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Jemma's Story

I am a life-long homemaker of 40 years and I learned from the best-my own Mom.

Baker, maker, gardener and mom to 4, step-mom to 4 and Grammy to 18. I am blessed!

I have been writing At Home with Jemma for eleven years.

You will find 600 + categorized articles on Recipes, Crafts, Homemaking, Gardening and Jemma's Tales.

Much has changed in our world, however being a homemaker has not.

Homemaking is where we are the worlds bakers, makers and growers of gardens, children, and love.

Homemaking Doesn’t Come with A Manual

Writing At Home with Jemma is a calling.

I remember writing my first post on my kitchen table and sending it out into the universe, just hoping someone would pick it up and you did and that is why I am still writing.

My goal for At Home with Jemma has always been for it to be a consistent resource for homemakers.

Homemaking does not come with a playbook; some things are a mystery until you’ve actually experienced them. We all know that homemaking is not a bed of roses, nor is raising a family.

I figure when we walk this journey together, we are stronger. I’ll share my tips and you share yours!

Homemaking Tells a Story

I believe that every recipe, every craft, each gardening adventure or homemaking experience tells a story of our lives.

You know, homemaking is so much more than a tale of how to do laundry, cook a meal or water a garden.

Homemaking is like a watercolor painting of our lives. Sometimes it really is a hot mess and sometimes it’s just so beautiful it can make you cry with tears of joy.

Homemaking is our keepsake to pass on to other generations.

Tried and True Recipes from Me to You!

I truly love to cook! I have been cooking since I was a youngster in my mom’s yellow kitchen.

I loved to experiment with recipes even as a youngster and I have been doing so since I was 12.

I began entering my food in 4-H contests and came home with many a blue ribbon.
  • Certified Wilton Cake Decorator 
  • Chili cook-off winner 
  • Winner of various cake contests 
  • Baker of a million cookies for all of my children, grands, school functions and girls scout activites. 

Do you need a real honest to goodness homemade meal? You are in the right place.

Jemma’s is a great resource! I have been cooking and developing my own recipes for 30 years.

Trust me, I have burned and undercooked chicken, tossed out lumpy gravy and even cooked a Turkey with the giblets in the cavity when I was a young cook.

I have lived and learned and I am passing on my no-nonsense know how to you!

Every recipe I share, I have made.

If it doesn’t meet the cut for me or mine, it’s not shared with you and that is a promise!

“You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces-just good food from fresh ingredients.”
~Julia Childs

America’s Crafting Grandma sharing Crafts with you.

  • Craft Workshops
  • Previous Etsy Shop
  • Kid Friendly Craft Projects
  • Wreath and Floral Design training
  • Girl Scout Leader
  • Sunday School Teacher
  • Special needs educator
I had the joy of being the Crafting Grandma on Making It Season 1 on NBC.

Boy was that an experience of a lifetime! I have never been on television and I have never competed in any sort of craft-a-thon and I was 60.

I just jumped head first into the entire process with all of my heart, soul and glue gun!

I flew to L.A. multiple times and got to spend time with Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman and let me just say they are the most genuine, awesome and huggable folks you’ll ever meet!

So, when I was challenged against talented and creative Makers all around the U.S. I squirmed, I delivered, I enjoyed and I was eliminated early on.

Wow! Great experience and great people. Definitely one of the highlights of my life.


  • Always Believe that something Wonderful is going to happen
  • It’ll all come out in the wash
  • Don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill
  • It’s water under the bridge