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Fashion Friday-Nail Love

Fashion | May 30, 2013
When you have a Fashion Tip like this one, it just has to be shared-this is one gals fashion tip to another. No  reimbursement  or advertisement, just pure facts! So, would you like to know a little secret about how to have  a  set of pretty nails, without the expense, the fills, the  drill,the damage,  the time it takes? You see, it has always been important to me to have well groomed nails. Because I have thin nails, no matter how much milk I drink, calcium supplements I take- they remain thin. When I was a young woman the trick to long, sturdy nails  was to drink Knox gelatin mixed with water -  nasty tasting  stuff!   So I tried, I tried all of these  home and scientifically  proven   remedies and still my nails  were ridiculously thin. This how I became a fan of acrylic and gel nails... So, twice a month I have faithfully marched into a nail spa to have a fill, color change or new set of nails put on.  I  know all of the controversy and health hazards.  But truly I  didn't car

Inspirational Thursday- Sunshine Yellow

Decorating | May 29, 2013
I have always been a fan of yellow.  In recent years I have moved  away from using much of this warm, welcoming color to our home  and I am missing the cheer it brings to any room. So, I am wondering just what is the best way to bring this delightful color back into our home? Should I paint one of my chest of drawers yellow? Or should I recover an old wing back chair with a friendly yellow fabric? Should yellow be on my walls, A lamp, A throw... So, what do you think?  How should I begin to bring yellow back into our home? The Brambleberry Cottage

Painted Pots and Succulents DIY

Diy | May 28, 2013
      This is just a fun little Do-It-Yourself Project.  I had two plastic pots, acrylic paint, leftover daisies,  soil, sphagnum moss and two cute succulents.  What to do, what to do? Some easy little step by step instructions- Perhaps it appears that I am a bit  crazy  over sunflowers and daisies.   Well I think I am- and this is why! They are sunshine yellow,  and doesn't that lift just about  everyone's  spirit?  Two, they  look happy, who can resist those  dainty layered petals? Three, Daisies, symbolize innocence and gentleness. So, I  decided to spruce up some pots with some paint and  cheerful daisies.  Just add soil, succulents and fresh air. There are so many varieties of succulents and as you know they are becoming increasingly popular.  I chose these two based on their  color and interesting natures.   For my red pot I chose Cremnosedum Crocodile.   This is such a beautiful succulent. The leaves on this succulent  have rose  contrasting a ntique like  colors.  I fel

Memorial Day- World War II Remembrance

Family | May 26, 2013
I am sharing with you my gratitude for the men and  women and their families who have given their service and  support in the  Armed Forces. Today I find myself remembering the stories my Dad and Aunt would share of their experiences of being a soldier and nurse during World War II.  Dad was in the infantry  and  Aunt Madge  was a nurse stationed on the tiny  Island of Guam.  Both of  these dear people came home safely and lived full and  abundant lives after the War.  However their stories of passion for our country resonate in my heart and soul.   Dad received his basic training in California - then was  deployed.  He traveled to his duty station on  a ship, over the rough Pacific Ocean, it took many weeks, which  to him- seemed like it took forever,  so  many of the men became  seasick .  Aunt Madge shared  stories of service people getting  Island Fever. ( a term used for  being "stuck," on a rock and  longing to get off of it.) The   Island of Guam is very small.  (Guam

Inspirational Thursday-Prayers For Oklahoma

Inspiration | May 23, 2013
My thoughts, my prayers, my heart are with those who have been impacted by the recent Tornado in Moore Oklahoma. Sharing with you an Irish Blessing... May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, The rain fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, May GOD hold you In the palm of His hand.

Fairy Gardens For Kids-DIY

Children | May 21, 2013
Two weekends ago Gramps and I had Maisy and Afton for the weekend.  I believe in having crafts and worthwhile activities  planned for the  youngsters.  This craft is perfect for little hands and exuberant hearts... I knew that when the girls came over I wanted to have a  magical craft ready for them to do.  Maisy is three and Afton is seven, so it was important to have a craft that they would both enjoy and find interesting. I made a trip to Michael's and the Dollar Store for the  supplies.  To make this project I used: 1. Three small bottles of acrylic paint 2. Two bird houses 3. Two floral chargers 4. Two packages of colored glass stones 5. Paint brushes 6. Decorative birds 7. Decorative moss/succulents 8. Ladybugs My goal was for the girls to make a craft that they could also use for play. By using colored glass stones instead of dirt they were able to rearrange their gardens over and over.  They traded their birds, moss and succulents and even bird houses without any fuss or me

Inspirational Thursday-Rose Garden and A Daughter

Gardening | May 15, 2013
Last week at this time I was writing a tribute to my Mother.  The incredible lady with a passion for gardening and a green  thumb to match.   As you  know, she loved her  gorgeous rose  garden.  I too,  love  to  grow  just about  everything that  blooms, including roses. When I got home from work yesterday, a package was waiting for me, from  Jackson & Perkins.   My Mother's  gold standard for roses. The package was from  Amanda, Preston and Wyatt.  They   sent me this potted Lady Bird Hybrid-Tea Rose , for Mother's  Day.   This elegant Hybrid-Tea rose, was personally chosen by  Lady Bird Johnson (former first lady) for it's large petaled  flowers, vibrant color, wonderful scent and energetic color. You know, I am so tickled with this  loving and thoughtful gift.                                     Source Oh, I will love, nurture and care for this rose always. But what means everything to me, is that Amanda took the time to care. And isn't that what we all are loo

From Drab to Fab-A Patio Makeover

Decorating | May 14, 2013
You too can change your patio from drab to  fab with some of these eye-catching colors  and decorating tips. Samantha, Afton, Maisy and I recently  took  a weekend trip to visit Josh, Rebecca and  Molly in their new home. Josh, Rebecca and Molly just moved from  Louisiana to Oklahoma and are in the process of decorating their home and patio.  They  are a young couple just starting out in the world.  Brings back so memories of how it  feels to be so young, anticipating all  the joys and wonders of adulthood, marriage,  careers and a very young baby. I love this table transformation, this young couple did this with spray paint. Rebecca is a natural homemaker and has  always had an eye for what is trendy.  She  has incorporated a vibrant color palette    colorful pots, blooming  plants and  succulents into her decor. By painting her patio table and chairs,  mixing floral throw pillows with a stripe  patio swing she has completely transformed  her outdoor living space from mundane to  invi

Summer Sunflower Grapevine Wreath

Diy | May 14, 2013
This is Month Two of My Wreath Makeover Series. I am continuing my mission to use the many wreaths which I already  have and update them. At one time this was a very pretty wreath, it has lost  it's appeal and color. Florist clippers are a must for the individual who enjoys making crafts.  This little tool cut off all of  those  ugly old berries. I did this painting in the garage as it was a windy day.   Take care when painting with spray paint-cover up  to protect what you don't want painted. Step by step this wreath is improved, with craft products that I already had. As you can see, it was important to maintain  continuity.  I used the blue burlap mesh from the  wreath on the front door for my bow on the burlap  wreath.  Keeping with yellow, I added sunflowers on  the grapevine wreath. Next step-yellow fabric for some snazzy pillows on my  bench!   Should I use solid or print fabric? Elizabeth & Co. Common Ground Cozy Little House Savvy Southern Style

Fashion Friday- Mother's Day

Fashion | May 09, 2013
Mother's Day is one or even the most celebrated  Holiday of the year.  So, it seems very fitting to dress for the occasion. Such a perfect day to feel and look your very best! How do you celebrate Mother's Day?  Do you dress up? Do you dress for comfort? Whatever you do, wherever you go, have fun with Fashion! Wishing you a day filled with love and pampering! Please let me know what interests you-what would you like to see on Fashion Friday?  

Inspirational Thursday-Journey Of A Woman

Inspiration | May 08, 2013
I remember the energy, electricity and glee of being a  young woman. Embracing the beauty of my youth, my longing, my dreams, my destiny! Oh, what would be next, who would I be, what road would I travel... That was long ago and yet, in the midst of fifty something I am  at a turn of who will I be...  I have felt a bit uneasy, confused, wondering and perplexed.  After all I am a Mother of 4 and a Grandmother of five.  Shouldn't I be thinking of a rocking chair?           From the book-"Mothers" But to my amazement, I recently discovered, after visiting with  friends that they too were experiencing these feelings.  Some of  them wanted to join the Peace Corps, others wanted to live in  Pairs, some chose to leave their home of 30 years for a  "different," way of life.  And one of the most resonating themes  were that they were excited!   From the Book- "Mothers" And perhaps this is why-this is our "last hurrah."   Oh we are not ready for the bon