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10 Quotes To Soothe Your Soul

Our Family has had a really rough couple of weeks, and I found myself talking to myself
(more than usual.) 
I was talking to myself, and my plants while watering them. 
I was talking to myself, while I was driving down the highway, folding clothes, walking,
In the grocery store, and while I was in our apartment-
so loud that my husband called out to me
"Are you talking to yourself again?"

That's when I knew that my soul needed some soothing.

I just know that you all know what it feels like to have worry get such a grip on your soul that your stomach is in knots, your heart is hurting, and your nerves are shattered.
You walk through life in sort of a daze, hours come and go, the sun rises, then sets, and you look back on your day and wonder what on earth you accomplished...besides worry.

There are very few people in this big old world that can bring me to my knees with worry, and angst.
In fact, the only people in the entire world that can really do that to me are my kids.
Kids can hurt, and worry a Mom like no other.

As Mom's we have cared for our children since conception, and that nurturing, devotion and caring never ever lessens.
It does not matter if we are 90 and our children are 70-in our hearts they will be our child.

In a matter of two weeks I had 2 children that were hurt, and when your kids hurt, you hurt.
No Mom will ever let you argue that point.

In fact a friend of mine said this to me.

"A mother can only be as happy as her saddest child."
~Donna Deyo

I had two hurt, and sad children, so there was not a whole lot of happy going on in this heart of mine.

My soul needed some desperate soothing and fast. 
So, along with prayer, I relied on these 10 quotes which helped to soothe my soul.
Reset my mind, steer me away from the obsessive worrying

Worry is a bad thing, and really we all know, not one ounce of good comes from doing it.

You see, my son had been in a boating accident while doing research for Texas A&M.
He suffered a large, deep wound which required transportation via an ambulance and staples.  As of this past week he is healing well.

My middle daughter who was 9 months pregnant was broadsided by a vehicle, the airbag 
deployed, and hit her stomach causing issues to the placenta, and an emergency c-section.

Amanda has presented our family with a darling 8 pound baby girl.
Both Mother and baby girl are doing well.

So through the ebbing and flowing of life, the turbulent, then calming waters.

I found 10 quotes that soothed, cooled, and calmed my fractured soul.

I have always found that when I see something in print, the words become embedded in
my mind, and I am able to recall the image and meaning.
Everyone has different things that work for them,
but for me seeing is often times believing.

I will be leaving for California today to be with my daughter, and her family to help them transition into having another blessing to love and nurture.

I have several posts ready to publish throughout the week, so stop by and say Hi!


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2 Simple Saturday Crafts

If you are like me, or you just like to have a little project on the back burner,
I have two Simple Saturday Crafts to share today. 
Simple materials, inexpensive and easy peasy.

I made these decoupage pumpkins a couple of years ago, and they were super easy 
and fun.
You know you can use all types of materials, book pages, music pages, wrapping paper, let your imagination be your guide.
Here is the link to the post if you would like an overview, Decoupage Pumpkins.

How creative is this paper plate holder all decorated up for Fall and looking like a cute, cute pumpkin.
I pinned this to my Pumpkins And Such Pinterest Board, where you will find 396 pins devoted to pumpkins and such-who-hoo!
Just click on this LINK for the tutorial on how to make this adorable and easy peasy project.

I had the best time this past week joining in with 27 Bloggers for the 2015 Fall Tour.
I enjoyed the inspiration from each of these ladies and the genuine fellowship that bloggers are synonymous with. 
Wanted to say thank you to Brenda, for her organization and kindness.

In fact, I saw this on Facebook this morning, and wanted to share it, because it sums the week up so very well.


Enjoy your weekend my dears!


Autumn Retreat Home Tour

I was delighted when Brenda from Cozy Little House invited me to join 28 bloggers for a Fall home tour. Initially I was not certain if I would have much to share as we are presently in between homes.
We are currently living in our third story apartment while our French Country Home is being built. Most of our household goods are in storage, and that has been odd in itself.

But along the journey of creating an Autumn retreat I have discovered something about myself~

Wherever or whatever my home might be - I know that I will be decorating!

So please come on in to our Autumn Retreat.
I have made this Autumn wreath for our front door to welcome you.
This wreath is a repurposed wreath, I make many wreaths and if I can find a way to reuse them I will. Saving a penny here and there is a good thing.

For this wreath I used more subdued Fall tones, with just a pop of color.
Tradition speaks to me when I decorate for the seasons, and even though I enjoy the more gentle tones, I could never ever give up entirely on a adding a whisper of orange.  

In our previous home we had a family, and formal living room.
We felt that for our apartment we would need just a few pieces from our family room.
Naturally, I just had to pick up a few accessories along the
My daughter Samantha from Crafty Texas Girls joined me in my search for a luxe throw, 
and a few accent pillows. Love, love Pier 1. 
Love a pillow cover with a zipper too.

You know how it is when you pack, you think you've packed everything that you will need.
Only to discover that you didn't pack the lamp shades that go with the lamps..hum..
Make do shade...

Our apartment is very neutral, so by adding a few accent pieces it enriches our space, and makes it feel more like home - not quite so generic.

I enjoy the earthy essence that a few bundles of wheat bring to a Fall vignette.
I always incorporate wheat into my Fall decor. whether it is a centerpiece on our dining room
table or baskets on the kitchen island.

I found these rustic, wobbly, metal pots at a little eclectic shop, filled them with acorns that I found on my morning walk, then tucked in these mini pumpkins.

I have missed many things from our home that are now packed away. 
The china that was my Mother's, keepsakes from the children, my books, and my Art.
These items infuse our home with warmth, memories, and style.

I have collected Art for years, in fact we had an artist rent out the old homestead in the Summers to paint the landscape along the rivers edge.
Many of my pieces are of the mountains and the trips which I have taken, so they are very meaningful to me.

My walls are so bare without my art, the husband was very adamant about not having any holes in the walls.
They are naked and stark and beg to host a frame or two.

So, I console myself that soon we will be in our new home...soon...

Adding color where I can, was just one of the many reasons I was so impatient for Fall to arrive.
A golden velvet pumpkin here, a few rosy red apples there aw... the vibrancy, the color.
The texture, design and interest.

I enjoy all the colors of Fall from whites to browns, and of course my know I
love my orange.  
I suppose I love orange because of my childhood-I grew up near the Rocky Mountains in the Upper Snake River Valley, where we had the most glorious, vibrant deep oranges, reds and yellows all along the river bank...sweet memories.

Incorporating White into Fall has really grown on me. 
 I am enjoying all of the possibilities, oh those wonderful clean, no fuss lines.

Then pairing those neutrals with color.

Thank you for joining me today, I enjoyed sharing our Autumn Apartment Retreat with you.

Next year, we will sit on our back porch, watch an armadillo mozy on by or maybe we will even see a deer or two.

But this year we did a Home Tour Apartment style, and I found out some things along the way.

Home is where the heart is.

Your next hostess is Love Of Home.


Please Join Me~

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3 Custom Pumpkins

It is pumpkin season, I am seeing them everywhere now.
Garden centers, the market, and some of my very special blogging friends are getting
their pumpkin on too.

Sharing three talented artists and how they work their creative magic with the pumpkin.

Linda creates these rustic yet elegant pumpkins from various fabrics and notions.

Linda offers various fabrics as well as custom designs.
You can find Linda creating in her Etsy Shop Eastern Avenue Designs shop
or on her blog My Sew What Blog.

Karolyn is the design stylist behind the scenes of the The Relished Roost.  
She and Suzanne Patyk took over Town & Country Interiors LLC in 2008.

Karolyn is also a former mural artist, and has hand painted these gorgeous
Chinoiserie Pumpkins .  
Karolyn enjoys painting and will offer custom choices in these pumpkin designs, if time permits.

Celestina has her Etsy Shop Celestina Maria Design, and right now she has her pumpkin
patch filled with a variety of pumpkins.
This is a perfect way to add a little shabby treasure to your Fall decorating.

When Celestina is not crafting and creating she can be found at her lovely blog
Southern Day Dreams.

I hope you can drop by and say Hi to these lovely ladies!

I hope you are all enjoying the Blogger Fall Tour as much as I am.
See you back tomorrow where I will be sharing our Autumn Apartment Retreat.

Please Join Me~


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Four Easy Ways To Add Orange To Your Home

I found some photos of our previous home, it was good to visit her again.
We had just completed some of our remodel back in 2013, and I was beginning to decorate for Fall.  As you will see I was crazy over adding more of the traditional colors associated with the season.  Our gray walls, white trim and rich hardwood floors were a perfect canvas for seasoning our home with Orange.

Orange can also be referred to as tangerine, nectarine, bittersweet, titan.
Maybe even ocherous.
But at the end of the day, I suppose it is still orange.

If you are a fan of orange here are Four easy ways to add orange to your home for this most lovely time of the year.

Tip One-
Add orange pumpkins, with so many varieties and colors to choose from now, it seems like 
orange is at the bottom of the list.  Orange pumpkins add just a nice pop of color.

Tip Two-

Toss in a few burnt orange pillows-a more subdued tone on the sofa adds charm and not
overpowering color.

Tip Three-

Add Pip Berries to a grapevine wreath, centerpiece, napkin ring or candle ring.
I added a few orange and white pip berries to this rustic twig tree.

Tip Four-

Incorporate Art that has an orange theme.

I am crazy for orange, it is true. 
For me orange exudes, warmth, welcoming, comfort, coziness and a true symbol that Summer has given way to wonderful, colorful, vibrant, glorious Fall. 

I loved sharing my "old," home with you today, it was good for me to see her again.


Please Join Me~

Love Of Home

French Country Cottage

Daily Cup Of Mrs. Olson

Cedarhill Farmhouse

An Extraordinary Day

Rustic and Refined


Announcing Fall Home Tour

There is going to be an amazing Fall Home Tour this week, there will be 28 blogs to visit,
in four days. So, you might need a few cups of coffee and nimble fingers.

I am so excited to participate, even if I am living in between homes.

So there will be a little peek into our apartment...where I will share some tips on turning small spaces into fabulous

So far I have one pumpkin, three pine cones and a group of acorns...

And a vision.

I am thinking assorted pumpkins, terra - cotta, boxwood, candles and mums.

Just maybe a rogue scarecrow, wreath and a candle.

Let's see how I can turn this apartment into an Autumn retreat.

Tour begins on Tuesday September 15th, hope you can join us!

Have a super weekend!


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Ten Tips For Staying Positive

Staying positive can often times be as challenging as searching for Rainbows, especially when there hasn't been any rain.
Just try and remember this quote-it sums it all up pretty well.

 "You'll never find A Rainbow if you are looking down."
~Charlie Chaplin.

Well, when life throws us curve balls, and it always does-trust me I know this.
Having an arsenal of tools, helps to navigate those treacherous seas.

Way back when, in my youth, I found that I could stay positive by hiding my head in the sand.  My family and I were masters at this technique, we skirted around the difficult stuff, and when it got too difficult we ducked and hid. 
Really confronting so much of the tough stuff was just too painful. 
My Dad suffered with rheumatoid arthritis all of his hard working life, and my sister, Sandra, coped with epilepsy. 

I actually think we did very well handling the medical issues that were presented to us.
We all stayed relatively positive, laughed,and enjoyed life, but naturally in the back of our minds was the tough stuff.
It was when the tough stuff got too big to handle we went to our tried, and true method of surviving and you know what that was.

I have prayed, and buried my head in the sand much of the time throughout my life.
I have laughed when I felt like sobbing, smiled when I felt like cracking, and stumbled along
through the loss of my sister, parents, divorce and cancer.  

But I have also acquired some tools for my tool belt of life, that helped me along the way.

1- Don't deny what makes you uncomfortable-accept it and find solutions.

2- Confront the voice within you and stop replaying painful events.

3- Don't let the past steal your present.

4- Drop the negativity and challenge those negative thoughts.

    (View them as a training session that is going to empower you.)

5- Remember we always have a choice.

6- Repeat positive affirmations throughout the day.

7- Smile-really as simple as that sounds, it truly helps.

8- Make home a positive retreat. 

9- Prayer, it always helps me.

10-Please remember this-

 Even though social media makes everything appear Perfect. 

 It is Not.  Life is not perfect for any of us.

Wishing you, my friends a positive Thursday!


Please Join Me~

Nathasha In Oz

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