Guiding Principles For Positive Homemaking During The Holidays and Everyday

December 04, 2021

Hello Friends the season is upon us! Today I am sharing my personal guiding principles for positive homemaking during the Holidays and Everyday. I hope that you will find a few of these Homemaking  principles helpful for Christmas and everyday living too.

Traditionally I write and share my Christmas stories and thoughts in my Jemma Tales during the last weeks of the month. However, this month I have been receiving a few messages asking when I began Homemaking and how do I go about it. So here we go!

Enlist The Help Of Older Children For Wrapping Christmas Presents

These messages and questions prompted me to search within myself.

I truly began to ponder on how I navigate the complexities, responsibilities, joys, pleasures, and pressures of a home maker and how I have gone about homemaking for 40 years.

Take Time To Enjoy The Holidays & Relax

Realistically Speaking

Christmas is such a gloriously special time of the year and since I am bit of an idealist my internal version of Christmas is way over the top.

However realistically speaking it is also a time when many emotions spin around, unexpected expenses pop up, expectations for ourselves and others can be unrealistic and daily duties fall by the wayside.

People Won't Remember What You Said or Did-They Will Remember How You Made Them Feel

As Homemakers We Have Daily Duties

As Homemakers we know we always have daily duties and just because it is Christmas we do not have the luxury of someone else doing our job for us while we go on a cruise!

So, my hope is that this post is timely for all of us so that Homemaking during Christmas and all throughout the year has the potential to bless us and those we make a home for. 

Take Time in Decorating and Enjoy The Process

Finding our Own Path for Mindful Homemaking

A full time Homemaker is a career that spans decades and one that you live 365 days a year.

There is no shutting the office door at five or weekends off, and of course not one single 2-week paid vacation.

So as I write this I really do hope that you and I continue to grow, explore and discover our own pathway of mindfully embracing homemaking.

Take Breaks and Laugh

Homemaking and Choregraphed Juggling

I would have to honestly say that there is a good bit of the time that homemaking tends to feel like a carefully choregraphed juggling act.

One in which the juggler is looking over one shoulder wondering if the roast was put in the oven or was the oven even turned on! Oh yes, I have done this, but I venture to say that I am the only who remembers! (Hopefully)

Or perhaps a favorite aromatic candle was left burning while there was an errand to run to the market, soccer practice, or to visit an ailing parent.

(Fortunately there wasn't a fire!)

Homemaking is sort of a love/hate relationship.

Remember The Season

Loving my People

So, my reply to the questions I receive on home making is this.

Homemaking continues to be my favorite role.

I truly approach this occupation as a blessing.

Now it does not mean that I love everything about the role.

But I do LOVE the people that I am caring for.

Organization and Affirmation Tools For The Holidays

I am blessed to be able to create a holistic, creative, welcoming, safe, and gentle environment for myself and family.

Combing this mindset with Two major Guiding Principles For Homemaking

Organization and Affirmation.

 While creating numerous subcategories enables me to achieve my home making goals. 

Now mind you there are a million pitfalls along the way! That is expected.

But it isn’t the pitfalls that will get you, it’s not getting back up and plodding along that will.

Guiding Principles For Homemaking: Organization and Affirmation


Homemaking Guiding Principle One- Organization

  • You must be organized, or life will get the best of you when you aren’t looking!
  • Run your home like it is your business and keep a schedule for your life and those you are responsible for.
  • Keep a calendar.
  • Maintain a laundry schedule.
  • Maintain a grocery shopping schedule and keep a running list of items you are running low on.
  • Keep a cleaning schedule. (I do a little bit every day)
  • Enlist the help of family members.
  • Keep your gas tank full.
  • Shop as early in the day as you can.
  • Order Christmas gifts now.
  • Wrap Presents when they arrive.

Wishing you the Blessings of the Season!

Homemaking Guiding Principle Two- Positive Affirmations

  • Think before you speak.
  • Really listen.
  • Sarcasm and put downs are not affirming.
  • Encouragement and understanding goes a long way.
  • Treat others like you would like to be treated.
  • Make your home a haven for those you love.
  • Take a walk, go for a jog when stressful situations arise.
  • Be proactive not reactive.
  • Hugs go a long way.
  • Smile.
  • Respect one another.
  • Set boundaries.
  • Fill your mind with positivity every day.
  • Create Lasting Holiday Traditions
May this first week in December be a blessing and joy to you and those you love!
Remember to tell your people that you love them everyday!💓


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  1. Great tips Jemma. I was very organized this year and got everything done before Thanksgiving. Now I can enjoy all the festivities and not feel like I have a whole lot of things still to do for Christmas. Very enjoyable. Happy Saturday. xoxo Kris

    1. Hi Kris,
      We got an early start here this year and it certainly made a wonderful difference.
      Organization really pays off. Have a blessed week!

  2. My beloved sister, you are so wise. In the midst of the preparations, the ideas, the celebrations, your list for the soul at the end is what it's all about. I think this list could be an all-year list of how to conduct oneself to make the new year better from January 1 to December 31, no matter what the year. OHHH Jemma, you are a treasure!

    1. Dearest Sister,
      What a joy to hear from you! Guiding principles for kindness in the home really do make a difference. Hopefully we can all be kind to those we love and strangers too!

  3. This is beautiful Jemma love that last line > Remember to tell your people that you love them everyday!

    We went to a parade last night first one in a long time since the kids left home. It was nice to see people having fun again. The streets were crowded, children dressed in red and green and little girls with fancy hair bows made me smile.

    It also brought back many neat memories. I kind of just took it all in.... Hope you have a Merry Christmas and you enjoy this amazing month that is filled with such goodness.

    Hugs, Carole

    1. Oh Dear Carole,
      What a joy to hear from you. Love this vivid description of folks embracing the blessings of the seasons. We sure do all need that kindness and love in our lives. Merry Christmas to you my friend!

  4. These are wonderful guiding principles, Jemma, each and every one. Most of them I've already incorporated but I've added a couple of good ideas to my own batch! I'm slow this year and finally gave myself permission that this was OK.

    1. Jeanie,
      That is exactly what this life is all about isn't it? Customizing our own lives to live well and true to ourselves. Slowing down is part of the journey and often times we see so much more when we do!

  5. Handy tips! I think less is more at this point for me! Festive simple decor, good food, good company & some gratitude & love make for an enjoyable season! Love you friend!

    1. Laura,
      Sounds to me like you know exactly where you are going on how to get there! Love it and love you!


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