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10 Quotes To Soothe Your Soul

Family | September 21, 2015
Our Family has had a really rough couple of weeks, and I found myself talking to myself (more than usual.)  I was talking to myself, and my plants while watering them.  I was talking to myself, while I was driving down the highway, folding clothes, walking, In the grocery store,  and while I was in our apartment- so loud that my husband called out to me "Are you talking to yourself again?" That's when I knew that my soul needed some soothing. I just know that you all know what it feels like to have worry get such a grip on your soul that your stomach is in knots, your heart is hurting, and your nerves are shattered. You walk through life in sort of a daze, hours come and go, the sun rises, then sets, and you look back on your day and wonder what on earth you accomplished...besides worry. There are very few people in this big old world that can bring me to my knees with worry, and angst. In fact, the only people in the entire world that can really do that to me are my kids

2 Simple Saturday Crafts

Autumn | September 19, 2015
If you are like me, or you just like to have a little project on the back burner, I have two Simple Saturday Crafts to share today.  Simple materials, inexpensive and easy peasy. I made these decoupage pumpkins a couple of years ago, and they were super easy  and fun. You know you can use all types of materials, book pages, music pages, wrapping paper, let your imagination be your guide. Here is the link to the post if you would like an overview,  Decoupage Pumpkins . How creative is this paper plate holder all decorated up for Fall and looking like a cute, cute pumpkin. I pinned this to my  Pumpkins And Such  Pinterest Board, where you will find 396 pins devoted to pumpkins and such-who-hoo! Just click on this  LINK  for the tutorial on how to make this adorable and easy peasy project. I had the best time this past week joining in with 27 Bloggers for the 2015 Fall Tour. I enjoyed the inspiration from each of these ladies and the genuine fellowship that bloggers are synonymous with. 

Autumn Retreat Home Tour

Fall | September 17, 2015
I was delighted when Brenda from Cozy Little House  invited me to join 28 bloggers for a Fall home tour. Initially I was not  certain if I would have much to share as we  are presently in between homes. We are currently living in our third story apartment  while our French Country Home is being built.  Most of our household goods are in storage, and that has been odd in itself. But along the journey of creating an Autumn retreat  I have discovered something about myself~ Wherever or whatever my home might be - I know that  I will be decorating! So please come on in to our Autumn Retreat. I have made this Autumn wreath for our front door to welcome you. This wreath is a repurposed wreath , I make many wreaths and if I can find a way to reuse them  I will. Saving a penny here and there is a good thing. For this wreath I used more subdued Fall tones, with just a pop of color. Tradition speaks to me when I decorate for the seasons, and even though I enjoy the more gentle tones, I could nev

3 Custom Pumpkins

Autumn | September 16, 2015
It is pumpkin season, I am seeing them everywhere now. Garden centers, the market, and some of my very special blogging friends are getting their pumpkin on too. Sharing three talented artists and how they work their creative magic with the pumpkin. Linda creates these rustic yet elegant pumpkins from various fabrics and notions. Linda offers various fabrics as well as custom designs. You can find Linda creating in her  Etsy Shop Eastern Avenue Designs   shop or on her blog  My Sew What Blog . Karolyn is the design stylist behind the scenes of the  The Relished Roost .   She and Suzanne Patyk took over Town & Country Interiors LLC in 2008. Karolyn is also a former mural artist, and has hand painted these gorgeous Chinoiserie Pumpkins .   Karolyn enjoys painting and will offer custom choices in these pumpkin designs, if time permits. Celestina has her  Etsy Shop Celestina Maria Design , and right now she has her pumpkin patch filled with a variety of pumpkins. This is a perfect way

Four Easy Ways To Add Orange To Your Home

Decorating | September 14, 2015
I found some photos of our previous home, it was good to visit her again. We had just completed some of our remodel back in 2013, and I was beginning to decorate for Fall.  As you will see I was crazy over adding more of the traditional colors associated with the season.  Our gray walls, white trim and rich hardwood floors were a perfect canvas for seasoning our home with Orange. Orange can also be referred to as tangerine, nectarine, bittersweet, titan. Maybe even ocherous. But at the end of the day, I suppose it is still orange. If you are a fan of orange here are Four easy ways to add orange to your home for this most lovely time of the year. Tip One- Add orange pumpkins, with so many varieties and colors to choose from now, it seems like  orange is at the bottom of the list.  Orange pumpkins add just a nice pop of color. Tip Two- Toss in a few burnt orange pillows-a more subdued tone on the sofa adds charm and not overpowering color. Tip Three- Add Pip Berries to a grapevine wrea

Ten Tips For Staying Positive

Featured | September 10, 2015
Staying positive can often times be as challenging as searching for Rainbows, especially when there hasn't been any rain. Just try and remember this quote-it sums it all up pretty well.  "You'll never find A Rainbow if you are looking down." ~Charlie Chaplin. Well, when life throws us curve balls, and it always does-trust me I know this. Having an arsenal of tools, helps to navigate those treacherous seas. Way back when, in my youth, I found that I could stay positive by hiding my head in the sand.  My family and I were masters at this technique, we skirted around the difficult stuff, and when it got too difficult we ducked and hid.  Really confronting so much of the tough stuff was just too painful.  My Dad suffered with rheumatoid arthritis all of his hard working life, and my sister, Sandra, coped with epilepsy.  I actually think we did very well handling the medical issues that were presented to us. We all stayed relatively positive, laughed,and enjoyed life, but 

Three Tips For Building A New Home

builder | September 07, 2015
As most of you know m y husband, and I are preparing for retirement within the next few years, and we have several goals on our list before we do. First was to sell our home in the suburbs and move - but not too far, because of our family.  Second was to move  where we had some open spaces and countryside. After a couple of years of searching around the Dallas area we found the quaint town of Rockwall Texas. Rockwall  has some lovely open spaces, although with the rate of growth in the Dallas Fort Worth Metro area, I am sure that these open spaces will dwindle.  However we did find two acres of land that has plenty of Oak Trees, and backs up to a creek and Nature Preserve.  We have deer, coyote and bobcats that roam about so hopefully we have insulated ourselves from progress as best as we could. We sold our home in Southlake Texas in May, and have been living in an apartment since then, while our one story French Country Farmhouse style home is being built.   Before we began this proj