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Flowers, Love and Valentine Gift Ideas

I am so glad that you stopped by today and I also have a confession.

Valentines Day is one of my favorite Holidays!

I have been enjoying reading poems, baking, taking a few photos 

and doing a little investigating as to what gifts are available for this 

official season of love. 

Now that it is all put together I am sharing it all with you!

A Flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and a man cannot                                        live without love." 
                                                                ~Max Muller~

Gift Idea Number 1- Hearts Full Of Love

Gift Idea Number 2 Gold and Glam Heart locket

Gift Idea Number 3 For your very best friend

     "Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired." 
     ~Robert Frost~

             "Love is like  dew that falls both on nettles and lilies"
                                                          ~Swedish Proverb~

                                           Gift Idea Number 4 For the Little Ones


Gift Idea Number 5 What I Love About Love You

"I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers." 
                                                             ~Claude Monet~

"Life is the flower, for which love is the honey." 
~Victor Hugo~

Gift Idea Number 6 Pink Frosted Cookies

"Grow Old With Me The Best Is Yet To Be!"
~Robert Browning~

   "What the world really needs is more love and less paperwork."                                               ~Pearl Bailey~

What brings you joy on Valentines Day?

Please Join Me~

Dear Little Red House

Common Ground

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson

The Brambleberry Cottage

Adding Shine With Metallics

I am so glad that gone are the days when mixing vibrant gold and 

cool silver were a decorating taboo. 

Marrying metallics provides an intriguing contrast and texture and

they can be easily incorporated a little at a time. 

I think we may have known that, don't you?

I have added a little shine to our family room mantle and kept

it low cost as well.  I painted the white window frame which I 

used for Thanksgiving gold.  

I didn't even sand it down...and while I had the paint out the mason

jars got a fresh coat too.  

Don't you  think frames are just one of the simplest ways to 

incorporate gold into a space and depending on the style of the 

frame, they can add some glorious glam.

This is one of the spaces in which I incorporated a touch of gold. 

I like the suggestion of gold nestled with white.

A little sparkle during these Winter months is a real mood booster 

as well. 

Metallics are a fun way to add a little drama, and can easily be 

done with paint, wallpaper, or accessories. 

Let's head on over to the kitchen now, I wanna show you the little

mixing I have done in here.

I kept the mix of metallics very low key in our kitchen, with silver

hardware, a gold leaf box  and two simple gold chandeliers.

The two metallics play off one another without a huge commitment

of colors.

Using white in the kitchen too-keeps it simple,

Creating a little equilibrium in small spaces and using the light from

the kitchen window to get a feel for how the different hues interact.

Oh, have you seen my Tea Cart?

I am like a proud Mama over this tea cart-ask me if I have pictures

and I will show you my gal...

I think it was three years ago now, when I painted her gold

yes indeed she was a hot gal before being gold was really cool.

I did not inherit a Great  Aunt's tea set, so I have started collecting

my own random pieces of silver as I travel to and fro to visit the 


It is so much fun!

They are random pieces, but by the time my collection is complete,

I will have a very eclectic and personalized mix.  I am sure I won't 

stop with collecting silver.  I have really been considering painting

an entire piece of furniture gold or maybe a sunburst mirror.

How are you adding shine into your Winter days?

Please Join Me~

French Country Cottage

Elizabeth & Co.                                              Ivy and Elephants

Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home               Savvy Southern Style

Cedar Hill Farmhouse                                    Adorned From Above

Maison de Pax                                               The Style Sisters

The Dedicated House                                Daily Cup Of Mrs. Olson

A Stroll Thru Life

Fashion Friday-Pantone 2014

Are you all looking forward to Spring as much as me?

I honestly feel as though it has been Winter forever, I am ready to 

shed the winter wear and dress for Spring! 

This is why I am excited to share with you Pantone's fashion color

report for 2014.

                                 A Season Of Equilibrium

Are you a fan of light blue- also known as Placid Blue  Well, if you 

are, look at this glorious color and dress!  This year is all about


Thinking you might be leaning toward green-how about this soft and

mild hue of green called Hemlock.  Pantone 2014 is all about pairing

pastels with a bolder hue for an " au courant," look.

The names for these colors are just delightful, Violet Tulip, who 

wouldn't feel wonderful in a color with this name.  Romantic

wistful and singing Spring.

Sand a lightly toasted neutral combination of calm and 


How about adding a little spice and sizzle to your neutral based 

outfit with Cayenne.

Paloma is such a gorgeous neutral which is bold enough to wear 

alone and neutral enough to wear in combination with the most 

important color trends of the Season.

Fressia, gloriously bright, warm, vibrant exudes strength and 


Can you imagine pairing Celosia Orange with anyone of these 

neutrals to create " A Season of Wonderful Equilibrium."

Complete "polar opposite," to placid blue is Dazzling Blue, such a

delightful bold, rich and intense color.  Seems to me that blue is

a flattering color for most skin tones.

Last but not least is Pantone's color of the year! Radiant Orchid

So get ready to wear this flattering, intense, vibrant, magical color 

anyway you can!

How will you be adding these colors to your life, will it be in your 

home decor, wardrobe or perhaps both?

What is your personal Pantone color for 2014?

If this was interesting to you, you might enjoy taking a look back at

last years colors - Pantone 2013

Inspirational Thursday- Forgiveness

I began blogging just over a year ago and my vision for my blog was 

one word-Inspiration.  When you visited me I wanted you 

to feel welcomed and cared for... 

I always wanted you to feel inspired... 

at the very least uplifted. 

There are so many things which have the ability to 

 inspire us.  Music, Art, Writing, Photography...

Oh the list is very long and it depends on who we are, where we are 

and well, there are just many, many variables.  Life is pretty much 

like that - subjective.

However, we are all human beings in this mix of humanity-together.

It is not by accident that we are, and it does not matter what your 

Religious affiliation is- it's a fact we are here, together-now amidst 

the hurry scurry of life and the sometimes isolation of the 

accelerated pace of our journey.

And since we are, we might as well get along. 

Let us remember to also be kind, because it is true we are all dealing

with something and since we are kindred spirits in this beautiful 

messy mix of life let us also forgive.

So, live your life to the fullest, follow the golden rule, be kind, mind 

your manners, be nice, forgive and live your life with a joyful heart.

You are not the same person you were were a year ago or 

yesterday, you are smarter, brighter and more equipped to meet 

life's challenges with courage and strength.

Please Join Me~

Little Red House

The Dedicated House

The Brambleberry Cottage

Fashion Friday Dreaming of Handbags

A girl can dream, right? 

Dream of warm white sandy beaches...

Dream of a killer pair of  heels...

And gorgeous handbags...

And that is exactly what I have been doing, dreaming of gorgeous

leather handbags.  You know, all handbags are not created equal, 

and even though some of the luxury brands get pretty pricey there

is a smidgen of a reason for it and it all has to do with the type and 

quality of leather used to make these beautiful handbags.

All leather is not created equally and Saffiano is in a class all of it's 

own.  Even the name suggests something extra special and well it

pretty much is.

I suppose many of you are already are familiar with Saffiano 

Leather.  I have heard the term, I have seen the handbags, but I 

was not certain as to what it all meant. I really wanted to know the 

real scoop on why all the fuss over this incredible leather.  So, I did

some research and this is what I found out.

What is Saffiano Leather?

Well it seems that the "indications," in Saffiano leather were 

invented by none other than... Mario Prada, using the finest Italian 

calf leather.  It is treated leather, made with the texture pressed on 

it, (referred to as a stamping method) this gives the leather a

crossed-hatch finish, which ispecial diagonal panel.

This cross-hatch design combined with a wax treatment makes for 

a very durable handbag, in fact virtually scratch and stain resistant

as well as water repellent and easy to clean.  

Most Saffiano handbags, clutches, cosmetic bags, wallets and 

satchels are going to be luxury brands.  However if you take into 

account their durability they will certainly last for many, many 


So, now we have the facts on Saffiano leather, would we really 

invest in these beautiful luxury pieces?  Probably not, at least I won't

for the retail price.  But I do have my eye on a couple of these 

darlings and for just the right price for let's say an Anniversary gift,

Birthday present or well if I'm dreaming maybe Valentine's Day!

I will do my dreaming of handbags shopping on  NexTag, Bizrate, 

Shopzilla, Ebay and even Overstock where free shipping is often 


Next Friday please join me for Pantone's Top Colors For 2014!

Have a lovely weekend,

Please Join Me~

The Dedicated House

From One Mom To Another

Welcome to Inspirational Thursday where I share with you the 

things in life that are inspiring to me in way or another!

This week we are receiving some beautiful inspiration from my 

youngest daughter who has tenderly written a Mom Post. 

So whether you are a young Mom, a seasoned Mom or now a 

grandmother, I feel certain that this reflective, honest and open 

writing will resonate with you! 

Grab a comfy chair, I  have to show you what

Motherhood looks like from our viewpoint.

This is our silly, magical little group...

our  precious chaotic, 

beautiful gift from God! 

A perfect mix of pure goodness and delight that has 

been entrusted to us. 

So, please join us today on the journey of being MOM.


~From One Mom To Another~
Rebecca Anne Wheeler

From one mom to another mom, I want you to know that I know your job is hard.

I know it’s demanding, exhausting and sometimes nerve wrenching.

I also know it’s the most wonderful thing you have ever done or will ever do. 

With that being said, I also want you to know that your child will always be different from other children.

Maybe your child won't walk until they are well over a year, maybe they won't eat their brussel sprouts, peas or 

squash like the kid down the street, but would rather prefer a diet of cheese and tortillas.

Maybe they-

won't read as fast...

play as hard...

but maybe...


They’ll want to cuddle more than the other kids, maybe they’ll demonstrate compassion and humility, maybe

they’ll make you laugh until your stomach hurts and maybe they’ll make you cry when you realize how innocent

and pure they view the world.


And maybe, just maybe, these are the things that truly matter.

Maybe instead of constantly reading all the latest parenting material out there and constantly driving ourselves

crazy comparing, we should be rejoicing in what

makes our children different. 

Because your child will always be different and isn’t that something to celebrate?


Should we not be more proud to be mothers of good, earnest people rather than moms of super achievers?

Should we not spend more time just being in the moment with our child and stop wondering

 “when will my child do that” or “why doesn’t he/she do it that way”.

Do these things matter?

My answer is no.


My answer is love your child today for everything that makes them beautifully unique.

The way God made them and intended them to be.

Sometimes the most beautiful flowers take longer to bloom & sometimes life passes us right on by when we’re 

too busy worrying about tomorrow. 


So take today, leave the labels and the comparisons behind and don’t look back.

God gave you an amazing gift when He made you a mother and it’s because He knew you could do it.

So don’t stress, don’t over analyze, don’t worry about things that aren’t worth worrying about-enjoy your child, 

because tomorrow your child will be another day older and probably on to the next thing that makes them


Love what makes them, them. 

And moms, give yourself a break. You’re doing good. Scratch that, you’re doing great.