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Our Kitchen-Heart of Our Homes

Homemaking | February 24, 2016
I truly believe that our kitchens are the heart of our homes. It is where the meals are cooked with love, it is where, as homemakers we wait...and wait  for those  that we love to "come home." The kitchen; a place where all of those special meals are prepared. Birthdays, holidays,  welcome  home meals, soothing hurt meals, loving you meals. The kitchen where so many dreams are discussed and therapy sessions take place. Our kitchen is not huge, but it is cozy, functional and symbolizes home to me. It is where we welcome the loves of our life and where I cook daily. Meals are prepared with time and care for my loving husband. My husband always appreciates the cooking I do, and although even now, my meals are  not  always  perfect, they are perfectly prepared with love. Our kitchen is not totally open concept, because you know, I grew up when a kitchen was a  kitchen  and a living room was a living room. I am all for whatever makes you feel comfortable in the design of your home

11 Safety Tips For Exercising Outdoors

exercise | February 23, 2016
Before we know it Winter will have passed and Spring will be resting on our door steps. As you know by now, Spring is sort of resting on my Texas doorstep already, and I am just  afraid we are  going to have an early and hot Spring. Anyway, one of my favorite methods of exercising are long walks outdoors. While I am  walking  I am often times thinking of topics that would be  interesting and  beneficial for you and I. On this particular walk, I was thinking of safety. The information which I am sharing today is applicable for any jogger, walker and someone  who is out for a morning  or e vening stroll. We are talking about safety that goes beyond  the sunscreen and water, it is about  keeping ourselves safe from  assaults. Assaults that we can prevent from being smart and educated women.                                                                             Via After doing some research I discovered that many assaults are never reported. So rather than depend on statistics to su

5 Tips for Growing A Garden #1

Garden | February 22, 2016
Before we moved to our little haven in the country we had a greenhouse and I wrote a bit about what I was growing in my greenhouse, various projects and tips on gardening. So, while I wait for my hubby to build a potting shed/greenhouse I thought I would share a bit about our "food," garden and the tales that will most certainly develop from working in the good earth. When we purchased this 2 acre property to build our French Country Texas home on, we were immediately smitten with the privacy, and possibilities of semi-country living and of course growing our own food garden. As my hubby and I venture into a lifestyle of living plain and simple  it is important to the two of us to grow our own vegetables and to be able to freeze or can them as well. Did you know that in North America there are 21 million plus individuals that are growing their own gardens? So while all of this is fresh in my mind, I want to share 5 Tips For Growing A Garden, with you. Fell free to chime in, o

Mini Cookies With Cream Cheese Filling

cookies | February 15, 2016
The cookies are ready and the coffee is too. I have a super easy recipe to share with you... I think these cookies might just be the ticket for a little party too. No mess, not too big, and cute. You know how sometimes you want to bake and sometimes you don't? So if you want to bake just a little, this is the recipe for you. Super easy mini cookies with cream cheese filling are cute as a button and not much bigger than on either. I will be in California this week visiting some sweet family, so I wanted to leave something yummy for my helpful hubby. Who could resist a little sweet indulgence in the morning with a cup of coffee or in the evening after dinner. I left him with this pretty bouquet of tulips too. Those  five tips for caring for tulips   which I  shared last week, really and do  truly work.  This is my third batch of tulips and they are still are staying strong. Ingredients For Mini Cookies With Cream Cheese Filling One package of refrigerated cookie dough (I used chocola

DIY Candy Jar

Diy | February 13, 2016
Happy Valentine's Day!   I sure hope that you are celebrating this day of love with those dearest to your heart. Just in case Valentine's Day has crept upon you and you need a quick little something to  give to  one of  the loves in your life here is a snappy DIY project. Choose the fabric and embellishments of your choice, and with  simplicity being  the key for  this project,  you will be able to have these decorated jars and lids finished in 30 minutes or  less. Items needed for this project~ 1. M&M's 2. Pint size mason jars 3. Ribbon, rick-rack, scrap fabric, buttons 4.Pinking shears 5.Hot glue gun Fill jars with candy. Cut fabric approximately into 6 x 6 inch squares with pinking shears, place fabric on top of jar. Place lids on jars. Hot glue ribbon or rickrack on metal ring. Hot glue buttons or any other embellishment on top of fabric and on jar. Presto, you have a DIY candy jar. These were some of the little treats that I tucked in those easy  DIY Valentine Bags

Valentine Vignette & A Birthday

Birthday | February 10, 2016
We celebrated our little Molly's third Birthday this past weekend, I cannot believe how fast  time goes by, and I think it goes by faster the older we become. Why is that? I remember being a child playing in the warm Idaho sunshine wondering at times why the  days were so long. Who would I play with , where could we go, and would I ever grow up. Do you recall those feelings too? Molly is my three old granddaughter and I spent precious moments with her and my  daughter this weekend in Edmond Oklahoma. One word for time spent with my Molly DELIGHTFUL!!! Sweet and simple felt heart wreath welcomes me into their home, along with a big hug, kisses and the best words in the world whispered in my ear. "I love you Mimi." My heart melts like a snowman on a sunny day. Three year olds are  much like a mixture of vanilla pudding mixed with cayenne pepper  served in a gloriously multifaceted  crystal bowl. Three year olds try their parents patience, but not a Mimi's. Mimi's

Decorating With Faux Flowers & Wreaths

Home Decor | February 09, 2016
If you have been reading this blog for awhile, I thank you! It is my joy and privilege to have you join me, truly, truly it is!! You might just know that I frequently write about flowers, and wreaths. You probably have guessed  that I am  crazy  over  family, reconstructing a simpler  lifestyle  and living with gratitude. So today, let's chat a little bit about flowers and wreaths. Decorating with  them  is an economical way to  add gentle charm, timeless elegance,  quaintness and makes  a home warm and  welcoming. Wreaths have changed so much throughout the years. At one time they were mostly found on front doors and usually it was an evergreen  wreath with a bright red velvet bow, welcoming in Christmas. Wreaths have evolved and now they are so much more than a decoration on the front  door  or a  seasonal thought. They "say," welcome no matter where they are placed. When you add flowers and a wreath to a room, it is a winning combination. The art