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Greenhouse Tales

As the blustery wind blew and gray skies filled the paragraphs of life, a little 

greenhouse arrived and was assembled efficiently and carefully. 

You might remember her from early Spring.

She housed a variety of tiny fragile seeds, a mix and match of squash, radish

and even the seeds of of hope that I planted along side of them all.

Spring, so unpredictable...full of tantrums much like those of a merging

toddler, and yet really of no consequence at all, especially when the tiny

seeds are growing inside a warm and nurturing greenhouse.

And in the dawn of each new day, weather permitting, the fragile

seeds which now had grown into miniature forms of who they would grow

up to be,  were allowed to have the door of the greenhouse opened.

The fresh breezes of Spring,  with just a hint of Summer time coaxed 

and prodded each plant to grow a bit more each day.

And then just as magically as they had sprouted, they began to tolerate 

the process of "hardening-off."

As the warm Texas sun beamed down from the heavenly, clear blue skies, 

each plant was allowed a few hours of reprieve from the greenhouse.

Much like the first date of a youngster-just a few hours away-  

Baby steps into the world of life.

So my tender and young plants were

carefully placed in a protected area-for just a few guarded hours.

These plants are all tucked into my mini garden now, or placed into decorative


Buds have formed and given way to abundant blossoms and ever so patiently 

the once tiny seedlings have matured into graceful, strong and determined 

plants which are now bearing fruit all of their own.  

The life of a gardener indeed rejoices in the cycles of life, the joy of an 

unsuspected rain shower on a hot and oppressive day, bees humming 

among themselves in the joyful glory of pollination, rich earth which smells

pungent and strong lending itself to supporting a good root system in order

for plants to flourish and produce.

A Greenhouse Tale with a very happy ending...

Heaven Is For Real

My Mother In Law went to be with our Heavenly Father one month ago.

I miss her,

I miss her laugh,

I miss her joy, 

I miss her support,

I miss her voice. 

So, now, two of the most loveliest Ladies I have ever known are 

angels in Heaven- my own Mother and Mama Chris.

And with her passing feelings of loss over my own Mother returned 

and unexpectedly I felt frozen inside.  

My words left me.

Both of these caring, loving devoted Mothers lived full and abundant lives,

but they have left- moved on, if you will, and sort of left the rest of us


So what to do, when physically loving on them is over...

When sending a card, making a call, visiting on the phone, visiting in person

and hugging them tightly is over for us...

Well for me, it is knowing that Heaven Is For Real.

You know, that I really do know this, but my sadness got in the way of 

remembering - that this is really true.

Then, a sweet little miracle happened, because you do know that miracles

come in all shapes and sizes, and often times we just don't see them.

Because we seem to get so busy and take so much for granted on the wonder 

and precious parts of life. 

A sweet friend, who had just lost her sister-sent me this text.

"Look on your front doorstep."

I did...


the book - Heaven Is For Real by Todd Burpo.

A precious and comforting little story of an extraordinary journey of a little 

boy making his way to heaven and back. 

A book full of encouragement, making our time on earth even more 

meaningful and our future more hopeful.

So, my words have come back to me.

Thank you to my dear blogging friends who have sent me emails with love

and support.  

You and your friendship mean so much to me.

My dear Mother and Mama Chris are no longer elderly, in pain, or weary 

and worn, they are restored to their perfect youth, vital, laughing and

with our families who have gone on before, loving us and looking forward

to when we are all together again.

In God's pure perfect plan, because...

Heaven Is For Real.