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Aging With Style #2

Aging With Style | August 31, 2016
Awhile back I asked for suggestions on topics of interest to you all and one of them was aging with style. I think that today might just be a good day for me to share some thoughts on that topic. Aging with style is a mindset, like so many things in life-it is a choice, an intentional action, a cohesive thought on where you are going and how you are going to get there. I sort of think of it as boarding a train, we wouldn't just hop on a train without knowing where it was taking us, or not having packed. So today I am sharing with you some of the items that I have packed for my new train ride into the future. I must be honest, I am not so crazy about this new route. All of my children have officially flown the coop, in fact they are thriving without me. (Can you imagine that-they don't need my guidance anymore! Shame on them...) So this has left me with time to "fill." Hmmm...I don't like that notion of filling time-because in my heart I know that it should be savo

Dressing A Cake With Flowers

Recipe | August 29, 2016
Hello all and welcome to a little overview of how to dress up your cake with flowers. Throughout the past few years I have developed a passion for adding flowers to our cakes. I just adore the transformation it makes and you know those flowers can also hide some frosting mistakes, and even a cake (heaven forbid) that sinks... At Home With Jemma Recipe For Blackberry Studded Lemon Pound Cake So, a little bit about the importance of  cakes in our family. Cakes have always been the go to dessert in our family, you see they just seem to be appropriate for any and all occasions. We have made them for Birthdays, Christenings, injuries, graduations, engagements, losses of life and loves, and just because. Holiday Pumpkin Roll Recipe At Home With Jemma My Mom was a cake baker extraordinaire and every cake that she made came from the finest ingredients layered on her built in lazy susan cabinet. At the time this cabinet seemed quite magical as sugar tumbled out and vanilla extract left tiny dro

Sweet Woodland Baby Shower

Activities | August 22, 2016
So, my last post left us all with me wearing my new outfit and heading to Oklahoma to visit  and help host our daughter's Woodland Baby shower. I really want to tell you all how much I appreciate your support and kindness, as I share  fashion finds and wear them. It is a new chapter of my life and you welcomed me-thank you. I left our home on Friday morning and drove the four hours to Oklahoma with lots and lots  of  rain but arrived in good shape and ready to set up the goodies for the baby shower. I am very happy to share the details of the shower with you, as I think that you could use  this theme for many gatherings. It is simple, sweet, natural and classic.       All social gatherings  must  have flowers and greenery, it is a absolute must to include them in your  budget when hosting a party. Flowers add texture, interest, color and are great fillers for empty spots on your tables. Great place to purchase flowers is Costco, your local market and of course Trader Joe's.  F

Oreo Cream Dessert

cream cheese | August 17, 2016
I have really and truly been meaning to share this decadent and simple dessert with you all  since June! I served it at our Texas Craft Retreat and there was not one spoonful left, so I suppose that  means it gets a 5 star rating. Here  is the banner I made for the retreat and this  link  is how I went about organizing the  Craft Retreat. This dessert is definitely not for the faint of heart or those that are dieting, but if your Motto is Eat dessert first , well this Oreo Cream Dessert is calling your name! I have put together a little pictorial tutorial with the recipe for Oreo Cream Dessert located at the bottom of this post. I wanted this to be such a special occasion for everyone at the Craft retreat that I served this Oreo Cream Dessert in retro champagne glasses that were my Mother's. Serving this Oreo dessert in these glasses really dressed up the event. Thank you so much for joining me and I look forward to seeing you back on Thursday for our weekly link party and then on

Blue and Orange Monogram Harvest Wreath

craft | August 15, 2016
A long time ago in the land of living plain and simple, there  was majestic farmland nestled  in  the inter-mountain west. Along with the land, the rivers, the mountains and fresh air there was a saying  that  many  of  the old timers and farmers often shared with one another. It was simple and very true, a proclamation of sorts, spoken in reference to Fall. You see there was always an underlying sense of urgency when the phrase was spoken,  as  well as  there  should have been, given that much time, money, sweat and and physical  labor had  been  devoted  to these crops that were on the cusp of being harvested. Precious crops which had to be harvested before  the first frost of the season. Of course this phrase does not apply to me or mine now, there is currently not a single crop  to  harvest in the Texas territory of my home. But each time the first of August rolls around, I hear in the meadows of my mind, voices of many a farmer, including those of my parents, telling one another.