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Beaver Creek Mountain Village

I made a mountain journey this past weekend to Beaver Creek Mountain Village where I met up with my son, his wife and three grandchildren. Beaver Creek Mountain Village is sweetly nestled in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

When Colorado sought to host the 1976 Winter Olympics, Beaver Creek development was part of its successful bid in May 1970

The drive from our home is an easy 3 hour drive. I took highway 25 onto 470 West and intersected with 70 West which took me right into the middle of the glorious Rocky Mountains. The views were amazing and I popped open the sunroof (20 degrees) revved up the heater and the music too. Carole King was my radio companion for most of the way.

The Aspen Tree has always been a favorite of mine, any time of the year.

Beaver Creek ski area operates on National Forest System lands under special use permit to the White River National Forest. The 30-year permit assigns a portion of the bundle of rights associated with land ownership to the permit holder. All lifts, ski trails, and facilities must be approved by the Forest Service in advance prior to construction.

Winter snow storms move in quickly and move out just as fast!

My family treated me to a sleigh ride and dinner at Allie’s Cabin.

Sun-drenched days with mountain snows are some of my favorite way to spend Winter days. Of course family time makes it all the more fun!

Who can resist a Moose with flowers in her hair!

Tiny Tots who were in ski school.

Beaver Creek Resort has great customer service, friendly staff, good food, great music and well groomed slopes. Plenty of after skiing activities for children and adults too, and of course that warm chocolate chip cookie we had every day sure was good!

What better way to welcome the First Day of Spring than with a beautiful mix of flowers and snow!

Happy Spring Friends!



Welcome March!

Welcome family, friends and March to At Home With Jemma. March arrived in Colorado like a Lamb and then quickly turned on a dime and became a roaring lion. I am discovering that I enjoy Mother's Natures weather games, because no matter how much snow we get the sun spreads her golden beams of sunshine through the frosty Ponderosa Pine branches.

Sadie and I Walk

Sadie and I walk pretty much everyday and she loves, loves the frosty snow and it seems I pretty much to do. She's my sweet Golden and I love her.

Sadie May 15 Months

Jack Frost

Jack Frost works his magic on puddles of melted snow and the crunch of the ice as it snaps and crackles often times makes Sadie jump an inch or two or more... It seems to us that Sadie thinks she is a Kangaroo these days and we have now nicknamed her Roo.

Early signs of Spring

Among the Pines and Sun

It is the long walks with Sadie among the pines and sun that center us both.

Happiness Is Also Creating

Walks, Crafting and Studying

Embracing Winter

So, I found this Spider Plant at our local King Soopers. King Soopers is the Colorado version of Kroger in Texas, so I feel right at home shopping:)

Pink Depression Glass & A Romantic Table For Two

On this particular day we had strong winds that were coming over the Rocky Mountain Range and it was about 25 degrees out. I did hesitate before purchasing this gorgeous beauty of houseplant, but when a plant calls you-you have to accept the invitation. Anyways, the gal in the Floral department wrapped her all up for me in heavy plastic and as you can see she's doing very well. Natural Rattan Plant stand came from Target-I am loving their Rattan selection. (Reminds me of my youth)

Wreaths are my Thing...

Wreath From Home Goods

So, I made a wreath and found one too! Our Home Goods, Hobby Lobby and Target are well stocked, neat and tidy and an easy driving distance. I usually take 83 wherever I go because of the Mountain views.

Tulips In The Great Room And Reading

I love fresh flowers and especially tulips this time of the year. I usually treat myself to a bouquet every single week and always choose the $10.00 or under bouquet, they brighten up any room and also my spirits if they are running low.

I shared a previous post how to care for fresh cut tulips right here.

I have a couple of reading recommendations for you if you like thrillers and aren't scared of the

My Husband's Wife and Blood Sisters both by Jane Corry.

Until next time...wishes for you to have a great week!