How to Style a Fall Harvest Tree

September 18, 2021

Greetings Friends and thank you for joining me in celebrating the harmony of  Harvest season here at Jemma's. Traditionally Harvest season truly is a time of celebration. 

Farmers work hard, they feed us! In fact from March until now a Farmers life is finally coming to a crescendo. With hopeful hearts and calloused hands the results of labor are robust crops and a hearty return.

Farmers rejoice in the harvest because it is finally time to bring the crops in. Luscious fields of grain turned to gold are harvested and brought into the silos and beautiful potatoes to the cellars.

Even though I am currently not in Idaho on Sunnydell Farms, I am embracing and celebrating the season of change with all of it's radiant glory in our Mississippi home. Today I share with you How to style a Fall Harvest Tree in honor of Farmers and Harvest across our America!


I have been using all of my go-to homemaking skills these days to make our home even more comforting, comfy and Fall infused.
In this journey of maturing my husband and I are mindful of creating a routine in our home, so we don't fall by the wayside of life.
He and I are both individuals who thrive on daily, weekly and monthly routines.
With the unpredictable aspects of life we are currently incorporating more music into our home, sustaining a regular work out regime and of course I grow, cook, craft, dream and decorate!
Once our daily tasks are done, candles are lit and our Fall Harvest Tree is plugged in. 


So while we brainstorm, I write and avidly and actively incorporate a Fall Harvest Tree into our Fall décor. Which by the way really isn't anything new. 

Folks have been incorporating Fall trees in to their décor for quiet some time.

Actually I was one of those folks who thought they were a trifle non-sensical and now look what has happened!

I am now a firm believer in the power of a Flocked Christmas Tree morphing into a Fall Harvest Tree!

Just remember to never say never!😏


We have to create our own magic and happiness.

You'll find me in the early morning hours with my festive pumpkin coffee mug, pumpkin coffee and my buffalo checked blanket tucked around me in my most cozy and favorite blue chair.

I'll be sitting as close as I can to my Fall Harvest Tree. 

Soothing...it is all about soothing the soul.


Decorating a Fall Harvest Tree for added Fall décor is quite simple and very inspiring!

Goodness knows we can all use a little extra joy, routine, and mindfulness in our lives- especially these days.

I now know that I love glow! 

I positively love the glow of warm lights, earthy tones, burlap ribbon and fall leaves tucked into a flocked Christmas Tree.

Truly it is a GOOD thing!


Fun Pumpkin Patch Tip-

For more pizzazz and a little extra enjoyment I created a pumpkin patch underneath our Fall Harvest Tree by placing oodles of pumpkins that I have collected throughout the years.
Just look at these beautiful handmade luxe velvet pumpkins from one of my all time favorite shops.


Supplies For Styling a Fall Harvest Tree


How To Style A Fall Harvest Tree

  • Set Up Christmas Tree in desired location. I like a slim Tree for this project.
  • Narrow Tree creates a subtle nod to Fall.
  • Fluff up limbs on Tree.
  • Tuck leaves into open spaces on Tree.
  • Add Pine Cones.
  • Next add floral picks
  • Using Burlap Ribbon as garland tuck and wrap it around the Tree.
  • Using Florist Wire,  Assorted Fall Leaves and Floral Picks make a Tree topper.
  • Attach Tree Topper to top of Tree using Florist Wire.


Thank you so much for sharing in the joy of the Harvest and styling a Fall Tree with me!
Happy Weekend!

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  1. Hi Jemma. I love your fall harvest tree. So beautiful. Have a great weekend. xoxo Kris

  2. I love your quote “It’s all about soothing the soul”! So true! Whatever brings you joy & peace is truly worth the time and effort! Beautifully written & beautifully decorated as always! I don’t have a harvest tree…. but I will never say never! Keep doing your thing, my friend. You do it so well! ❤️

  3. Good morning sweetest friend! I had NEVER thought about a fall tree! I am excited about this season; the air itself has changed in its perfume. I went out yesterday morning and it smelled of camphor, of pine and as I sat under my garden pavillion, I enjoyed the diffused light of a September morning and crisp kiss on my cheeks. I saw my breath issue out at every exhaled beat and it was so raw and gorgeous. But most of all, knowing that change, a good change is coming. Lovely golds and bronze tints make your holiday tree so special dear friend. HUGS and enjoy!

  4. What a delightful Autumn tree this is, Jemma. Love all the Fall colors, and the ribbon
    adds a special touch. I really like that orange pumpkin too! Your gold table with the
    glass top is gorgeous, and you can put so many festive goodies on there for the
    holidays. Your plaid throw looks cozy, and I've always loved the velvet pumpkins for
    this season. I hope you are having wonderful September days, Jemma.


  5. Wow Jemma, you really go all out for Fall; this is beautiful!

  6. I love all of the rich colors and textures for Fall. It's always fun to visit your blog for inspiration!


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