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Five Tips For Creating a Playful Life

Jemma's Tales | April 23, 2017
I am ready to be playful, in fact I need to be playful, we all need to be playful and you know why? It keeps us young!  I am certain that you have heard this saying over and over again "We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing."~George Bernard Shaw. Well I need to laugh with my darling daughter who I haven't seen in 4 months, except for Face Time, which surely takes the sting out of the distance.  I am looking forward to visiting with my kind and caring son-in-law, play a game of Frisbee with with my adorable grandson and granddaughter and dance with abandon along the edge of the deep blue sea. By the time that most of you will be reading this I will have left Texas bright and early this morning for 10 days of family fun and the scenery wont be too bad either...(photo below) I will be sharing the beauty, play and joy of my Puerto Trip on Instagram and also here on my blog as we travel on the island and surrounding areas. You know

Perfect Yeast Rolls Tips & Recipe

Breads | April 18, 2017
My enthusiasm for sharing things that really work is at an all time high right now. Whether it is gardening ideas seasoned with joy, perhaps a simple decorating tip or a tried and true scrumptious recipe. I'd like to share them all with you and today I am sharing a recipe for Perfect yeast rolls! Are they picture but they are mighty tasty. I know this for certain, the more time that I spend with my hands in the garden soil or in a cup of flour the more I know that I have truly reclaimed my passion, renewed my purpose and have revisited skills and hobbies that I have always enjoyed and found to be productive. So in this world of unpredictably I am going to be consistently sharing the predictable aspects of my life with you. I hope that you will enjoy incorporating a few of these predictable recipes, gardening tips and such into yours too. For my sweet friends on INSTAGRAM  this recipe is especially for you! Perfect Yeast Rolls Recipe from my real kitchen to yours and

Five Gardening Benefits For Your Body

Gardening Tales | April 14, 2017
My husband and I recently returned form a rejuvenating trip to Colorado, and even though we were terribly sad to be leaving our Mountain views behind us we were delighted to find our organic veggie and flower garden flourishing and producing. After hurriedly unpacking my suitcase and starting a load of wash I immediately headed out to the garden to begin weeding and watering. As I was bending, twisting and tugging at those pesky weeds I began thinking of all of the benefits that our garden was providing me. Today I am super excited to be sharing those five gardening benefits with you! The simple act of gardening has so many physical and mental benefits. Gardening provides moderate exercise that can take us right from our twenties and well into our eighties. Want to reduce anxiety, tension and stress just try spending an afternoon cultivating, weeding or watering your garden. So whether you garden on your patio,in containers,a community garden or in your own backyard you are about to be