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Blooming Beauties In The Rocky Mountains Of Colorado

Greetings one and all and welcome to my little blog where I share the joy of life. Life really is what you make it and attitude can change everything! It just so happens that flowers can change mine. So, today I am happily sharing the fabulous flowers of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

Our family recently returned from a glorious 2 weeks in the Denver and Breckenridge area. It is in this mountainous state that cool star filled nights ease gently into soft sunrises and sun drenched days and where flowers of all shapes, colors and sizes thrive. Streets filled with baskets of Petunias tumble out of their baskets.

Petunias just love these cool nights and lots of water too. I was in awe of their magnificent and rich hued blooms.

Well preserved Historical buildings line the downtown streets of Breckinridge and were gloriously framed by towering majestic mountains.

We spent one day in the town of Breckenridge and the rest of the time we hiked the various peaks and valleys where we were treated to magnificent waterfalls, gurgling streams, fresh air, blooms, sightings of Mountain Goat and snow capped mountains.

Mother Nature always provides the very best landscape.

Here we have a trio of purple. The Mountain Columbine and Lupine.

Some seasoned hikers informed us that the Wild Mountain Goat love to dine on Columbine!

There were many mountain peaks covered in snow and this is some of the rushing run-off.

Flashy yellow flowers dotted various paths and some of them grew in such precarious places.

Here are the Sulphur Flower, Heartleaf Arnica and Golden Banner.

Nature...the best place to be;

Where serenity meets imagination and when they collide everything becomes possible.

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Balloons and Pompoms Al Fresco Tablescape

I love Al Fresco dining do you? Dining outdoors feels like party time. But when a sundrenched Texas Summer decides to roll in, dining outdoors becomes challenging. However where there is a good challenge, there is also creativity, so come on in and let me share with you how I decided to beat the Summer heat with fun colors, handmade flowers, pompoms and balloons.

Thank you for joining me today and 19 other creators as they share their imaginations, décor and creativity with you too. You will find all of their links to their Alfresco Tablescapes at the end of my post.

Please come on in!

Let's leave the French Doors open this morning as their is just a slight breeze and I hear the birds chirping, do you?

Truthfully my flowers are wilted, the blooms are faded and the water bill is rising, so the homegrown floral centerpiece is no more.

So let's party with some economical handmade table accessories and centerpieces!

Today I am using my turquoise three tiered stand along with a variety of pink and turquoise hued handmade pompoms as part of this tablescape centerpiece. Then I added some white balloons attached to variegated paper straws and placed them inside petite turquoise milk bottles.

Balloons are such a fun and easy way to add color, texture, height and interest to any tablescape.

I found these precious, pink and petite ceramic basket at Micheals for 60% off-they seem so perfect to use as baskets of blueberries for breakfast.

Plastic blue and pink Margarita glasses are perfect vessels for Breakfast parfaits.

  1. One container of coconut yogurt.
  2. Sliced banans
  3. Blueberries
  4. Granola


Handmade crepe flowers are so easy to make and add such a sweet touch to any tablescape. To make these petite and sweet little flowers I simply used a roll of white crepe paper and used a felted blue ball for the center.

Thanks so much for joining us all and may all you have a Sunny vibes sort of day and week!


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Making It On NBC & Manicures

Well, it has been awhile since we have chatted hasn't it??

I miss hearing from you and I hope you have missed hearing from me... Did you know that Making It with Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman along with this fun loving cast is just about to premiere in just about a week! I am so excited for you all to meet the real live creative cast, judges and shop master too. There were so many things about this process that were life changing for me. Truthfully, I will never look at glue gun the same way! Today I am sharing with you all the day us Makers got a manicure.

So, in hindsight I think all of our nails must have looked pretty ragged. If you are a gardener, baker ,scrubber or maker you know what happens to hands that get overworked and overtired. UGLY!

I know that I had no earthly idea that cameras would take such close-ups of our hands. Those camera folks get angles of your body, face and hands that seem impossible to get, and they sort of sneak up on you while you are in the middle of deep thought and making sizzling crafts.( Seeing some of my photos are beginning to make me feel a little squeamish. I should have had gone on a diet and had some botox first!) Oh well, it was all just so fun, neat and enlightening that I am what I am and that's that.

Every single one of us got a manicure. Menfolk included and just look at how fine these fingertips look too.

I think having buffed and polished nails gave us all a boost of confidence and energy too. We are ready to get a little friendly crafting competition going on.

From the right is Robert, Khiem, Amber, Jeffrey, JoAnn, Billy, Nicole and me.

Soo many choices and so little time. Pink, red, blue or natural....decisions, decisions.

Nicole and Amber...made me smile all the time.

Get out of the way of Kheim and Billy when these two Makers set their mind to Making it!

This smile...pure joy combined with crafting calculations.

This guy Jeffrey has the most wonderful voice, wit and uncanny ability to make a 5:00 a.m. van ride laughable, even without a cup of coffee!

Happiness if fresh nails and fresh water!

Who can resist a smile like this!

Or this....

Or us four gals...just getting groomed and treated very well by Amy and Nick and NBC!

You see all of these smiles, they were all passionate and genuine. This has been one of the loveliest group of people to work with that I have ever encountered in my 60 years. There was just something so magical, kind, caring, truthful and of course hilarious about working together to make this show.

We all gathered together as strangers to share the joy of crafting and we all left as family. How awesome is that.

You are going to see such a variety of projects that are really going to inspire you. My hope is that this movement of Making It will spread like warm maple syrup over fresh chocolate chip pancakes and that everyone all across the world will try some craft. We live in strange times, so lets unite and make an afghan or something!

Just a small dose of crafting a day will most certainly keep the Doctor away!

If you'd like to read more on my journey of Making It on NBC just click right here for an exclusive interview with

BCS Kids.

Happy Fourth Of July

I really love the 4th of July. Today we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence with heartfelt Patriotism, food, and fireworks. As Americans we are all bonded together in a unique way and today we celebrate that bond to America and with one another.

I love the way our flag billows in the Summer breeze.

I love the way family and friends decorate their front porches for this special time of the year and...

I love to decorate mine.

I love the traditional red, white and blue and all that it means to America.

"While an official definition of the colors of the flag weren’t given in 1777 when the Old Glory was adopted as our nations flag, there are very specific reasons for each of the colors chosen: “White signifies purity and innocence, Red, hardiness & valor, and Blue, […] signifies vigilance, perseverance & justice.3” Those three colors signify all that made our nation great. The purity and innocence of a new nation with all the hopes and dreams of the futures just beyond the horizon."

It's just a feel good sort of day.

Seems like our fellow citizens even smile a little brighter and bigger and a handshake is a little warmer.

God Bless America, the home of the free and the brave!

Happy Fourth Of July from all of our family to all of yours!