in All Things Positive

Thank you for dropping by today and sharing your ideas with our community, don't you think we are all really more alike than we are different, I know I do.

Your comments are your entry for the Pompom wreath and $15.00 Home Depot gift card giveaway.
Winner will be notified in a week by email.

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Pompom and Home Depot Gift Card Giveaway

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  1. This is so festive! Love what you have done with your holiday decor!

  2. Good morning sweet Jemma. I enjoyed reading your post this morning as I get ready to hit the highway for Thanksgiving. Looking forward to coming home and decorating our home with a positive attitude. Like you, I find that pulling out the holiday decorations just reminds me of so many wonderful memories. :)

  3. I love how you say you are not an interior designer but you do it better then a lot of people I have seen who've said they are licensed designers. ;-) Every time you talk about your home and decorating I want to grab your hand and yell "let's go shopping!" I literally have to go hunt and find a huge Christmas bow for a 5 foot tall wreath and wish you could come along.

    Loving your table and dining room. That mirror too! Did you make that or buy it that way? I have a silver deer head that I may have to glue to my mirror now. That's gorgeous.

  4. Pretty! Thank you for sharing. I have found that while I may not have the most expensive or the latest holiday decor, what I do have is sentimental & brings joy! One of my favorite pieces is a gift my son made for me when he was four years old (he's now in high school). It is a small red votive candle, circled by nutshells, and glued on a piece of round white cardboard. I display it every year!

  5. Jemma, I loved reading both Stacey and your posts this morning. Your home is just beautiful decorated for the holidays. I hope that you have a wonderful day and a Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Good morning sweet Jemma. Being positive keeps us all grounded. There is too much negativity in this world. I adore your dining room all decked out for Christmas. Ornaments from days gone by are so precious. Special memories to make us smile. Enjoy each day as life is precious. Xo

  7. Jemma, your home is lovely and has a happy, content, cozy feeling about it...perfect for keeping a positive mindset. Your time with your family is precious and inspires me to make special family times more often!

  8. Very positive, uplifting post! Everything looks lovely.

  9. This is so uplifting Jemma. I am embracing less is more this year and no pressure on decor, gift giving and deadlines. This time of year goes so quickly so instead of concentrating on perfection I am just going with what makes me happy and relaxed. So far so good. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Love those sweet pom pom wreaths. Just adorable.

  10. How lovely, Jemma! Can anyone add a link here? (I mean, I know we CAN but would you rather we not?) I'd put in my two Southern Exposures if I could. Let me know!)

    Meanwhile, I applaud every word you say here. You're right -- it's so busy and we run ourselves ragged which sort of defies the meaning of the season. My strategies are to start early so I'm not stressing as deadlines approach (especially for mailing!) and making it a point to connect with people and not just stay in my own little Christmas world. And Hallmark movies are very calming, even when you've seen them ten times. (Maybe especially when you've seen them ten times! Then the phone call that interrupts doesn't stress you out!)

    Your photos are gorgeous. I think any one of us would love to sit down at any one of those beautiful tables -- so long as the company was as congenial as you are!

  11. Oh this room turned out beautiful! Even without "official" credentials, you are very talented. You have a trained eye to create beauty! I always love your rooms! I am inspired to begin my Christmas decorating now! I will start the day after Thanksgiving, although I have already been collecting goodies to freshen things up a bit! Thank you for making beauty & decorating a priority. And for sharing it with us!

  12. Your decorating in the dining room is so festive and lovely, Jemma. I think all the twinkling lights really add to the charm. And I love all the traditional dark furniture you have in your home. The white deer with the gold antlers is delightful. Your white Christmas tree and ornaments are pretty, and the handmade ones are always so special to me.

    So much inspiration on here today, Jemma, and Happy Thanksgiving, dear one. I am so thankful for your friendship this year and always.

    love, ~Sheri

  13. Hi Jemma. I love your positive attitude on the season, the seasonal emotions, and your feelings about it all. I also am trying to just enjoy what I'm doing in my home and look forward to sharing it with my family.I always look forward to unwrapping all my old ornaments and remembering the circumstances surrounding each one, how and when they were bought or received. I can't imagine just overhauling all the decor each year like I see so many do, it's just not in me. Making one or two new things, using vintage things or things I already have in new ways, is a fun challenge, and creative outlet that satisfies me way more than all shiny and new would. Your home's dining room looks festive and bright in all these photos. Anyone visiting would surely feel the love.

  14. You have a beautiful home, I love your message. It is something I always strive to maintain. Life is so much better with a positive attitude.

  15. Hi Jemma, so enjoyed reading your post and Stacey’s too as you talented ladies kick off Perk. Your home is gorgeous and your positive attitude is the way to navigate through the season. Thank you for sharing and bringing attention to the points that benefit us all. Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving xo

  16. Oh, Jemma. Every time I visit your blog, I am inspired to redecorate or change things up a little. Love your Christmas ideas.
    Have beautiful Holiday season with your family.

  17. Hello Jemma,
    Your home is so lovely! I agree completely....time to focus on what is most important. This year I have planned ahead and I will not be stressed out in the kitchen but rather laughing with my family while everything is cooking and warming. I too have many ornaments from long ago that I treasure and place on my tree every year. Memories! May you have a wonderful holiday surrounded by your family! Happy Thanksgiving! xx

  18. Oh my friend, this is so timely for me! The last couple of days have been a tad crazy, but I need to learn to embrace all the positivity and blessings that surround me. Thanks for the reminder and for the tour of your lovely home. I do hope you and yours have a blessed and joyful Thanksgiving.

    Hugs, Lynn

  19. Jemma, your home is just beautiful. You may not have design credentials, but you have a God-given talent! I loved yours and Stacey’s posts. We need so much more positive attitudes and kindness in our world! Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving!

  20. I love the positive thoughts. I think I'm fretting over not feeling like decorating this year. It always takes me a while to get in the spirit, so I like your attitude. Love your decor too, especially the pom pom wreath. Posted to G+. Visiting from BF group.

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