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Lemon Curd-Filled Cake Bites

Hello to  one and all! Can you believe that June is nearly over??? Why is it that time is passing by so quickly? Could it be age, Summer, traveling or just plain old watching time fly? For the hubby and I it is a little of everything, we just returned form a quick trip to  North Carolina where we had the best seafood, ocean stops and family time. In fact it was so nourishing to our souls that I came home and whipped up a beautiful and tasty Summer dessert that I found from Southern Lady magazine. It just so happens that it doesn't matter one bit if you are Southern, Western or Northern or in-between this magazine is filled to the brim with inspiration and recipes! Sharing a congenial and casual gathering infused with tasty food and Summer time cheer is the best of the best and I just happen to believe that this Lemon Curd-Filled Cake Bite recipe is a dessert keepsake for anyone, anywhere. This recipe is streamlined by purchasing Lemon-Curd, although making your own Lemon Curd can b

3 DIY Tin Can Styles

For me Summer time goes hand in hand with simple gatherings, grilling, picnicking and fun crafts. So I am happy today to be sharing with you 3 Tin Can Crafts from my home along with a  group of fun loving, happy go lucky crafters who have gathered together to share their fun easy tin can crafts with you. All links will be available at the end of this post for our annual Summer Time Blogger Challenge! So lets go and grab those recycled green bean and pinto bean cans along with the olive and soup cans for this easy and customized DIY Can Decorating workshop right here, right now! The theme for these cans are gift bags! Save money and use your creativity to customize tin cans any way you please:)   Supplies for 3 DIY Tin Can Styles: Let your imagination be your guide and have fun! * 3- 14.5 ounce tin cans rinsed and dried * Wire * Fabric *Scissors *Tacky Glue *Drill & 1/16th size drill bit *Assorted Ribbon *Scrabble Pieces *Burlap Ribbon *Twine *Stars *Ric-rack *Assorted embellishment

DIY French Black & White Stripe Plates

Happy Friday and it is just so great to catch up with you all today! I hope that life is treating you well. It's been a happy and busy week for me as I have been staying with some precious grand-girls while their parents were on a trip. I'll write a little bit more about that next week and a recipe for homemade cherry filling. I mentioned last week about sharing two other posts on how I made the most of my three yards of French fabric so here is the second post in this series! One of the reasons that I love this project so is because of the simplicity and the potential it has for gift giving. These plates make perfect little take home gifts for any occasion or could be given as hostess gifts too when given as a set. So many options available and of course fabric too.  For this project I just let my inspiration begin in my kitchen where all my goodies are seasoned with love! These nifty clear glass plates can be made in various sizes but for

Some Thoughts From The Bean Lady

It all began last year with the Adobe Lavender Farm and then was reaffirmed recently in Puerto Rico. I saw a woman in a little town in New Mexico who made her dreams come true with her Lavender farm. It is because of her that I have entered into an era of enlightenment and there is no going back now. For many of you this my resonate with you too. Like so many of us have done and are doing... while raising families, pursuing careers, taking care of others we put on hold our hobbies, activities and dreams while striving for that elusive term of perfection - to be a perfect Mother, wife, daughter, sister, businesswoman, career woman... Oh for goodness sake I am relatively certain that it is even more challenging for young women today, who are being pounded with social media perfection 24/7. ( Offering a pearl of wisdom here- Perfection is an illusion and even quite boring to spend time thinking about, be wonderful, flawed and unique you!) You know your own heart, so listen to it and pleas

DIY French Table Runner

I am having fun with fabric this Summer and saving money too, I even brought out my sewing machine and threaded my bobbin, it scared me. Seriously I am totally intimidated by a sewing machine. Oh I know for you savvy seamstresses this sounds easy peasy, but to me it sounds a trifle well... gulp, nerve racking. I am really working on overcoming my fear of the sound of the buzzing sewing machine as it gobbles up the fabric and spews out a finely sewn seam...that is just pure magic. Today I am sharing my very affordable French Table Runner with you and also with a group of Ladies who have taken the same challenge of sharing crafts and thrifty finds for all around ten bucks. You will find their links at the bottom of this post. Without any further delays let us go right into the project that I am sharing with you. This is a three part series on a DIY project that includes designing and making coordinating table decorations. This entire three part project began with 3 yards of contrasting f

Workhorse Plants For Your Garden

I am a gardener and creator at heart and it seems that I have been this way since childhood. Thoughts of gardening are frequently on my mind and I am already planning for the next season. Some of my best inspiration for decorating, crafting as well as creating develop when I am in the gardens. It seems to me the wide variety of natural colors, variation of textures, the pungent earthy scent of Mother Nature ignite a creative passion within me. I will always believe in my heart that this gift of creativity came from growing up on our farm in Idaho, it appears that I was the female version of Tom Sawyer. Making mud pies, scampering along the river banks and watching my Mother and Father create were some of my favorite pastimes. I urge you too, to spend some time with Nature it is truly good for the soul. I am often times asked what to plant in a garden that will grow, that really is the key isn't it! So, for today let us concentrate on some easy, reliable workhorse plants for your g