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Building Our Home~Soil

builder | July 20, 2015
I believe that we can safely say the builder has begun prepping the home site in preparation to build our home! It all sounds like so much work and waiting and let me tell you, it is and that is a fact. I may have mentioned earlier that we had record setting rains in May which threw a kink in things, and then combine that with an architect who pushed us to the back burner but kept telling us he was working on the plans. (We did get another fantastic one) Time has seemed to stand still. But on this beautiful blue sky filled day we finally are seeing some changes and it is exciting . I would like to introduce you to  Henry, he and I have never met before and I am pretty sure he thought I was a bit   very  nutty, as I tromped across the home site with my camera around my neck waving anxiously and shouting "Good Afternoon!" He truly does not look too thrilled, but he was congenial, humored me along and even tolerated me taking his photo. Sometimes I am a bit like a  "bull in

Inspirational Thursday-Summer

Family | July 16, 2015
July is the month where I long for a trip to the Mountains. This was always the month that our four children and I made our sojourn to spend two wonderful weeks with my parents in the home I grew up in, near the Rocky Mountains in Idaho. It was normally  thee highlight of the year, we did not have extra money for vacations so my Parents generously paid for the flight to get us all home and treated us to lots of love and fun excursions. And then there was Mom's heavenly baking- Always , always a fresh batch of homemade sugar cookies, topped with white pillars of frosting and waiting just for us. These memories are very special to me, they pull at my heart even now. I long for those times once again and I miss my parents. Summer in the Rockies, such a sweet and magical time.                                        The older that I become, the more I long for a few weeks spent there,                                         where the scent of pine trees is the only fragrance I need.  

Operation~Mora Clock

clock | July 13, 2015
I have been waiting to begin purchasing some special items for our new home until there were signs that progress was being made. The record setting rain fall in May set the building project way back. You know how when you are waiting for something big to happen, and it takes awhile, you begin to wonder if it really ever will...happen...even when you are grown up waiting can be difficult. Well, "things," are finally beginning to to take place, and it is a relief. These "things," are called soil injections (chemicals) which are injected into the soil to stabilize it.                                                                                                                           Source   So now that we have the go ahead, I feel comfortable opening up my iPad with my wish list and organizing the stacks of magazines, books and photos to get serious about Operation~ Mora Clock, a dream clock. The Mora Clock is on the top of my list, but my goodness it comes with

Mad Tea Party

Alice In Wonderland | July 11, 2015
Welcome to the Mad Tea Party, a party full of whimsy and magic where anything is possible! Where we will find unexpected merriment in the strangest of places, plenty of nonsense and fun. Thank you for joining me today and also in celebrating 150 years of the beloved tale of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.               This whimsical Tale is written for my grandchildren, who enjoy fairy dust, sugar cookies, and all of the magic there is in each day! It all began as a normal day, the sun rose, I drank my coffee and slipped on my sneakers. I took the normal path for my walk along the overgrown thicket, but this morning something far different was in store for me. I heard unexpected laughter, chortling one might say, and then this precious and delightful Fairy suddenly appeared. She introduced herself to me and asked if I was ready to take a stroll off the beaten path, oh, I hesitated briefly, and thought to myself really what do I have to lose. And that is where our adventure begin