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Recent Happenings On Sunnydell Flower Farm

Gardening Tales | January 26, 2021
Friends, today I am sending you a big thank you and a virtual bouquet for the uplifting words of encouragement and enthusiasm on my most recent post. Sunflowers!

Sunnydell Flower Farm/Introduction

Gardening Tales | January 08, 2021
  Sunnydell Flower Farm/ Introduction How a Flower Farm comes to life.  Growing up, I spent all Spring, Summer and Fall tagging along behind my Mother and Father as the two of them worked their 100 acres of fertile soil. We lived in Madison County, a region in Southeastern Idaho which just happens to have some of the best farmland around.  These farming days were blissful and at the same time filled with an incredible energy that each season of farming would bring to Momsy and Dad and the farm they loved so much. Summer months were some of the most crucial months and as Momsy and Dad worked the fields,while my imaginary friend (Janie) and I would play along the cattail lined sloughs, skipping rocks or building rafts. There were times that I just could not enjoy my imaginary play as much as I’d like to because I’d be wondering when I would be called to come and help out. Oh, I liked to help out, especially when it was riding with Dad on the Tractor, but other times helping out was pulli