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Desert Chic And A Cactus Or Two

Fall | August 08, 2017
Many of you are great decorators and I have a question that I hope you can help me with today.  I have been puzzling over this for awhile. It is about decor and the labels that are associated with it. Labels..labels and more labels and truly can decor be just one label? You can label a can of pears, you can label a species of a flower. But can we truly corral decorating into one style especially when there are so many fabulous colors, textures, accessories, fabrics, furniture, art, lamps, and more to choose from when decorating our homes. Not to mention so many styles are blended together now and just when I thought I had it all figured out a new label appeared or at least to me it did and I love it best of all!  I grew up in era where our choices were limited and some of those colors and choices were just plain ugly! I love the decorating and fashion choices that we have in 2017 there is pure joy in discovering new ways  of dressing myself and our home!

Easy Summer Squash With Spaghetti

MainCourse | August 03, 2017
I made this yellow squash and spaghetti dinner about a month ago for the hubby and I. Our garden was being overtaken by these bright yellow and ferocious Summer squash. (Until the squash bores) took over, but that was another saga that you can read about right here. During the height of the squash frenzy I was putting these squash in everything, seriously everything. My husband would walk past the stove and just shake his head. Well here is why, I even put the squash in our scrambled eggs, just add a little cheese and hot sauce and you have a mighty tasty morning treat. Is hot sauce on eggs a Southern, Western, or Southwestern regional thing? My garden vegetables motivate me to cook on these endless Summer days, because sometimes  I just want to read and take a nap! But then I think of the vegetables and I know that I can't let them down, they did their part, now it's my turn to do mine. It' s just that in Texas that big old blue sky just seems to hold onto the Sun like i

A Month Of Flowers

Gardening Tales | August 01, 2017
It has been a glorious month of flowers for my North Texas garden and especially considering it was July in the Southwest. So many of our Southwest Summers can be brutal.  Truly, neither fit for man nor beast and certainly not conducive for a flower farmer and her flowers. Do I sound dramatic? Well I might, but seriously it is so true. When I hear Summer In North Texas I cringe and I live here! This post is dedicated to my Mama, she would have been 97 today and she is the woman who inspired me to plant and grow! Her nimble fingers tended to my sister, Dad, me and the farm. She was a beautiful and powerful role model for me. We grew flowers together from the time I was old enough to take care of them myself. Thank you Mama, I love you! We have been making the most of these showy blooms with colorful vessels and bouquets on the patio. You know I have just given into the environment that I live in...I can amend the soil, adjust the water and fertilization methods. But I can't fight th