DIY Gallery Wall Tips

January 11, 2016
We have taken the big leap on creating, decorating and even putting holes in the new walls.
I feel as though I might have never taken the plunge if it hadn't been for my husband. 
Every day he would ask me,  "what are we going to do with all of those pictures and things in that bedroom?"
Every day I would say, "oh, decorating takes time dear, not sure."
I had been spared another day from making a decision on where to place pictures and things, because the weather had been so nice.
Hubby had been outside tinkering around on his new two acres.
But then the rain came pounding in, hubby came in and..decision time had arrived.

I had been avoiding on how I was going to handle this tall and wide wall in our great room.
We have two very nice large oil paintings, but they just did not seem right for this wall and 
truthfully are just not the direction I want this room to go in.
I want our new home to tell a story, right from the very beginning.

I also knew that in going forward with my living simple plan for 2016, I did not want to buy anything else to hang on this wall, not to mention I have always longed for a gallery wall.
A gallery wall is a wonderful way to make a personal statement about our homes.

So many of the things I have collected throughout the years have a neat little story behind them combined with a treasured memory-sort of a perfect combination for a theme for our wall. 
After all a gallery wall should be a representation of our tastes and history.

So as intimidated as I was by our family room wall and the prospects of creating a gallery wall, my helpful hubby and I used a Saturday afternoon to create one.

If you are interested in creating your own gallery wall here are the steps which we used.
I will tell you upfront we did not use a template.  
That would have driven me bonkers!
So, instead we let loose, turned on some music and went with the process, it actually ended up being fun.

We laid our design out on our floor, tweaked it, tweaked it again and again and took photos of it until we were satisfied.
Then we used our mirror as the anchor for the gallery wall, we measured our wall and the mirror and centered the mirror on the wall.

Ten Tips To Help You Create Your Own Gallery Wall

1-Research the Gallery Wall of your dreams and save them.

2-Vary the size and orientation of the Art.

3-Anchor gallery wall with at least one large piece.

4-The more eclectic the more salon feel.

5-Use two or three styles/colors of frames.

6-Have a consistent color palette. 

7-Use a level to insure art is straight.

8-Determine the amount of wall space you want to fill. 

9-Foolproof way for a successful gallery wall is using pieces that have a common thread.

10-Don't hang pieces too high or too low. 

Have a wonderful Monday and I will see you back on Wednesday where I will be sharing a little story on meeting a very sweet and talented blogger!


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  1. Very beautiful. Thanks and have a nice Monday.
    A lot of love... Dorothea :-)

  2. GOOD MORNING DEAREST!!!!!!! I love your description of how you got to this point. How fun for your husband to be out enjoying his two acres of land! TELL ME, will you be having animals, A HORSE???????teeeeheheeee

    THEN the man comes in, and like my husband, sets the ideas down on the table, and we must decide. I love that you put on music (that always soothes and inspires) and away you went....your tactics are brilliant. We have never done a gallery wall, but I like how you first laid out your objects on the floor first, then anchored the largest piece. Your wall looks gorgeous, and the colors of the pillows blend in so lovely with the pinks you pick up from the paintings....

    I hope that one day, I can SEE your home for myself. Who knows?

    1. Oh it was a process that I avoided as if it were the plague!
      Glad it is over and now I can enjoy the finished results and there is even room left over to add a piece or two later on.

      One never knows about life and I can actually see that happening!

  3. thank you! i need to try this in my office!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

    1. Ellen,
      Find your anchor piece and build from it, you may be pleasantly surprised on how your gallery wall unfolds!

  4. Your gallery wall turned out excellent. I bet you feel great about getting this done! I've only tried a gallery wall once and that was in my office. I like gallery walls as long as they aren't too big or busy. I hope to see more of your new home soon!

    1. Liz,
      Thank you, you expressed my concern as well. How to be creative, without being obnoxious or too busy.
      I appreciate your comment and I am open to suggestions as well!

  5. This looks like a magazine photo shoot! A++. I love it!

    1. Laura,
      Thank you so much, I have been very anxious over this wall and your kind comment is very soothing!

  6. Replies
    1. Good Morning Sheila!

      Thank you, I dreaded dealing with it and then poof it came together!
      I love, love using artifacts from around the house-they are the story of our lives!

  7. I love gallery walls... I have a mirror gallery wall in our master room and cannot love it any more... yours looks beautiful. It gives class to the room.


    1. Love is the perfect term for a gallery wall isn't it!!
      I am falling in love with mine more and more each hour of the day:)
      Thank you oodles!

  8. What beautiful photos! And thank you so much for the inspiration today!

    You are WONDERFUL!

    Happy day friend!

    1. Thank you dear Karianne!
      It was a little daunting assembling it together, but now I am settling in, to begin to enjoy it.

  9. Hi Jemma, love your gallery wall. Your post is an inspiration. I have done many a gallery wall in our homes. No walls to spare for this in my current home but I love the look and you did an amazing job with yours. Have fun decorating and the process in your new home. Blessings to you each day as you add your personality.

    1. Celestina,
      Thank you, knowing that you have a decorating background, just adds to my satisfaction that this gallery wall came together as it should!

  10. Jemma I adore gallery walls and you did a wonderful job here!! xo K

    1. Oh good, you know I had some sleepless nights over this wall-I was even thinking of all of my decorator friends and wondering what they would suggest!
      Thank you for the encouragement:)

  11. There's a big gulp once that nail goes in! You did a great job! (My challenge is that the hangers aren't always on the same spot of the frame and measuring isn't my strong suit!)

    1. Yes, Jeanie a big gulp once the nail goes in.
      No turning back except to hang or spackle the hole.
      This is where my helpful hubby saved the day.
      Just like you mentioned many times the hangers are askew.

  12. Looks great, Jemma!! You're braver than me....I've been in my house 9 months now and I am still trying to figure out where to hang stuff! I did take a plunge this weekend as well and did a mini-gallery in my hallway - and I love it!!

  13. Your wall looks great Jemma. Sometimes it take a little while to do things the way you want.
    Have a great week.

  14. I love it. It looks like you have a thing for birds. I do too.

  15. It looks really great! You are right that it takes time to gather the pieces and then to arrange them, but your results are well worth it! I think it is nice that you didn't just use pictures, but added other things too. xx

  16. That looks so pretty! It does take a lot of nerve to start making holes in the new walls. Once you start it can be a free for all though. :)

    I love your gallery wall and the inspiration. We have a wall in our house just waiting for one.

  17. Jemma, in our old home I had a gallery wall from when the kids played sports and did cheerleading. I just winged it, and surprisingly enough it looked pretty good. Your wall is interesting with many different prints on it. And how nice of your husband to help out. Now, he can go and romp around on all that land and do the things he loves.

    You both did a great job hanging the photos that mean so much to you. The horns are so cool.

    love, ~Sheri

  18. Gallery walls can be so very challenging, but you make it look easy! I so agree with you about the template. That would drive me over the edge too.

    You're really moving things along in your home at breakneck speed!

  19. Gallery walls can be so very challenging, but you make it look easy! I so agree with you about the template. That would drive me over the edge too.

    You're really moving things along in your home at breakneck speed!

  20. I love your gallery wall, Jemma...the collection is perfect! I have had intentions to do gallery walls in 4 areas of our home and haven't gotten a single one done yet. I think that by the time I finally complete one, the trend will be passé, haha.

  21. Jemma,
    Wow that's a big step, holes in pristine new walls! Your effort looks amazing and I will admit I've never done a gallery wall in our old row-home, but it's old and walls are plaster and not at all accommodating for many pictures. Our solution has been the gallery display that anchors in the end walls and allows art to be displayed on wire suspended by mono filament wire. A different choice and I gotta tell you in my dreams I see a wall with family photos and artwork displayed just as you have done.

    Congrats on giving your home grace and charm all within a short amount of time. Everything I've seen looks beautiful. BTW the pound cake??? OMGosh, my piece was ever so wonderful and I sent John to work with the rest so I will not be tempted to indulge it's in dreamy creamy taste.
    Your rock Jemma!

  22. Jemma, your gallery wall looks so beautiful! I would love to have a gallery wall, but I don't know if I can tame my OCD long enough to drive the first nail in the wall...LOL. I think they are wonderful and ever so interesting. Love and hugs to you sweet friend!

  23. Jemma it looks wonderful / so much fun to see you two 'nesting' in your new home :)

  24. Your wall looks amazing!!! Thanks for the tips. I've always felt very intimidated about creating a gallery wall. Seeing your beautiful wall has given me courage.;-)

  25. Hi Jemma,
    I wanted to come by and view this on a larger screen. You have done a wonderful job on this gallery wall....I just love the assortment of photos, pictures, artwork that you have used. I have wanted to do one for a long time but am terrified about all the holes that would need to be made in the walls.

    Can't wait to see what else you do in your beautiful home!!!

  26. I love your gallery wall...turned out beautiful. I've done the same thing as you in the past with gallery walls, where I lay the items out on the floor first. Thanks for all the tips!

  27. Very pretty, pictures seem to make a home come alive.

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  28. I love gallery walls and yours is fabulous. Great tips. xo Laura

  29. Not anything I'll be doing, but I so enjoyed your post. It looks great and I know others will be thankful for your well thought out information. It must be fun to start all over with a new home.

  30. I have always loved gallery walls and yours came out great! I have a small one in the living room of generations of women in my family. There is one vintage picture of my husband also, the only one of him left from his childhood. Great tips on creating one!

  31. It's wonderful. I love all your botanical prints. Y'all did a great job.

  32. Oh the nails in the wall...I totally understand the trepidation! You did a wonderful job, there really is no better way to showcase a beloved personal collection and I think that your tips are spot on.

  33. The gallery wall looks great Jemma! I've been thinking of this too, but we don't have a very big area left free in our house anymore. I love the botanical theme, and the antlers add a nice touch of interest. You and your husband did a great job ... and I love that rustic floor ;)

  34. Love how your gallery wall turned out, looks fantastic! Great tips too!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  35. Your gallery is simply fabulous! Love the pretty pieces you paired together! And thanks for sharing the great tips on creating a gallery wall! :) ~Rhonda

  36. Oh, bless your heart, Jemma! I bet it was difficult to put that first nail in those new and pristine walls, but the end result is beautiful. Flying by the seat of my pants is typically how I go about doing a gallery wall, but I have one planned that needs to be on a grid system, so I will be calling (begging) for assistance from my dear, sweet, retired engineer hubby! I just love the versatility of gallery walls! Thanks for sharing!

    Warm hugs,

  37. Your wall looks great! It's so wonderful you were able to incorporate so many of your treasures on the wall. I know it makes you happy to see it!


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