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Red White And Blue - Fourth Of July Wreath

Diy | June 27, 2013
I just truly want you all to know, that I had planned on doing a Post on my cute  little Tea Cart. Which will now just have to wait until  Monday... Because, I remembered that the Fourth of July was on Thursday... and I have made my  promise to re-do a wreath every month. So  here we go, Month Four Wreath Makeover,  using crepe paper. The blue burlap ribbon had faded just terribly so it certainly was  time to  remake this wreath. For more information on this wreath  please go to my earlier post on:  Lazy Daisy Wreath Some simple steps will really transform this wreath along with a very  simple paper textile ... Crepe paper- for some really cute little bows! So, now we have a fresh start-white deco mesh. I was on a mission to revitalize this wreath for under 5 dollars and I did it!  I had  everything that I needed at home except for  the crepe paper.  I did consider purchasing some Fourth of July decorations as they were 30 percent off, but I was going to stick to  my budget.   I was p

Inspirational Thursday-Morning Walk

Inspiration | June 26, 2013
I live in the suburbs, and many times finding and capturing the  essence of nature is  challenging.   I always take my camera  with me while going for my daily morning walk.  I have several favorite parks to walk in and today I have a very special one to  share  with you.    This trail is one of my very favorites-I feel as though I have  found a secret door into a magical land, please come along with me... For some strange reason squirrels and I have become friends,  whenever I take my walks they always pose for me.  I really don't  think they are the most intriguing creatures, but they do seem  friendly and as if they want to be noticed.   This is a Osage Orange which comes from the Maclura Pomifera  Tree.  Interestingly enough this orange can be found at local  Farmers Markets-it is believed by many to repel all sort of creepy crawlies, specifically spiders. I was quite taken with this leaf-I am really uncertain as to what is going on with it, it seems to be in quite a predicamen

Cherry Cobbler Dump Cake Recipe

baking | June 24, 2013
This is a delicious, simple, no-nonsense recipe.  It has tremendous flavor and would be a great addition to any  gathering.  It is loaded with goodies and lots of butter!  So, proceed with caution! This little cake is mighty yummy and mighty easy... Would you believe me, if I told you there are only six ingredients in this little luscious dessert?  A child could make this very easily (adult supervision) and it is guaranteed  no  fail! I like this recipe for many reasons it takes just a few minutes to put together, you don't have to keep an eye on it, it is great for a crowd, children, mother's, father's grandpa's and  grandma's all like it! It is such a pretty and tasty dish, if you like- add a dollop of  whip  cream or a scoop of ice cream and enjoy! Please Join Me At These Lovely Parties: Cozy Little House A Stroll Thru Life-Inspire Me Tuesday The Dedicated House

Celebrating The Fourth Of July

Fourth Of July | June 20, 2013
Woo-hoo! I have some great memories of  celebrating the Fourth of July! Do you? How do you celebrate? How do you decorate?   What  great recipes do you prepare? I have a few favorite picks and pins to  share, please visit my Independence Day  Board on Pinterest for the links on how to  create the projects and recipes you will find on this post. In search for a Patriotic Wreath? Do you need a little inspiration to get your  creative energy flowing?   Please visit my friend and the Queen of  creativity- Debbie -  Debbie-Dabble So many ways to add charm and fun to your Independence Day Activities-without a lot of expense and fuss. These cookies are wonderful, made with a mix and jello. You will find a great tutorial  for  the Flag Blocks, and they are so  inexpensive and so Patriotic.  Stars and  Stripes Wreath another easy project wrap and hang. Looking for all types of DIY ideas for the  Fourth of July as well as party ideas and  al

Inspirational Thursday-Walking Thru Shreveport

Inspiration | June 19, 2013
 Not long ago we were in Shreveport  for our youngest daughter's graduation from  college.  While there we took time out to experience some of the local cuisine and stopped along the way so I could take a snapshot or two I truly enjoy experiencing the cultures of different regions that are in  our own country,  I find these experiences so inspiring. Isn't this bench charming- we sat here while waiting for a table at  Superior Grill. I have never seen one like this before,  have you? Love this old retro-sign, as strange as it  may seem Superior's claim  to fame is superior Mexican dining.  I  know, I never really thought  of Louisiana as a Tex-Mex sort of  State. We took a little stroll along the Red River, when I saw this cute little retired boat sitting next to a field and hay, I couldn't resist- still makes me chuckle... I seem to equate Southern with wrought iron-so naturally I had to  have a photo of the heavy black wrought iron fence. I could not resist this brigh

China Hutch Treasures-A Cup Without A Saucer

china | June 18, 2013
Well, after I finished making my grapevine wreath and hanging  it on the door  of my Hutch, I got a bee in my bonnet to move  some of my  treasured China pieces around. I have an eclectic assortment,  for a while I stayed with  monochromatic but I was feeling a bit adventurous with color and just sort of went with it. So many of these delightful pieces are actually missing pieces. A cup without a saucer, a sugar bowl without a lid... And yet these missing pieces actually make them more  endearing, I am wondering why. I think it is because they have a story to tell.  Perfect they  definitely are not-they have survived births, deaths, weddings,  moves,  wars, and  each one of them is well,  wonderfully  delightful... You know, I truly would not have them any other way. And why is this? Because-perfection is just an illusion. Do you have any treasures that have a story to tell? Please Join Me At These Parties- A Stroll Thru Life The Dedicated House No Minimalist Here

Grapevine Wreath and Chevron Bow

Decorating | June 17, 2013
You might remember me mentioning that I was going to  remake a wreath each month for one year? Well, so far so good- I am on my third month! I am crazy over green!  Why- I really can't say... Perhaps it is the vibrant nature of the color and the way it provides the perfect accent to our home. I have several-grapevine wreaths.  This particular one came from my Easter Vignette. This was a very simple wreath-a few snips here and there. Now it is time to add all of the Pretties-remember I am in-love with  fabulous, glorious green! Presto! A new wreath is born! Loving the green chevron ribbon! Please Join Me At These Lovely Parties: Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson Savvy Southern Style The Dedicated House A Stroll Thru Life

Welcome To Our Home

Decorating | June 13, 2013
Please come on in-we welcome you to our home.  I have a  plate of cookies warm from the oven, and some fresh brewed  Ice Tea.  Please sit down and let me share with you some treasures of my sentimental life.    A chippy sofa table welcomes family and friends to our  home.  In It's early days it had an oak finish, it is where the children would place a book or two-the legs had been drawn  on with  markers...sweet memories. Anthuriums love the light here, and as your can see I have a variety of treasures. A mirror from the Red Door,  bookends that were once white - spray painted gold. I am not quite sure where the little brass bell came from-but the Grandchildren enjoy ringing it! Each table in our Formal living room I have hand sanded and painted with my own concoction of paint. I am seriously  considering repainting the coffee table, my concoction has it  almost looking like metal- I am thinking a bit much! You see the  painting behind the sofa, I love it- I chose this  painting  b

Inspirational Thursday-Sweet Magnolia

Flowers | June 12, 2013
I had never seen a Magnolia Tree until I moved away from home, and when I did I was smitten.  The  Magnolia Blossom is  the state flower for Mississippi  and Louisiana. However,  they grow beautifully in Texas  as well. Even their  leaves are striking- as they are very  waxy, deep green  and large.    Our neighbor has two magnificent Magnolia Trees and she keeps me well supplied with several blossoms each week-I just had to take  some  pictures and share them with you.     I found this little poem to share as well- The Magnolia Tree-By Patricia Neely-Dorsey There's a majestic, old Magnolia Tree, That stands in my front yard; It's a tree that's grown there for ages, And whose beauty you cannot disregard. She spreads her branches quite  nobly. She spreads her arms so commandingly, As if certainly crying out to be seen. Shes the center of much activity, And I know a squirrel family lives there; I'm sure she affords them much comfort, For her branches don't ever go bare