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Inspirational Thursday-Trees

Trees have always touched my heart-I am intrigued by their majestic branches that reach towards the sky.   This tree is in our backyard-on slow, sunny, blue sky days in January I like to sit outside and admire this tree. Trees remind me that life is constant and that God has everything in control. Life is a cycle and we can always look to the future and the newness which that Season will bring. God's promises are seen everywhere.  As the sun drops low into the horizon and night begins to settle in, the majestic tree casts her final shadows on the closing of the day.  This seems to me, to be the perfect time to reflect. Marco Crupi 2012 The stillness of the forest is calming to my mind and soul.  All is well. On the top of this grassy hill a tree stands strong, straight and faithful much like a lone warrior at the end of a battle. And even thoug

French Findings- delightful

Since I have become a blogger, I obviously spend more time on my computer.  In the past I have purchased many decorating magazines as my wish list/portfolio. In the past I have always had a hard copy as my inspiration. Much of my inspiration is now housed in this blog   This small  Chandelier is marvelous-I especially adore the white and green  crystals.  This home office is a dream come true, notice all of the elements and layers. Loving worn books, just a bit tattered and brick floor. Don't you just adore silver, crystal and French Linens? French linens, a well loved chair and painted plank floor. Curvy furniture a must in any French Style home, and a touch of bling. Country French married with Country Sweden for a Gustavian Style  style. Of course a worn table with a basket and plants. It is all of these seemingly and effortlessly small accents which make all the difference in decorating our homes. So, no matter what our style is-it is the subtle placing of our treasures that de

Jemma's Signature Salad

We love salads at Jemma's -I prepare a fresh one every night!  Except on Friday and Saturday when we go to our local and favorite restaurants!  Since I prepare five fresh salads every week, I know a good salad when I see one!  I am going to share with you my favorite tossed salad! In order to have really great flavor and a truly delicious salad you must have fresh ingredients.  Never ever purchase pre-washed and bagged lettuce greens or chopped vegetables. If you must - you may have to drive a distance in order to get fresh ingredients. Jemma's Signature Salad  Ingredients-serves 4 1 1/2- 2 cups rinsed and dried ice burg lettuce 1 1/2 -2 cups rinsed and dried red-leaf lettuce 4 thinly sliced radishes 1/4 cup diced green pepper 1/4 cup diced celery 1 chopped cucumber 1 large vine ripe tomato 3 tablespoon finely diced sweet vidalia onion(optional) 1 medium Haas avocado chopped salt and pepper to taste Stella crumbled blue cheese to taste I am big into rinsing all my fruit and veg

Shop your Home-You might find a surprise

Needless to say, between my beloved Mother's collectibles and my own I really shouldn't even be shopping.  So this weekend I stayed put and shopped at home.  You know I even ended up having a good time!  I moved this house plant from my tea cart to the formal coffee table and brought the two glass bowls from a kitchen cupboard.  During Christmas the white urn was a home for the paper whites. (I guess I did shop-I bought another plant!) Everything on this table has special meaning to me, making me even more satisfied! These Hydrangeas and ranunculus came from the attic.  You know how I advocate saving all of your silk flowers!  They can always be dusted off and pruned to revitalize them. Last but not least are these precious cups and saucers. I brought them out of the cupboard too.  These little cups and saucers are P. K. Silesia Porcelain!  They are true vintage and made somewhere between 1880 and World II, in a little town which is named Silesia, and located in Northeastern Ge

Terracotta Pots and Succulents

So, by now we all know I am a bit crazy over plants-in fact I just fertilized all my indoor plants and trimmed their leaves.  I think they have become my  children!!  Well, I guess that is just the way it is-so there is a new kid on the block and that is the Succulent! Tip 1:  Succulents prefer bright light-Southern Exposure I ventured over to my gardening center to pick out 3 pots- I found 3 simple pots and brought them home Tip 2:  Succulents prefer daytime temperatures between 70-85 and nighttime 50-55 They sat in this windowsill for a day or two, while I mulled over what exactly look I was going for. Tip 3:  Succulents should never be allowed to sit in water. Indications of over watering are soft and discolored leaves.  I felt white would really be a great way to compliment the green, gray and lavender hues of the succulents, so I got out one of my many cans of white spray paint... Tip 4: Succulents that are under watered will stop growing and may have spots on their leaves and she

Inspirational Thursday-Love

"Love is patient, love is kind.  It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not  proud.  It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no records of wrongs.  Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, it always trusts, always hopes, always preserves.  Love never fails." King James Version: 1 Corinthians 13 Source So what does love mean to you?  How do you show someone you love them?  Is it through hugs and kisses?  Maybe you show love through giving a gift?  Do you show love by giving of your time? Or is it hearing the words " I love you," which mean the most? Source Source Perhaps one of the reasons that love is so powerful is because when we truly love, we will sacrifice our own needs, and desires for the ones we love.  We will invest time and energy in finding out what makes someone feel loved. Maybe it is generously giving up the moment for someone else, maybe it is giving without expecting. Maybe

Accent With Tangerine

I am sure you have heard the saying "If it sounds too good to be true it  probably is."   Well today that saying isn't going to apply!  I have found a fabulous find for your home and mine- I want to share it with you all!   Yesterday my youngest daughter sent me a text while I was at work.   "Chevron covers are now 50 percent off!  3.50 a piece!"   At our favorite craft store- Hobby Lobby! We all know-we cannot sew a new pillow cover for that price.  Linen , zippers  and button embellishments for 3.50!   My daughter chose these grey and turquoise covers for her pillows-aren't  these a perfect accent! This is my cozy sofa and as much as I love these pillows -because my oldest  daughter made them for me.   She and I both agree that I need an updated accent. My husband and I are both fans of tangerine.  When we changed the paint color on our walls to French Grey, it opened up a  whole color palette for us to use as accent colors.  I am very pleased with this br

Lovin' The Dutch Oven

I love to cook and I make many a stew, soup, chowder or sauce.  My three girls know me so well that together the three of them gave me this wonderful Dutch Oven! You know there are so many recipes that call for cooking with a dutch oven.  There is a reason for this. Benefits of Dutch Oven Cooking 1. Cast iron evenly heats the bottom, sides and across the lid for superior heat distribution. 2.  Low to medium should be used rather than high because of the natural heat retention. 3.  Less energy is required to maintain a constant and consistent  heat. 4.  Versatile-the dutch oven can be used on gas, electric and ceramic cook tops as well as in the oven for baking or broiling. 5.  The lid effectively holds in moisture which enhances the flavor of vegetables and meats 6.   Sizes range from 6 to 12 quarts. Tips and Facts on Dutch Oven Cooking 1.  Because it is made out of cast iron it is a poor conductor of heat-meaning it takes it awhile to get hot.  But remember when it does-it's consi

Finding The Perfect Flower Arrangement

I am thinking of flowers!  Actually, I always am, I get all sort of mail in my inbox and mailbox.  I suppose if I were to have an addiction it would be flowers!  I justify a weekly trip to my local garden center by telling myself I will just buy a 4 inch pot this week!! One of my dreams was to own my own florist shop-My husband and I actually flew to Boston to look at a KaBloom franchise many years ago. Sadly enough their research determined that demographically we wouldn't be successful. So, I grow my own  and enjoy them! Please enjoy some arrangements I have picked for various times of the year. I must admit I am a fan of mercury glass- pink peonies and tulips! This sings Spring to me and the glass just showcases the blossoms so well! Naturally, hydrangeas must always be a consideration Isn't this one the cutest thing ever- Such an incredible bouquet-gorgeous and timeless Peonies. So perfect for a special Valentine Dinner... Gorgeous For Any Time of the Year So rich, warm and