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Salads For Sale

balsamic | February 28, 2015
I have a few questions for you... Would you buy a previously prepared salad from a vending machine? How about if it was in a mason jar and only cost one dollar? I asked myself these same questions as I was reading an article from The Atlantic Magazine . Formerly known as The Atlantic Monthly . The article was in the Health section of the online edition of this magazine. It seems, Luke Saunders, a young entrepreneur invented the salad machine-(vending machine.) The article delves into the premise that if we have the same amount of dollars to spend on fast food or a healthy salad that were both available to us in the same amount of time, would we spend the dollars on healthy salads or turn to the comfort of a hamburger. Super interesting and an article that definitely provides "food for thought," no pun intended...wink... If you have some time to spare and are interested in the article, here is the link The Dreadful Inconvenience of Salad . In the meantime, I have a super great

Natural Spring Wreath & Vignette

Decorating | February 25, 2015
It's wreath season at my house and I am thrilled to be making wreaths for my dear girls. The two oldest have chosen neutral naturals and the youngest has chosen green naturals. I have finished one of them and I have hung it on my secretary for inspiration to create this Spring Vignette. I have been hot gluing like crazy at my house these past few days and unfortunately have a blister on one finger that is very uncomfortable. I think it was worth it though for this cute Spring Wreath, one thing is certain, I know it is not going to fall apart! Not one thing went to waste making this wreath, not even the leaves. Total cost around $10.00- $15.00, it will depend on your choice of flowers. At the very least I buy my floral when they are 50 percent off, better yet, always shop the discount section, as there are always pretty posies left behind. Materials Needed to Make This 12 inch Spring Wreath *( 1) 10 inch straw wreath form (finished product measures 12 inches). * (24) 2 inch flowers

Focus On Your Passion & Purpose

Aging | February 24, 2015
On January 1, of this year I hit the publish button on a post which I was compelled to write.  It was on the subject of   Aging With Style . A new year had dawned and so had a heightened awareness within my soul. Aging- a topic so universal and yet when discussed it is done so with adjectives such as- coping, accepting, transitioning, response is phooey! I don't want to cope, I want to live with a heart that is on fire!! I am so passionate about Aging with style and from the comments that many of you left - so are you! In my wildest dreams I did not imagine that the  Passion, Purpose & Productivity Project  would resonate, inspire and encourage women to care for and uplift one another so thoughtfully. As we continue this amazing journey together, hand in hand across the mountains and seas, I would like to introduce you to a lovely, sincere, and passionate woman- Jan. You will find Jan at Jan's Place   sharing recipes, devotionals and decorating tips,  as we

Fabulous Friday

fabulous | February 20, 2015
Well my goodness, this week flew by like an arrow and here we are on Fabulous Friday. Sharing some pretty picks from the week with you today. Treat yourself well, perhaps a fresh bouquet of flowers or a cup of tea. A pop of pink for your nails or some coral around your neck. Maybe a wrap around your shoulders to keep you warm. Or a wonderful book to read in your favorite chair. Have a lovely weekend, my dears. xoxoxo Please Join Me~ Cozy Little House Dwellings

Mini Moments Of Joy

Aging | February 17, 2015
As I was out and about today, everything that caught my eye was miniature. I have come to realize that when life reaches out to me in this fashion, it is important for me to take notice. It all began when I was at the market and discovered this mini orchid, I did not even know there was such a thing as a mini orchid. My first thought was what a precious treasure and then I thought of our Passion, Purpose and Productivity  Project and I had a few thoughts I wanted to share with you. You know as women we have or still do spend so much time of our lives "waiting." I remember my own beloved Mother planning, wanting and waiting for my children and I to come home to Idaho every Summer to be with her. We wait for dates, dances, dinner, dudes and duds. We wait for college, classes, cool styles and children. We wait for marriage, motherhood, magical and marvelous moments. And in the midst of all of this waiting we might just blink, sigh, wonder, or wish the very moment away. I have, I

Greenhouse Tales and Tips

Featured | February 16, 2015
Greenhouse Tales and Tips from Texas are coming your way today. For my sweet readers who live in the cold part of the Country, I am sending you lots of sunshine and warmth that I stowed away in my greenhouse just for you! My Petunias are beginning to  dwindle, but I absolutely refuse to give up on them,  so here is my first gardening tip . Gardening tip 1 - Keep those Blooms Coming -  Fertilize, every 2 weeks with Miracle-Gro  and  Fertilome Root Stimulator Mix fertilizer and stimulator together in a watering can according to directions on bottles. This is one of my tried and true recipes for gorgeous blooms, works great- even in our  Habanero Hot Texas Summer Heat. Gardening Tip 2- Improve your soil before planting- I grew up on a potato farm(Idaho) and I know good soil, my region of Texas does not have great soil. So the first thing I have to do is improve it. By adding humus to any type of soil it will enrich it and improve it's pH balance. Soil needs to be the consistency of cr

Fabulous Friday Finds

Birthday | February 12, 2015
Welcome to today's post, a miscellaneous mix of joyful moments and delightful finds from this week. It might just be a Fabulous Friday because it feels a little more fun, a little more lighthearted and well maybe a bit disjointed. But as I stay true to my mindset of living with passion, I am just going with it, now how about that! The week began with this, a sweet little Miss Muffet celebrating her second Birthday. My daughter ordered most of the Monster Inc. party decorations from a shop on etsy. Cute, cute decorations, cake and cupcakes. One very chatty, sweet and happy Birthday girl. After enjoying a lovely Birthday celebration for our precious granddaughter. Rebecca, Molly and myself  made a trip to Oklahoma City to a spectacular craft show- Affair Of The Heart. It is one of the largest craft shows in the Southwest, so large in fact that the three of us only made it to two of the buildings at the State Fair Park. We then called it quits-isn't that ridiculous, but honestly I

Passion And A Party

Birthday | February 04, 2015
Our Passion, Purpose, Productivity Project continues to be such a delight to me. Each of your genuine heartfelt comments and observations are inspiring and motivating as you journey through life being committed to living an authentic and intentional life. Today we welcome Nancy who will be sharing her insights and passions from Created For A Journey . During the past month we have had the joy of meeting  Dewena,    Pondside  and  Linda  as they have shared their  stories with us as well.       Thank you  Nancy , for joining us and sharing your beautiful photos and story on how you find                                           passion and purpose in your own life.        Nancy has a heart of gold and is an artistic gem, she delights and inspires her readers  through photography, love of nature, family, grandchildren and many, many beautiful hobbies.                                                                 Thank you  Tanna From The Brick Street Bungalow , for this quote.        

Passion, Purpose and Photography

Featured | February 01, 2015
Something interesting is happening in my life, I am slowly emerging into a Passionate Photographer with a Purpose. This is pretty fun for me, because up until I started blogging, I was very uncertain about taking a photograph. Let alone understanding terms such as aperture, element, or reflector. Imagine me uploading photos onto a computer and editing them...I almost feel like giggling. Me-the fumble fingered gardening way! Well, here I am in the thick of it all and Passionately loving every moment of it. I do not have any ambitious dreams of becoming another  Stephanie Gonot . Or a modern day  Jacques Henri Lartigue . I am passionately content with taking my camera with me on my daily walks, while embracing the beauty of nature, and what unexpected joy this walk may bring- to my heart, to my mind, to my soul. Isn't this what passion is all about? Living one hundred percent in the bursting moment. Not rushing the beauty, Not rushing the feeling, Not rushing the experience