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End of Summer Fashion

I don't know about you all, but I have my calendar out right now, marking the days off with a bright

red marker and singing to myself hallelujah, we have nearly made it through July!

You all know I am saying this because of this house business, and Ladies this house business is

taking it's sweet is good that maturity has taught me patience because I have just

about used mine all up and the next person's too.

And speaking of maturity-well just because we are aging doesn't mean we can't look good-because

we should and we can.

My Momma always said " Your fifties and beyond are some of the very best times of your life."

So far, so good and it looks like Mom was right.

This Summer I have loved my lightweight undies and unlined bras they have felt good against my

skin and kept me cool.

Granted, I still wear my lightly lined bras with sheer fabrics and form fitting tops.

I remember years ago an older friend telling me that she wore pretty underwear for herself, and

no one else, it made her feel feminine.

I think it is important to remember that thought in reference to many things in life.

It is all about being kind, loving, accepting of ourselves-nurturing who we are, not what image

the media has carved out for us.  After all-perfection is just an illusion.

Okay, now- you all must try butterLondon-it is positively amazing for hydrating lips and stays on

beautifully-silky smooth.  I even wear it walking, just because it feel so good...smiles...

Post Punk sunglasses-too cute and a great price-sunglasses are a must too-saves our eyes and helps

prevent wrinkles around that so sensitive and tissue like area.

Best deal of the day is the Striped Colorblock dress from Saks. Originally $185.00 now $49.99.

After my chemotherapy I developed very sensitive skin, that was many years ago, but my skin never

returned to it's original balance.

So, throughout the years it has been a struggle to find products that don't irritate it.

I use elta MD chemical free tinted natural sunscreen with anti oxidants on my face daily, it is

soothing, calming and non irritating.

I love it, I just apply some neutrogena bronzer  along my cheek bones.

To finish the look I apply MAC Studio Sculpt Lash, it ultra defines and lengthens lashes.

Love, love Aveda certified organic Rosemary Mint Body lotion, it cools, soothes and softens.

I wear a hat all Summer long-in the yard and on my walks-protects my face and my hair.

On a previous Fashion post I mentioned how we need to stay away from boxie Tunic designs.

I am very pleased to see that Soft Surroundings is adding a flattering A-line design to their

tunic designs.  I think this would be a perfect set for a early Fall day.

I simply could not resist adding these precious Gorina Velvet Polka Dot Pumps-new for Fall, so

if you feel like a splurge, girls, these can be yours too for $825.00-gulp...or just admire them like I


Another natural product that I use is Plantlife natural body soap.

I have so enjoyed the peppermint herbal soap bar all of this Summer, it has been so refreshing and

invigorating especially after my long walks in the heat.

In fact, it is reported that Historical records as far back as 1600 B.C. document the medicinal


I want to share the goodness of these bars with you~

So, I  purchased two extra bath bars at our market this week- one is peppermint, the other lavender.

If you are interested in putting your name in a hat for a giveaway, just leave me a little comment.

I will draw the name on Tuesday and contact you for your mailing address.

Thanks for stopping by today, I have been in Oklahoma this week and I have missed you all.

I will be visiting each one of you very soon!


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French Country Cottage

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Cozy Little House

Birthday Celebrations

We usually take at least one trip to the Mountains during the hot Summer months of July and

August, but with the building of our new house, and an upcoming trip to California,

when Amanda has our new grandbaby, we are staying put this year.

Seems, we are having to make the best of the outdoors here in our Texas heat.

Just recently my husband and I shared a slice of Birthday cake on an already warm and bright July


I was inspired by one of the  Picnic Venues on one of my recent posts to recreate a similiar venue.

Those of you who follow along on Instagram have seen these books over the past couple of

weeks, they are true treasures which I found at an Antique Store in Fort Worth.

One can never go wrong with a leather bound Shakespeare, shining with gilt pages.

Cloth covered Leonardo Da Vinci or a

Linen covered  Currier and Ives-Printmakers to the American People. 

These beauties are going to be tucked alongside The Great Gatsby, Jane Eyre, A Christmas Carol

and so many other classic treasures into the bookcases of our new Library.

I wrapped these books up with some natural burlap ribbon and found a few dried wild  flowers,

which I tucked  inside the burlap ribbon.

Then,  just look what I found-a worn rustic wooden pallet for a table!

I have been wanting to use these books as a centerpiece for a special outdoor event, and what

better event than a Birthday celebration.

I added a table runner, red place mats, coffee mugs with some bling and earth tone stoneware.

I have also been making the most of the outdoors by using my new Nikon camera.

I have been playing with the settings and thoroughly enjoying the joy of photography,

goodness, I am even reading the manual.

(well new to me-thank you Donna)

I added this sweet sleeping cherub too, just for a little fun, although my husband doesn't really

care for cherubs, so he stayed longed enough for me to experiment with some camera settings.

The cake was tasty, the French roast coffee marvelous and the company just right.

Happy Birthday to my loving and thoughtful husband and I am wishing you many more!


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Mod Vintage Life

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Building Our Home~Soil

I believe that we can safely say the builder has begun prepping the home site in preparation to build

our home!

It all sounds like so much work and waiting and let me tell you, it is and that is a fact.

I may have mentioned earlier that we had record setting rains in May which threw a kink in things,

and then combine that with an architect who pushed us to the back burner but kept telling us he

was working on the plans. (We did get another fantastic one)

Time has seemed to stand still.

But on this beautiful blue sky filled day we finally are seeing some changes and it is exciting.

I would like to introduce you to  Henry, he and I have never met before and I am pretty sure he

thought I was a bit  very nutty, as I tromped across the home site with my camera around my neck

waving anxiously and shouting "Good Afternoon!"

He truly does not look too thrilled, but he was congenial, humored me along and even

tolerated me taking his photo.

Sometimes I am a bit like a  "bull in a China closet," especially when I get excited.

I truly think that this oak tree was wrapped in Poison Ivy or Poison Oak, because as I was

hanging this vintage basket, the words "Leaves of three let them be," rang in my ear...

Happy to report that my olive skin tone seems to repel chiggers, ticks and evidently poison


Henry, also went along with an impromptu sort of interview, me asking him what this tractor,

with this attachment actually does.

This attachment has pipes that sink down up to fifteen feet into the soil and water is injected through

these pipes into the ground where the house is going to sit.

They go over the site repeatably for 4 days with water, then 2 days with a chemical.

The water is pumped from a Fire Hydrant through this tubing into this tank and then from the

tank to the attachment.

You may be wondering why this process is even done, because it does seem rather peculiar,

doesn't it?

It is done because soil materials play a important role in the success of construction and the

type of foundation that will be used for our home.

About one month ago, the builder ordered a soil test.

Another machine came out and bored two holes 25 feet in depth into the soil where the house is

going to set.

These soil samples were then sent off to Geo-technical engineers, these engineers interpret the

results and made recommendations based on their findings.

Our home site is made up of clay and shale, both of these elements have a tendency to shift and

heave, which can lead to foundation troubles.

By filling the clay and shale up with as much water as they can hold,

then immediately injecting Terra Chem Soil Stabilizer into the soil, the stabilizer changes the

soils shrink/swell characteristics.

Isn't that so nifty, hopefully no foundation troubles for us, and our French Country Home.

I think Henry will really do a wonderful job, I truly do.

This will be a first in a series of Building Our Home, I look forward to sharing this journey with

you.  Please feel free to leave me any tips,thoughts, or inspiration, I will welcome your ideas!

For a link to the building process just click HERE!


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Inspirational Thursday-Summer

July is the month where I long for a trip to the Mountains.

This was always the month that our four children and I made our sojourn to spend two wonderful

weeks with my parents in the home I grew up in, near the Rocky Mountains in Idaho.

It was normally thee highlight of the year, we did not have extra money for vacations so my

Parents generously paid for the flight to get us all home and treated us to lots of love and fun


And then there was Mom's heavenly baking-

Always, always a fresh batch of homemade sugar cookies, topped with

white pillars of frosting and waiting just for us.

These memories are very special to me, they pull at my heart even now.

I long for those times once again and I miss my parents.

Summer in the Rockies, such a sweet and magical time.

                                       The older that I become, the more I long for a few weeks spent there,

                                        where the scent of pine trees is the only fragrance I need.


Going home with the children probably should have seemed like work, but it never ever did.

It always seemed like a trip of a lifetime, I'd hurry scurry around purchasing doodle pads,

crayons, view finder toys (remember those) and new outfits for the big plane ride to the


I could hardly sleep the night before the trip even as I got older, because I was going home.

                     On the other end, Mom's end, she'd be taking special requests for her grocery list.

                             Her pantry was full of many confections and her freezer was too.  

            I remember one year the kids went crazy over fresh raspberries, cream and sugar with a

                                                  sugar cookie on the side, of course.  

                   The traditional welcome home meal was always the same, and that was just the way I              
                 liked it.  Homemade mashed potatoes (from the garden-it is Idaho!) fresh peas or beans                                
                       gravy, beef roast, and homemade Parker house rolls, topped off with Iced Tea.                                      

       All of the kids loved to go to Porter's, it was a shop of many wonders.

       Each of them got some "mad," money to spend as they saw fit at the shop of wonders.

       Mom would load us all up in her car and slip a Patsy Cline cassette into the cassette player,

       and away we would go.

       By the end of our visit all of the kids nearly  knew every song that Pasty sang by heart.

Yellowstone National Park is only about an hour and half from where I grew up.

So it pretty much became a tradition for us all to go through the park every Summer.

Well, as we kept adding on more children, Mom's care seemed to get smaller and eventually

we all couldn't fit in it.

This didn't stop my Mom, she rented us a Van from Ugly Duckling Rentals for the trip through

Yellowstone National Park.

It wasn't a luxury Van, it was more of a Van that looked like it should be transporting inmates.

To this day I can see it all and it makes me laugh.


These were great Summer Vacations, thanks for walking down memory lane with me!

Do you have a Summer Vacation story to share?

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Ivy and Elephants

Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson                                            

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Operation~Mora Clock

I have been waiting to begin purchasing some special items for our new home until there were

signs that progress was being made.

The record setting rain fall in May set the building project way back.

You know how when you are waiting for something big to happen, and it takes awhile, you

begin to wonder if it really ever will...happen...even when you are grown up waiting can be difficult.

Well, "things," are finally beginning to to take place, and it is a relief.

These "things," are called soil injections (chemicals) which are injected into the soil to stabilize it.


So now that we have the go ahead, I feel comfortable opening up my iPad with my wish list

and organizing the stacks of magazines, books and photos to get serious about

Operation~ Mora Clock, a dream clock.

The Mora Clock is on the top of my list, but my goodness it comes with such a hefty price tag.


I thought the very best way to get sound advice, opinions, experiences and thoughts was

from each one of you.

I did ask you all about the haint blue or cedar for the porch and I did listen to you and the

decision is nearly made...thank you.

I can't wait to share the news-oh I'll always be torn, even after my decision, as I am coming to

realize that too many choices is a painful process for me...

Lets just sort of gather around the coffee table, sip on some good coffee and chat.


Truthfully, nearly all of these clocks are over the top for me in terms of affordability, but goodness,

they are so charming, can a person fall in love with a clock...

With a budget of $2000.00 should I pursue the dream of this clock or leave it?


I am familiar with some of the shops that offer reproductions.


I have even thought about purchasing a Howard Miller clock that resembles a Mora and

painting it.


So please help me with Operation Mora Clock.

1. Are reproductions a sensible option
2. Is is possible to find a Mora that is in my budget


I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with me today.

I little foot note to this post.
As of today, which is May 12, 2016 I do not have a Mora Clock.
I am however still searching for the right one, with the right price tag:)


Please Join Me~

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Cedar Hill Farmhouse

Rustic and Refined

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Mad Tea Party

Welcome to the Mad Tea Party, a party full of whimsy and magic where anything is possible!

Where we will find unexpected merriment in the strangest of places, plenty of nonsense and fun.

Thank you for joining me today and also in celebrating 150 years of the beloved tale of

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.


This whimsical Tale is written for my grandchildren, who enjoy fairy dust, sugar cookies,

and all of the magic there is in each day!

It all began as a normal day, the sun rose, I drank my coffee and slipped on my sneakers.

I took the normal path for my walk along the overgrown thicket, but this morning something far

different was in store for me.

I heard unexpected laughter, chortling one might say, and then this precious and delightful

Fairy suddenly appeared.

She introduced herself to me and asked if I was ready to take a stroll off the beaten path,

oh, I hesitated briefly, and thought to myself really what do I have to lose.

And that is where our adventure begins.

Don't be shy, come on in and let us serve you some fresh mint tea and home made sugar cookies.

I have two recipes to share with you today and Daisy Bell, the fairy with the most charm,

is here to help guide you through your journey.

Daisy Bell has been counting down the hours for your arrival so, come along, please don't tarry.

We are always short on time here, but you knew that...

Careful, careful please, such a thick brier with the most unusual flowers.

The party and magic begin just behind this thicket, do you hear the clanking of tea cups?

Are you ready for your first cup of tea?

Nor ordinary tea will do for you-here is a cup of Sweet Mint Tea.

"It's no use to going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then."
~Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

"Curiouser and Curiouser"
~ Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

These rascally snails seem to be everywhere, Daisy Bell has sprinkled some fairy dust on them,

maybe that will help, we don't want them nibbling on our cookies.

"Sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast"

~Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Actually I really do....and I really don't think that it is a "bad," thing!

We have been searching for the perfect dessert and of course going a little mad at the same time.

So many decisions and not enough time.

Oh goodness, now the White Rabbit is here too,

 he must have gotten in as we came through the briers.

The cookies are frosted and ready for you, take a few home if you'd like.

Is that the Cheshire Cat?

Is the White Rabbit wearing a Fedora....seriously?

If it isn't snails, it is butterflies, looks like Daisy Bell has been busy scattering fairy dust all about.

I think we are getting to the end of the party, the birds are nibbling on the last of the cookie crumbs

Oh snap and the snail is back too.

Evening is just around the corner, the light of day is gently fading.

Candles glow and flicker as the day ebbs slowly into the comforting cloak of night time.

Where stars twinkle and the moon glows.

Thank you for joining me for a wonderful day!

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