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Leaving on a Jet Plane

Do you remember those lyrics "leaving on a jet plane..."  Written by John Denver in 1966 and recorded by Peter Paul and Mary. A little music Trivia about this recording- It wasn't until this trio released  it, that it became a hit in 1969. I guess this popped into my head because the Gramps and I will be  leaving this week, on a sort of Birthday/Anniversary gift to me and us. We are going back to the Colorado mountains, to embrace the serene, and natural wonders of our World. Besides God,   family , my garden and the great outdoors , the mountains are  my passion .  You know, it is said that most  people are either drawn to the ocean or the  mountains . The mountains just seem to do something to me-the sight of them, the smell of the pines, soft mountain meadows, sunsets over rugged terrain, and gurgling streams which seem to breathe life into the marrow of my bones. I am just wondering what you are drawn to... I was looking through some of my photos and found these

DIY Chicken Wire Hydrangea Wreath

Last Fall I became smitten with chicken wire. I made all sorts of things out of it, wreaths ,   pumpkins , even a few Christmas ornaments. Maybe, I was more than smitten, perhaps I was, a tiny bit  obsessed... Sometimes obsession leads to cool creations... Well, since I enjoyed it so much, I thought I'd pass on a few  little  tricks I learned about the process, in the event you  would like  to  give it a whirl this year. Granted, it is a bit challenging to work with and I did  wear gloves on some occasions, but it was well worth the few  minor scrapes to make my own wreath forms. I so enjoyed the creative aspect of sort-of making something  out of nothing .  It was one of those warm   hot , Summer days in which I did not want to go out into the heat. It was on this 105 degree heat index day  that I made another chicken wire wreath form   and then added these colorful hydrangeas. This wreath is not showcasing the chicken wire, just these cheery and bright hydrangeas and polka-dot

Fabulous Friday-Floral Arrangements

It has arrived...the heat...the humidity and my longing for  gorgeous flowers. But this will not deter me from having a Fabulous Friday. So, what better way to satisfy this longing than to dream of gorgeous floral arrangements and visit one of my favorite  social spaces... Pinterest                                         Via   I pretty much fell in love with this whimsical and precious  pitcher being used as vase, and oh the colors  of the  flowers i n  this simple arrangement-such savvy floral  arranging  -so as  not to take away from the pitcher.                                           Via I am enjoying the varying heights, colors, shapes and styles  of this assortment of vases and flowers, so interesting, and full of energy.  Great for a mantle or buffet.                                           via Fall, just around the corner, and aren't we all pretty much so looking forward to it. Using a gourd as a vase is unique, natural and perfectly perfect for this radiant, luscious 

Fabulous Friday Colorado

I Love Fabulous Friday... For me it is a week in review, what popped , what made me happy , what excited me, what inspired me.   We recently returned from a family trip from the marvelous State of Colorado so I am sharing snippets of that week today.     On one fine Summer day, we took two grand babies and a couple of their parents and went on a little adventure and this is one of the little creatures we saw. This is Nathan, c an you believe this handsome fellow? Just look at his gorgeous feathered feet.  Can anyone tell me what sort of Rooster he is? We met him at  James Ranch , in Durango Colorado.  Nathan lives here on this  amazing and awesome  family ranch that is going beyond Organic. Of course no mountain adventure seems really complete without roasting something over an  awesome fire. Six adults suddenly turned into kids once the roaring flames burned down and turned into glowing embers. We toasted marshmallows until they turned a golden brown and nestled them between mil

Summer Grapevine Wreath

Such a busy Summer but not too busy to make a wreath or two, so today I am sharing with you  one of my  my late Summer Wreaths. I enjoy the process of collecting materials to assemble my wreaths, sometimes I even  challenge myself to  shop the bargain aisle to see just what treasures may have been  overlooked by weary  shoppers.   I was in luck a few weeks back when I found these 75 percent off flowers and butterflies. I was also feeling a little bit whimsical, our Texas heat had not set in yet, and the notion of fluttering butterflies, fairies and magic actual seemed a little bit possible as I strolled along the byways of life. I adore nature, I revel in the beauty of it all and I am always amazed and thrilled by the glorious creatures that our Heavenly Father has created for us.   This little wreath is a reflection of those thoughts and feelings. Maybe it is because I was raised on a Farm,  Maybe it is because I grew up embracing nature in the beautiful West, Maybe it is because it i