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Celebrating Spring With A Garden Party

Gardening Tales | April 27, 2018
Good Morning and thank you for joining myself and four other bloggers as we celebrate Spring with a Garden Party! We are so glad to have you and hope that you will join us as we share our gardening dreams and joys with you. Gardening is tricky business, as you know, but when those first blooms of the season pop open or those tender seedlings show their first sprouts it's an awesome moment in the heart of a gardener. This Spring garden party is all about what grows in our hearts as much as what grows in our soil. We all know that gardening is one of the best therapies in town and free. ( well if you don't count the dollars spent on plants!) It is early Spring for us all and our gardens are still a little bare. Today I am sharing some views of our front flowerbeds. You can see the boxwood are coming back in full force as are the yellow daylilies and dwarf Magnolias. I have planted some nasturtium and cosmos seeds on the other side of the ornamental grass. The weathe

Hello Spring Felt Pompom Wreath

Crafts | April 24, 2018
Greetings friends and I hope this finds you all very well. You know I have a thing for embroidery hoops and Pompoms. So today I am happy to be sharing my Hello Spring Wreath. It's a new spin on the use of hoops and a felt version of pompoms. I think this is a darling wreath and I hope that you do. This is a great craft project for one or for many. For adults or for children. To keep for yourself or to give away! I made this felt ball wreath as a donation for Cross Timbers Middle Schoo l in Grapevine Texas. My daughter, Samantha Conner , who is in charge of organizing and implementing Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week is accepting donations for this very important cause-honoring and remembering our Teachers who give tirelessly of their, time and hearts. If you have 45 minutes to spare, well this wreath is calling your name. So go ahead grab a cup of coffee or some sparkling water and let's get busy. Here we go with the supply list and instructions! Su

Garden Decor Grapevine Wreath and Tea Cup

Crafts | April 20, 2018
In honor of loving the Earth (it is Earth Day.) I also just love sharing a post with you that involves two of my favorite things; crafting and gardening! So this little post is a quick one that I hope will bring you some Spring crafting joy, as well as garden inspiration. I am even thinking this project would be fantastic for Mother's Day or a Bridal shower gift too. Last year I made a similar DIY project when I participated in the Tea Cup Challenge. I used the teacup as a birdfeeder for that project and it was a hit on Hometalk, although many of the comments were wondering how I kept the squirrels off of the feeder! Strangely enough I was never bothered with them. This current whimsical handmade garden décor project has two of my favorite items; a grapevine wreath and a porcelain tea cup. Seems that whenever I am serenely strolling down a HomeGoods, or a T.J. Maxx isle I have creating on my mind. I suppose the reason for this is because I really don't need an

Healthy and Quick 30 Minute Chickpea Curry Recipe

MainCourse | April 18, 2018
Hello friends! Today I am writing down the recipe that I made for my husband and I last week. When recipes turn out well I like to share them with you. When they don't turn out well, we still eat them, but I don't share them! Well you might know that I have always been a fan of one pot wonders, for a variety of reasons. First reason is the cleanup is so easy. You see I love to cook, but I don't love to cleanup! Call me lazy, call me crazy, or just keep it simple and say the Lady cooked the meal, now give her a break! I have been really wanting to make Chickpea curry and I have even been reading a lot of recipes on how to make this healthy vegan dish. However I was feeling a little intimated about the sauce as I have never cooked an authentic Indian meal. So I decided to tip-toe into this recipe and cheat just a little by using a store purchased sauce. This recipe all begins with a can of rinsed chickpeas and this wonderful Tikka Masala simmer sauce . From

Garden Style Floral Arrangement and A Farm Fresh Tablescape

decor | April 13, 2018
Greetings sweet subscribers and friends, this post is for you and in celebration of Spring. I know that for many of you Winter has overstayed it's welcome. I am hopeful, as I know you are too, that Spring is on it's way and to stay! What better way to kick off the weekend than with this Garden Style Floral arrangement. I am sharing some tips on how to make your own garden floral arrangement and create a thrifty, simple Farm fresh tablescape with dishes and accessories found in your own kitchen or hutch! My flower loving neighbor and friend Stacey from Poofing The Pillows and I decided to take a flower arranging class from our local Florist in our little city of Rockwall. The theme for this arrangement was Garden Style. You might be wondering what is a garden style arrangement? Well, it seems it is a loosely structured arrangement that can easily be grown in the garden with the style being based on the availability of flowers growing in the garden. When we arri

Thrifty Container Gardening Ideas For Mom

Crafts | April 10, 2018
Happy Tuesday and welcome to Ten on the Tenth ! Today a small group of us are sharing our finds, ideas and inspiration for creating a container garden for around ten dollars. As I thought about container gardening it seemed to me the possibilities where endless and actually overwhelming. Then as we tossed a ten dollar budget into the mix it actually made the challenge even more overwhelming! So right then and there I took a breath and looked at what I had growing on my back patio. I am sharing some of these containers, garden décor and plants with you. This gardening assortment has many choices all around ten bucks! It is no secret I love containers on the patio and porch and I sort of collect them. I receive great pleasure in shopping for these containers too. If you happen to like an eclectic mix of pots too, I suggest you search little hole in the wall shops, gardening centers going out of business and even paint those containers yourself. In This Photo These are all t