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Sweet and Simple Valentine Vignette

Today was a day that was illuminated by Texas blue skies, radiant sunbeams, and cherry 

red cardinals decorating gray and barren trees of Winter.

Life is good, life is sweet.

I just could not think of a better way to celebrate the blessings of this day than to begin

it with a brisk walk, then creating a sweet and simple Valentine Vignette.

For this sweet and simple valentine vignette I used vintage china and Valentines.

All of these Valentine's are from my family. 

Some of these Valentines date back to my Grandmother.

The little love notes written on the back of them make me smile.

Of course a bright and brilliant primrose is always a welcome guest.

Vintage Valentine postcards, and ribbon create a small banner to accent this Valentine Vignette.

Whimsical Wonder.

Simple joys unfurl their blossoms and create childlike delight.

    Finding wonderment in gentle light, velvet green petals and golden glow treasures.

Collections thoughtfully curated throughout the years, create a sweet and simple

Valentine Vignette for this year and more to come.

Thinking of you all and wishing you a beautiful weekend.


Please Join Me~

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5 Tips For Caring For Fresh Cut Tulips

Tulips are one of my very favorite flower and it just seems they have such a merry way
of brightening up spaces during these Winter months.

I especially love vibrant red tulips set against a neutral backdrop, and of course, they are perfect for Valentine's Day. 

However, if you are like me, you will have noticed that Tulips have an uncanny way of leaning, drooping, bending and actually becoming quite unbecoming!

I have tied them up, cut them down, leaned them against other flowers, all in an attempt to keep them from drooping.

Yet, they drooped...making me a very unhappy flower girl.

This past week, I found myself craving a bouquet of fresh cut tulips.

Before I purchased these tulips I did a little research on the topic of 
caring for fresh cut tulips, and gleaned some tips.

I tried these tips out and they worked!

I have had these tulips for a week and you can see they are standing up straight, seem quite happy and have retained their color.

Here are the 5 tips I used for caring for fresh cut tulips.

5 Tips For Caring For Fresh Cut Tulips

1. Place Tulips in a cool spot out of direct sunlight.

2. Use a narrow and cylinder shaped vase.

3. Give the stems a little room in the vase.

4. Use cold water to fill and refill the vase.

5. Fresh water is a must-freshen every 2-3 days.

Thank you for stopping by today, and I hope that you give these tips a try.

I really think the biggest take away would be, keeping tulips out of direct sunlight.


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DIY~ Spring Banner

Do you sew?

I do not sew.

However,  I do enjoy browsing through fabric shops, always hopeful that one day a pattern will make sense to me.

I really do not sew, I kept repeating those words over and over as I snipped, measured, and threaded my needle, to make a dear friend a Spring Banner for her Birthday.

I was just going to have to get it together, and as my Virgo friend Vera would say from
Row Homes and Cobblestones, but your foot to the pedal and sew.

So, sew I did.

Using this adorable, bright and beautiful Simply Eclectic Fabric Line, that I had picked up at Kari Annes' fabric launch party.

Along with some fabric that I had at home, I set to work to make this fun, colorful and wonderful DIY~ Spring Banner.

While sewing and watching a few precious little deer out of my window, I discovered something about this sewing business and me.

It is not so much the sewing that I do not like, truth be told I ended up really enjoying this project-the trouble lies in me processing the pattern.

I mentioned in my Fabric, Friends and sewing project post, sewing directions and I just don't see eye to eye.

So, I found a banner I liked on all people quilt magazine and studied it,  then I drew my version of it and made my own pattern.

Presto, a pattern, that made sense to my way of thinking.

Making my own pattern was a game changer because when I try to discern a pattern, my mind skids around like a car on a icy street.

Let me work from a visual and I do believe that I can do this sewing business.

If my Grandmother was able to sew on her singer, certainly I could sew on my electric machine.

Isn't this machine just priceless and beautiful...I have carried her to and fro for years and years. 
I will never, ever part with her.

So, you see, I can sew, which surprises me more than anyone.

In fact, I have more sewing projects just waiting in my craft room-whoo hoo!

Should you find this banner of interest I have included a list of materials I used below.

You are welcome to email me with any questions.

You could also click on the all people quilt link highlighted above and view their version of this banner and go from there.


Banner measures 19 X 24 inches


1.Pattern or visual
2.Cotton batting
3.Iron on backing for flowers, and watering can
4.1/2 yd of 4 assorted fabrics plus 1/4 yard of muslin
5.Stitch Witchery
6.Buttons, rickrack
7.Ribbon to hang banner
8.Sewing machine
9.Needle and thread
10. Scissors

I enjoyed sharing this project with you and I hope that it will inspire you to create something that brings joy to your life!


Please Join Me~

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DIY Spring Twig Planter

Hello my sweet friends, I sure hope that this week has been going well for you.
Mine has been a mixed up pot of sewing, projects, and meeting some lovely ladies for book club.
We are reading Reconstructing Amelia this month, have you read it?

Today I would like to share with you one of the easiest and sweetest DIY Spring projects that you could ever make.

Seriously, if you have about 45 minutes to spare, a few twigs, hot glue, succulents, moss and sweet rose buds you will have made a twig planter.

You can make this Spring planter while you drink a cup of coffee, tea, sparkling water or hot cocoa.


The largest commitment you will have in making this twig planter is a stroll through a park, or a hike in the hills to collect the twigs.


I know this DIY planter is too early to make for many of you, because you are covered in a blanket of snow.

So, if this project catches your eye, but the time is not right to make it, just Pin it!


So, you see I collect all sorts of things when I go for my walks, as well as take photos.

I share many of my photos on Instagram, because by now, you know me well enough to 

know that nature is always joyful to me.


As I walk I sort things out.

I pray, ponder, and when I return home my heart is healthier and so are my mind and soul.

My walks are a therapeutic journey for me, they loosen my joints and help sustain my well 


At Home With Jemma

I really do hope you give this project a whirl, it is a nifty thing to do, while we wait for Spring.

To make this DIY Spring twig planter you will need a few supplies.

1- 8 inch clear plastic pot and saucer (Lowes about $3.00)
or coffee can, coolwhip container...etc. 
Be sure to puncture hole in the bottom of container for drainage.

2- Hot glue gun and sticks.

3-Twigs-break or saw in length to cover up your choice of container.

4-Succulents (garden centers)

5-Rosebuds faux, dried, or silk.

6-Potting soil.

7-Spanish moss.

8- Ribbon (optional).
At Home With Jemma

Settle yourself into your favorite crafting nook, plug in your glue gun and glue away.

When all of the twigs are glued in place, add potting soil, succulents, rose buds and moss.

Optional-hot glue ribbon into place and water succulents.

A few years back I put together a very simple
Decorating With Moss Posts and Baby's Breath, another great option for Spring decorating.


Thank you for joining me and Happy Spring!


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Decorating Your Way-Good For The Soul

Sharing some thoughts and snippets of our home today.
I am not sharing to influence, tout or set as an example.
I am not a decorator-I am a simple woman who has been blessed with a forgiving and loving God, good family and supportive friends.
I am in one word thankful.
I am sharing thoughts and photos today, because it has taken me a very long time to realize that through the journey of life it is important to create an environment for ourselves that comforts, inspires, and soothes the weary soul.

Defining your own decorating style and discovering your sense of self, is therapeutic.
Just like the animals in the forest, "going home," is a safe and soothing feeling.

These nourishing elements which we have placed in our home will help our delicate souls to thrive.
Thriving souls are happy souls, surround yourself with gentle inspiration.

Living and life are a blessing, and you know,  it is not easy for any of us.
What you often see on the outside, is not what is happening on the inside.
Each one of has our battles, even if no one sees them.

How can we possibly grow without trials and tribulations?

Defining our own personal style will help to ground us in those moments and hours of personal storms.
We will find comfort in those treasures. whether it be a work of art, a book, a keepsake from a friend or family member.

We grow so much when we are forced to look within.
We should never fear this growth, even the hurts, because as we come out on the other side of the anguish, we will have grown so much stronger.
A better version of our former self, with so much clarity and inner strength.

There are many opportunities in life to surround ourselves with moments of comfort.
Some tangible, others not so much.
Please notice them and use them, they are good for our soul.

Allowing our creature comforts; our home, well worn bed, cozy sofa, special chair to surround us and calm the whirlwinds in our minds.
Many of our collections have taken a lifetime to acquire and they should be savoured.
It is not the immediate gratification, which brings us joy and beauty.

True joy, grace and beauty is found in those delicate, fleeting moments of cherishing, refining, thinking, writing, reading and meditating.
It is in these twilight moments that we have the gift of discovering who we really are.

You know,decorating a home is more than simply dashing to a store, and purchasing a picture or buying a pillow.

Decorating and creating a home is an art, an expression of love, it grows from the heart and blooms through our souls.

No matter our style, or our decorating passion, we should always embrace it, own it and live our lives with passion.

Decorate our own way, with gusto and joy!
Trends come, trends go, but what speaks to our soul lasts a lifetime.

Thank you so much for joining me today.

Please Join Me~

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Pretty Posies

Did you know that flowers always, always make me smile and make me forget my worries.
I come from a circle of flower loving peeps.
Our clan loves all flowers.
They can be roses, hydrangeas, asters, tulips.
We will even take a good looking dandelion.

Some bouquets last longer than others, and I just get so aggravated when some of the bouquet begins to fade and some does not.

You know how that goes, and when that happens the bouquet is just plain awful.
It seems that it would be easier if they would all fizzle out or give it their all.

Best way to handle a bouquet that is half alive and partly dried up is to discard the old and trim down the surviving flowers and make mini arrangements.

Somehow trimming those dwindling stems down and pulling off those old dead leaves seems to revive them and they get a bit of a second wind.

Fortunately I inherited many vases, because my Mom and her Mom always, always had flower gardens and those magical gardens were ever so prolific.

Blooms began in early Spring, beginning with tulips, daffodils, Lilacs and peonies.
We always had fresh flowers arranged in vases of all shapes, sizes and color throughout our cozy home. 

Naturally that way of life was passed down to me, and now I enjoy having several arrangements around our home too.

I am pretty frugal when it comes to spending money on flowers.
I look for those bouquets at the market that are marked down and I shop the 
budget section for my flowers.
Those groupings were you can get 3 bouquets for ten dollars.
Always buy the flowers that are still buds-they will last longer.

I also have a method to my madness.

All of these flowers that you see here today are going to make a natural Spring Wreath,
maybe even a Valentine Wreath, depending on how quickly they dry.

I wrote a little post awhile back on drying roses, it really is very simple and here is the link.

So, if my plans work as I hope they will, I will have enjoyed these flowers three different ways.

First as large bouquets, second as several smaller arrangements, and finally as a wreath.

A perfect way for me to continue living a life that is plain and simple.

Looking forward to sharing with you next week the finished projects from this week.
I should have something all sewn up and be in the middle of drying some flowers.
I hope to have an update on my bees for you too.

Stay safe and Soar like a majestic eagle in the blue sky.

You are all really the best!


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