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Fabulous Friday

fabulous | June 13, 2014
Reflecting on a good week makes for a Fabulous Friday! We had a few surprise showers this week,  which made all of my plants  smile,  and  while walking in between these heavenly showers I found this  wonderful  wrought iron basket discarded along the side of the street. You know some of the best treasures just sort of leap out at you!  Wouldn't a fuchsia bougainvillea be just perfect nestled among the detailed ironwork...    While out and about I discovered this phenomenal anti-aging and hydrating lotion.   Between walking, gardening and a little dip in our pool, and yes (my age) whisper.... my skin needs a big drink of pure goodness and this Pure Fiji lotion is amazing!  I chose guava because, well, it smells delightful! These products are made with some organic goodness and leave my skin lightly softened and smooth.   Hydrangeas anyone?   Can you believe these colors-these are the real deal! Have you ever had Lemonade with a little fizz? Yummy-yes yummy!                        

Lemon Icebox Tart

dessert | June 10, 2014
Do you suppose if fifty is the new forty , And- Orange is the New Black ( I hear this new series based on the novel is  intriguing.) Could Lemon be the new  Chocolate ? In a world where renaming and reinventing seem to have become the new way to go, the sky seems to be pretty much the limit. So, today on this blog Lemon is the new Chocolate! My oh my this sweet and sassy little  tart is going to bring your taste buds alive and sing with glee once you take a bite into the buttery  graham cracker crust and melt in your mouth fresh lemon filling. So, lets begin and naturally lets use fresh lemons. I found this picture  on Houzz, isn't this just so appealing and  what a treat to have fresh lemons growing in your own kitchen. This graham cracker crust recipe is adapted from Martha Stewart.   Ingredients For Graham Cracker Crust                                                                           12 graham crackers finely ground,