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Growing Zinnias For The Home And Garden|Gardening Series 3

Gardening Tales | February 25, 2020
Thank you for joining me today for our Home and Gardening Series 3. Today we are going to explore the power of putting the Zinnia to work in our flower gardens!  Zinnias are terrific cut flowers for our homes, garden, farmers market, market gardening or a roadside self-serve stand.

Growing French Hydrangeas For The Home and Garden|Gardening Series 2

Gardening Tales | February 14, 2020
Well here we are friends, it is Valentine's Day 2020 and I am wondering how you will be celebrating this day of whimsy, appreciation, love and flowers? I thought that since it was Valentine's Day and with Spring being just around the corner it might be the right time to explore the stunning and timeless French  Hydrangea for our homes and gardens. Just a little reminder, I am writing these garden posts for all garden levels and regions. In some regions the French Hydrangea will be a perennial and in others it will be an  annual .

At Home With Jemma|Valentine Tiered Tray Styling Tips For All Homemakers

Homemaking | February 09, 2020
Happy Valentine's Week Dear Friends and new subscribers, thank you so much for joining me! Today I am sharing my pink Valentine Tiered Tray Vignette on our Dining room table. I am sort of obsessed with a tiered tray. They are consistently an awesome and multi-use decorating accessory for me and you and all Homemakers. Tiered trays will fit the bill and budget for all of our varying decor styles, a tiered tray becomes whatever you want it to be!

Homemade Valentine Fun for Every Homemaker

Homemaking | February 02, 2020
Friends, the month of Love has arrived and just in the nick of time too! Truly, if January had had one more day in it I would have jumped off of a snowdrift!   I was just done with the lingering moments of the Holidays. So, in celebration of February, longer days, more sunshine, family Birthday's and cupids love I am sharing some easy homemade Valentine fun for every homemaker. Five simple ways to add just the right amount of Valentine Love to your home and mine!  😊 How to dress up your Valentine Table using flowers and Art Work