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Waldorf Salad Mountain Style

apples | September 23, 2014
Peaches are one of my very favorite Summertime fruits and I am always searching for ways to incorporate them into a healthy and tasty dish. I truly believe you would enjoy this version of the all time classic Waldorf Salad. In This Waldorf Salad recipe I used  Palisade Peaches , which come from the High Country in the Colorado mountains.  I really think these are the most succulent peaches I have ever tasted. They were firm, yet ripe and the texture was moist and melt in your mouth sweet goodness. This is a sweet yet tart salad which is a great dish to serve with chicken or even alone with some great bread. You are going to love that all you need is one bowl, a knife, a spoon and wisk to prepare this tasty little treat. Oh, and did I mention that there is an added bonus? It is super healthy and I just be your kiddos are gonna love it too! During our visit to Colorado we ate several meals out at some terrific restaurants in Durango, however on our la

Pops Of Orange For Halloween

Decorating | September 22, 2014
I have put together a few simple ways to add a pop of Orange to  Halloween. Some of these projects come with a link that has a tutorial, and others are inspiration from my youngest daughter who lives in Oklahoma. Last year I had some little pumpkins that really needed a pick me up so I got out the modge podge and transformed them from plain to fun!  You can easily do the same. I really enjoyed the m essy process, so if you are up for a little craft here is the  Tutorial               This is such a whimsical mix, I really like the silver cream and sugar set combined with the pops of orange and the burlap runner for this vignette. She always keeps her eye open for treasures throughout the year and is a smart shopper for sales. One of the fun things about this welcoming wreath on her front door is all of the ribbon choices and embellishments which you can use. You have the ability to make it perfect for your very own front door. My daughter made this one, here is a  tutorial  for a simi

Inspirational Thursday-The Table

Flowers | September 17, 2014
I am of the mind set that many things happen for a  reason. So  I am very certain it is no coincidence that we found the table. There it was... weathered, worn and waiting. Sitting there, perfectly charming in the high Mountain Meadow, where the Rocky Mountains blend together over thousands of miles of valleys and peaks. The journey to hike to this perfectly magical mountain meadow, in the glorious Colorado mountains, took four hours and brought us to an altitude of 12,000 feet. This is where we found the table. Along the steady uphill journey I ran out of energy, being the pitiful flat-lander, that I am. (I learned my lesson on the previous day of hiking) and  packed a milk chocolate bar in our back pack, which came in very handy on this vigorous hike. I gasped with delight in finding the table,   such a treasure and also in having a lovely and interesting perch on which to rest and finish my soft and gooey chocolate bar. A perfectly perfect 360 degree view. I found it so intriguing

Best Cornbread Ever

baking | September 17, 2014
Fall and Cornbread such a go together, this recipe is moist and has whole kernels of sweet corn, green chilies and  shredded cheese. I'm not sure about you but I have always loved cornbread, I could eat it several times a week, if someone would make it for me. This probably isn't going to happen since Mr. O. does not bake, but no worries, because this is a recipe that is super easy and is ridiculously delicious tasting.  A melt in your mouth cornbread that requires simple ingredients and minimal effort. This cornbread will be a perfect addition to chili, soups, stews and casseroles. Your family will crave this cornbread, which is super moist, cuts easily into squares, filled with corn, green chilies and topped off with a pat of butter or perhaps a little  honey. This is bad, bad, someone grabbed a moist, delicious piece of cornbread before I could even snap a photo-now does this tell you how wonderful they are? The first tim

Fabulous Friday

art work | September 12, 2014
As you know we took two trips to Colorado this year, and honestly it was just ever so refreshing. I would love to have a little cabin up there nestled in the pines and  aspens. We hiked daily and there were new discoveries around each mountain  bend.   I took over 200 pictures on this last trip and I am working on presenting them creatively. So, they will be appearing throughout many posts in hopefully a way that will be interesting  and  inspiring to you, because I was thinking about ya'll on my trip...I really was.   Today there will just be two, because there are other things I saw this week that made this Friday positively Fabulous .  The little cabin we rented on this last trip had this adorable tick tack toe set. This is a slice of a tree trunk painted, so so creative and look at these rocks all painted up- so stinking cute! I suppose most of us don't have a tree trunk to paint, but I just bet plywood or such  cut into a creative shape might be pretty nifty too. I was jus

Baked Apples

apples | September 06, 2014
We are back from our rejuvenating trip to Colorado and I have some beautiful photos to share with you- but before I do that I just have to share this little recipe  with  you.   You see I came back Fall Inspired... Fall...oh the very thought of cool breezes, fresh apples,  and leaves changing color delights me.  And what better way to kick off the Fall Season than  with an apple dessert. Using a medium size ramekin filled with apples, sugar and butter equals a perfectly  enjoyable  ending to a Fall meal.  This baked apple recipe is a favorite of mine because rather than using the whole apple you bake chunks or slices of your favorite  apple in  a ramekin.  I am a huge fan of the Granny Smith, I like it's bright green color and tart flavor.   Mix that tartness with some sugar and butter and you have a   winning dessert. Ingredients 7 Granny Smith Apples 1/2 cup lightly packed dark brown sugar 2 tablespoon