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How To Make A Mood Board For Creators

Hi creative friends, I have been dreaming of Fall have you? As I dream I also love to sketch and doodle. When I have worn myself out with all of that I make a Mood Board. I just bet that many of you have created a Mood Board at some point in your life too. Mood boards are a wonderful tool to use when creating. In essence a mood board is a compilation of inspirational elements that are super helpful in weeding out ideas at the beginning of a design project.

There was a time when I was fearful of a mood board. (that sounds pretty ridiculous doesn't it??) In my mind I had this running narrative that there was some perfect way to make them and that notion alone terrified me. But guess what?? I WAS WRONG! Mood boards can be whatever you need them to be!

Freedom! Personally I love mood boards!

I love making truth be told often times I like making them more than the actual project. A mood board is a wonderful way for me to visualize my project and they always helps me stay on track, they balance my creativity with the reality of the project.

I also just happen to like stickers and this is a great way to prime my creative juices and let the colors pop and flow!


First I think about what it is I am trying to say and choose images and products that I feel a genuine emotional connection to. When I am making my pompom wreaths I think a ton about colors, seasons, functionality, durability, value, size, quality and placement of the wreath.


I have discovered that it best not to use the entire rainbow! I just stick to colors that will remind me of the project that I am working on currently. Creating this visual theme to work from helps my concept to look more pulled together.


I suppose one of the things I adore most about a mood board for Creators is that there is really no right or wrong way to arrange your images! I am strictly working off the variety of sources that I have included to inspire me. My mood board is mine and it can be whatever I need it to be!


Once my mood board is finished I like to place them on an easel or wall. They continue to drive, inspire and direct me. Once a theme, season or marketing campaign is over I put them away.

I have included an abbreviated list of supplies that I used to make my creators mood board and some shopping links as well. However you can most certainly find all of these products at any crafting shop too.

  • Stickers
  • Foam Poster Board
  • Yarn
  • Felt
  • Felt Balls
  • Handmade Pompoms
  • Affirmative phrases

When I create a mood board it helps me hone in on textures, size, shape, colors, patterns and the over feel of the design of whatever it is that I am making. Truly friends try using mood boards for your next project, they work for garden planning too, they are such a fun and efficient way to communicate your design to others or to keep yourself on track!

Thank you for joining me today and may all your dreams come true!


Assembling An Emroidery Hoop Quilt

Hello friends I am back this week just as tickled as I can be with the results of my Embroidery Hoop Quilt. I am sharing some photos and information so you can begin to assemble your own embroidery hoop quilt this week. The full tutorial will be available for download in my newsletter at the end of this month. There was just too much information, so I am going with the thought process that a "Picture speaks a thousands words!"

The Beauty Of Preserving History

Last week I shared with ya'll my struggle with fabric. This week we will be focusing on assembling.

If you look closely at this photo you can see the tenderness of the fabric and the very old stitches from my Grandmother! (thrilling isn't it!) This is History my friends, just as real as if you and I were reading a History book, maybe even more, because my Grandmother's hands worked these stitches.

Since I knew that I was going to be hand embroidery around some of the pieces for this quilt I went with a fusible product to attach the fabric together. However if you would rather use a sewing machine this will work very well too and might even be quicker.

Using Pinking Shears

1. Using pinking shears cut vintage embroidery from pillow case, dishtowels, tablecloth. (whatever it is that the embroidery has been stitched on.) Cut the pieces that you want to use and cut approximately 1 inch away from embroidery being careful not to cut any of the stitching.

2. Set aside pieces of cut embroidery.

3. Cut (16) 12 x12 inch squares for “quilt blocks.” Suggested materials are cotton, muslin, canvas, new linen.

4. Preheat iron to cotton setting and iron all fabric that has been cut. If you are having difficulty with wrinkles you can use the steam setting.

How to use A Fusible Product.

1. Heat iron setting to cotton/wool and do not use any steam.

2. Remove fusible product from package. Measure the correct size and either cut or tear the fusible product to fit. Place the piece of fusing under the embroidery that you are attaching to the “quilt” block.

3. Place a damp cloth over the embroidery, making certain the embroidery is directly over fusible material. Place the iron flat on the damp cloth that is on top of the embroidery and hold for around 20 seconds.

4. When you lift the iron, the embroidery is now attached. If it does not feel secure you can re-iron the area for a few more seconds. Make certain the top cloth is still damp.

Embroidery Hoops

For this project I used 16 (7) inch wooden embroidery hoops and then spray painted them. ( I love the teal!) However, I have been looking for more wooden embroidery hoops for my felt ball wreaths and there seems to be a shortage of 6 inch hoops...seriously?? Anyway it seems to me that if the 7 inch will work for me I think it will for you too. I have include some links below and also from Crafty Wool Felt-one of my favorite Etsy shops.

Why I love This Project

I love this project because it has given me the opportunity to display heirloom pieces in a functional and decorative way. I also love this project because it has the flexibility to be totally customized.

Fighting With An Embroidery Hoop Quilt

Greetings friends it has been a real battle of the wills here in Rockwall Texas. My Heirloom Embroidery Hoop Quilt and I have gone around and around. There were even some days that ended with me in a pouty huff. Everyone in my house knew they needed to give me a wide berth. Sadie kept her head low and the whites of her eyes showed more white than her brown pupil. My hubby quietly shut his office doors and drew the blinds. Jemma, the linen and embroidery hoops where at war.

Fighting with fabric is not fun. It is nearly painful enough to give in and go belly up. I have pulled out all of my sewing supplies more times than I can count with the intentions of that being the day that this Embroidery Hoop Quilt would be complete. Finished, hung, and perfect....dream on lady.

So, with this being a tale and a tutorial I am going to break it up in two segments. Let's start at the beginning, with the sketch of what it was I had going on in my mind.

You see when I embarked on this project I had an awareness that Vintage linen is a different character. A while back I shared with you all on how to care for keepsake linen. But what I didn't know about vintage linen is that it looses it's ability to hold it's shape.

First off I love vintage fabrics as much as I love embroidery hoops, jars, old books, warm chocolate chip cookies and sunshine.

So, when I set my mind to using total vintage then total vintage it had to be! I had to relinquish "perfect," and focus on heirloom and memories. There really was no going back and now I am glad that there wasn't.

So, let us begin at the beginning with a design and a supply list for the first part of this tutorial.

As I think about the design of this quilt or any handmade project for that matter, there are always endless possibilities and a variety of methods to express yourself. So, please do not limit your own creativity by this design. I am here to encourage and inspire you. For example there are so many materials that can be used to attach the hoops to one another twine, chains, wire, embroidery floss, yarn...

My Heirloom quilt is a true labor of love, and yours will be too! Every inch of this fabric is from my family and has rich History and a story to tell. I am happy to share my project with you and if you choose to proceed I will be back next week with a tutorial on how to assemble it all together.

Thank you to all who entered the giveaway for the Kendra Scott earrings. Our winner is Sally Gearhart, I will be reaching out to you for a mailing address.

One final thought. ( I bet you are thinking please Jemma just quit typing!) Now you know why my hubby shuts his office door....

Thank you SO much for sharing your stories on how you are personally Making It a better world, a more creative space for you and yours and for encouraging one another!

Are you feeling a "Little Punk Rock?" Get your custom shirt design from Rosegoldreble on Etsy!

May All Your Dreams Come True,


A Handmade Makers Guide To Creating An Iron-On Pattern

Hello friends and a great big welcome. Today I will be sharing some tips and steps on creating your own iron on pattern, the old school way. The only machine that I have used in this process is my printer and an iron! I hope you will stay awhile as I share these steps with you. I come from a long line of can-do-makers. Hardworking, muster up the muscle type of folks who shy away from too much technology. I just bet that there is an entire community of you out there too. So let's stay connected and share the joy of Making it all on our own.

Now, let me say this, if you are an artist, enjoying sketching and have a steady hand you can easily draw your own design directly on your fabric. Since I am none of these things I have to have a Pattern! I am even more in luck as I have a daughter or who is collaborating with me on these projects.

I just enjoy making things from scratch. To this day I really don't even like a cake mix, it sort of feels like it's not homemade if I use one. There is just nothing better than sifting your own flour and creaming your own butter and sugar.

I am also one of those people who hangs onto remnants of fabric, embellishments, thread and yarn. It truly hurts my heart to throw away perfectly good pieces of fabric. You never know what you might make out of scraps.... take a peek at this handmade rag heart wreath.

So you Makers already know that there are many, many steps involved in getting your handmade project from infancy into a finished product. My friend Robert Mahar, from Making It, sums it all up very well in his video Patience Makes Perfect.

Today I am sharing the very beginning stages for these two iron-on designs that will eventually become finished embroidered pieces. There is much more tweaking to be done, but you Makers know that this is part of the thrill of the artistic and creative journey!

I also want to mention to my subscribers that next week a survey will be coming your way. With Summer nearly over and School time just around the corner I want to be able to deliver to you meaningful and helpful topics for your creative lifestyle. I hope that you will find a moment to fill it out!

Thank you so much and May All Your Dreams Come True,


Kendra Scott Giveaway and Making It

Good Morning from Rockwall Texas! Here I sit with my coffee, puppy, embroidery hoops and a pair of Kendra Scott earrings. Such an eclectic mix and yet I am discovering that this is what Makes me most happy! I am Making It everyday in a plethora of ways. Variety, diversity, challenging the everyday norm of aging, moving, exercising, creating and loving. So here I am today sharing a few photos of the past week and thanking you all for joining me in the journey of Making It all Count. As a happy thank you I am having a Kendra Scott Giveaway. Just leave me a little comment on how you are Making It to be entered!

I hope you all enjoyed the first segment of Making It! Isn't it pure delight and can you believe what these Makers can make?? So much talent, humor and kindness in this hour long show. I am not going lie it was a bummer that I had to leave so soon, but no worries from this crafting Texas Grandma. In fact I am right back at creating and you will see my keepsake heirloom embroidery hoop quilt on my blog very soon!

I spent premiere day with my own Crafty Texas Girl.

We met at the Shops of Legacy for a premiere party with Kendra Scott and they even gave me a free pair of earrings in honor of the premiere! So, I am just passing the love along in this fun giveaway today. Let's give this giveaway about a week to go and I'll announce the winner via email and of course next week on the blog too.

We had the best time and even found the NBC peacock at Kendra Scott!

Thank you to the great staff over at Kendra Scott at The Shops Of Legacy .

I had the very best time on Making It with Amy and Nick!

Keep it crafty, fun, real and love your people!