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Let's Celebrate Spring With A Garden Party

Good Morning and thank you for joining myself and four other bloggers as we celebrate Spring with a Garden Party! We are so glad to have you and hope that you will join us as we share our gardening dreams and joys with you. Gardening is tricky business, as you know, but when those first blooms of the season pop open or those tender seedlings show their first sprouts it's an awesome moment in the heart of a gardener.

This Spring garden party is all about what grows in our hearts as much as what grows in our soil. We all know that gardening is one of the best therapies in town and free. ( well if you don't count the dollars spent on plants!)

It is early Spring for us all and our gardens are still a little bare. Today I am sharing some views of our front flowerbeds. You can see the boxwood are coming back in full force as are the yellow daylilies and dwarf Magnolias. I have planted some nasturtium and cosmos seeds on the other side of the ornamental grass. The weather has worked against me this year as we keep dropping into the 30's and 40's at night and seeds don't sprout well in cool soil.

I like to make the most of our Texas Spring by planting some cool weather plants in pots. Snapdragons and petunias thrive in cool days and nights. Our growing season is long so when these cool weather blooms tire of the heat I will switch them out with ferns.

Our lacy Japanese Maple just recently leafed out.

As the early morning sunlight casts her warm glow on our front porch I sit and sip my steaming cup of coffee. It is here that I dream of the flower gardens that will burst into color in a very short time.

But for now we wait for Summer blooms.

Some days it seems as though we live in bunnyville so in honor of their new babies, I have placed several bunny statues among the flowers.

I enjoy adding garden décor to various spots around the yard. This is a niche in our outdoor entry and a great spot to add a variety of garden treasures. Some are purchased, others I have made.

My garden angel watches over the garden and I think she is pleased to see the drift roses are just about to burst into bloom.

Thank you so much for joining me today and I hope that you will spend a little time visiting one another as well as my other gardening friends.

Happy gardening!

"More In A Garden Grows Than What The Gardener Sows."

It is time for everyone to share what grows in their gardens now or in the past!

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Hello Spring Wreath

Greetings friends and I hope this finds you all very well. You know I have a thing for embroidery hoops and Pompoms. So today I am happy to be sharing my Hello Spring Wreath. It's a new spin on the use of hoops and a felt version of pompoms. I think this is a darling wreath and I hope that you do.

This is a great craft project for one or for many. For adults or for children. To keep for yourself or to give away!

I made this felt ball wreath as a donation for Cross Timbers Middle School in Grapevine Texas. My daughter, Samantha Conner, who is in charge of organizing and implementing Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week is accepting donations for this very important cause-honoring and remembering our Teachers who give tirelessly of their, time and hearts.

If you have 45 minutes to spare, well this wreath is calling your name. So go ahead grab a cup of coffee or some sparkling water and let's get busy.

Here we go with the supply list and instructions!



Cover a work space with paper and heat up the glue gun! Begin gluing the felt balls on the embroidery hoop. One row on the inside of the hoop, one row on the outside of the hoop and one row on top.

After gluing the felt balls on the embroidery hoop tie on the stripe ribbon. Write your favorite saying or thought on the mini chalk board then attatch the mini chalk board to the wreath with twine.

Presto! The wreath is finished and the mess was minimal. Now don't you think this would be a fun project for you and maybe to give as a gift too!

Hello Spring and happy crafting friends!


Garden Decor Grapevine Wreath and Tea Cup

In honor of loving the Earth (it is Earth Day.) I also just love sharing a post with you that involves two of my favorite things; crafting and gardening! So this little post is a quick one that I hope will bring you some Spring crafting joy, as well as garden inspiration. I am even thinking this project would be fantastic for Mother's Day or a Bridal shower gift too.

Last year I made a similar DIY project when I participated in the Tea Cup Challenge. I used the teacup as a birdfeeder for that project and it was a hit on Hometalk, although many of the comments were wondering how I kept the squirrels off of the feeder! Strangely enough I was never bothered with them. This current whimsical handmade garden décor project has two of my favorite items; a grapevine wreath and a porcelain tea cup.

Seems that whenever I am serenely strolling down a HomeGoods, or a T.J. Maxx isle I have creating on my mind. I suppose the reason for this is because I really don't need another set of dishes, tea cups or coffee cups. But I do need to "make," something. Good news is, I can always come up with a justification for a purchase if I use it for creating.

So when I spied this adorable irregular shaped porcelain tea cup with rosettes on the handle, I immediately saw in my minds eye a garden décor project! I secretly squealed in the aisle, and as quick as a wink I placed the tea cup set in my shopping cart.

But as with most handmade projects there is always room for learning, improvement and modifications.

Crafting teaches me so much about life and I have recently adopted a new motto. "Live and learn" I don't know why it took me so long to figure this one out.

So what I did learn from my previous project? I learned to love epoxy glue! I need long lasting support. The trick to achieving this is two fold:

  1. Wooden dowel attached to the grapevine wreath, using epoxy glue. The wooden dowel is the support system for the entire cup and saucer.
  2. Epoxy glue attaching the cup to the saucer.

There you have you it! You can make your own now or I can make one for you. I have this one in my on-line shop, or I will make one for you, if you'd like. I do have the teacup set from the previous project tucked away safely in my stash of goodies if you'd like to use that one or specify another one.

Please mark you calendars and join us for a Garden party! We welcome, current or past garden joys because you inspire us!

Oh and please download my free Mother's Day printable too! (It's on the sidebar)

I am including a few links to amazon for you should you want to make your own DIY Garden Décor, or you can find these supplies at most local craft stores too.

Next week I will be sharing a DIY Felt Ball Spring Wreath, a short Hello post from Puerto Rico (leaving on Sunday to visit our daughter and her family.) As well as my free monthly newsletter, downloadable calendar and Bridal/Baby Shower guide.

Happy Friday to one and all!


Healthy and Quick 30 Minute Chickpea Curry Recipe

Hello friends! Today I am writing down the recipe that I made for my husband and I last week. When recipes turn out well I like to share them with you. When they don't turn out well, we still eat them, but I don't share them! Well you might know that I have always been a fan of one pot wonders, for a variety of reasons. First reason is the cleanup is so easy. You see I love to cook, but I don't love to cleanup!

Call me lazy, call me crazy, or just keep it simple and say the Lady cooked the meal, now give her a break!

I have been really wanting to make Chickpea curry and I have even been reading a lot of recipes on how to make this healthy vegan dish. However I was feeling a little intimated about the sauce as I have never cooked an authentic Indian meal. So I decided to tip-toe into this recipe and cheat just a little by using a store purchased sauce. This recipe all begins with a can of rinsed chickpeas and this wonderful Tikka Masala simmer sauce.

From this point forward I added some of our favorite vegetables.

I can hardly wait until our garden is filled with tomatoes, peppers and squash, but for now they come from the market.

Did you know chickpeas are a great source of protein. If totally vegetarian isn't your cup-of-tea add some chicken to this dish, I know it'll be delicious.

Looking for an Italian one pot wonder? Well you might enjoy Turkey Meatballs in Homestyle Ragu. Or if you like Kalamata Olives and Yellow Squash how about Easy Summer Squash with Pasta...

Thank you for joining me in my cooking adventures. Up next this week...a craft.

As always thank you!


Garden Style Floral Arrangement and A Farm Fresh Tablescape

Greetings sweet subscribers and friends, this post is for you and in celebration of Spring. I know that for many of you Winter has overstayed it's welcome. I am hopeful, as I know you are too, that Spring is on it's way and to stay! What better way to kick off the weekend than with this Garden Style Floral arrangement. I am sharing some tips on how to make your own garden floral arrangement and create a thrifty, simple Farm fresh tablescape with dishes and accessories found in your own kitchen or hutch!

My flower loving neighbor and friend Stacey from Poofing The Pillows and I decided to take a flower arranging class from our local Florist in our little city of Rockwall. The theme for this arrangement was Garden Style.

You might be wondering what is a garden style arrangement?

Well, it seems it is a loosely structured arrangement that can easily be grown in the garden with the style being based on the availability of flowers growing in the garden.

When we arrived at the shop there were bunches and bunches of exquisite, premium flowers to choose from. Truly they looked as though they had all been freshly picked from an English garden. Did we squeal when we saw these bunches of flowers waiting for us on the table...You bet we did! Making a decision on which bunch to choose was the biggest decision of my day and very difficult too, they were all so pretty!!

Once we chose our favorite bundle of flowers we set to work and oh goodness we had so much fun. The process of sorting and arranging was relaxing and felt like a good massage!

Having this colorful arrangement in our home inspired me to create a simple Farm Style tablescape on the patio table. It isn't fancy, it's functional and colorful it is a tablescape that anyone can put together with the dishes, plates and table accessories you have in your own kitchen cupboards. This table is set with a combination of garden and farmhouse style décor, as well as a few vintage farmhouse glass pieces that I grew up with on the farm in Idaho.

It was important to me to showcase these darling Farm Fresh baubles so I placed a couple of them in vintage dessert cups. These baubles were such a sweet surprise from my sister-in-law, Debbie. (Thanks again Deb!) Of course I have such good memories of these vintage dessert cups. Growing up Mom filled them with bright red jello and whipped cream for our Sunday dessert. Throughout the years I have served parfaits to my own children and grandchildren as a special treat in these same cups.

You know I love rich color set against a neutral backdrop and greenery.

I was also excited to be able to incorporate this Farmhouse Hammered Copper Water Pitcher, into this tablescape. This pitcher is not only a great addition to the tablescape but also to my copper collection of pots, pans, bowl and vintage copper molds. My thoughtful daughter Rebecca gave this to me this past Christmas, I was excited then and I still am now!

I have had this porcelain French style lattice bread bowl for many years now. I like to place my warm homemade rolls in the bowl. But before placing them in the bowl I like to use a whimsical dish towel to wrap them up in.

I love the saying and graphics on it, don't you?

Be a Pineapple stand tall wear a crown and be sweet on the inside.

I kept the garden style theme in my plates and placemats too. You can never have too many flowers!

When I took on this project of deconstructing these wooden letter tags, that I found at Michaels for just a buck, I discovered I took on too big of project for the results that I achieved. They were so much work, because they weren't wood they were MDF and my original idea had to be scraped. I had to unscrew the metal initial, sand the wooden tag re get the idea. But all in all they turned out pretty cute and would make a nice place card or take home gift.

Next week I will be sharing a savory chickpea curry recipe, a DIY embroidery hoop and pompom mobile.

Thank you for joining me today and I truly hope that Sunshine and Spring reaches each and everyone of you this weekend!

Hugs and Happiness,


Thrifty Container Gardening Ideas For Mother's Day

Happy Tuesday and welcome to Ten on the Tenth! Today a small group of us are sharing our finds, ideas and inspiration for creating a container garden for around ten dollars. As I thought about container gardening it seemed to me the possibilities where endless and actually overwhelming. Then as we tossed a ten dollar budget into the mix it actually made the challenge even more overwhelming! So right then and there I took a breath and looked at what I had growing on my back patio. I am sharing some of these containers, garden décor and plants with you. This gardening assortment has many choices all around ten bucks!

It is no secret I love containers on the patio and porch and I sort of collect them. I receive great pleasure in shopping for these containers too. If you happen to like an eclectic mix of pots too, I suggest you search little hole in the wall shops, gardening centers going out of business and even paint those containers yourself.

In This Photo

These are all terracotta pots and I adore terracotta because they breathe and age so beautifully. If you want to spruce up a plain pot add some stripes or hand paint with your choice of themes. These pots range in price from $2.50-$45.00. Plain pots can be found at Home Depot

There is just something about a moss container in the Spring and I really think that most any woman would love to receive this anytime of the year. Take it a step further and just imagine this container garden on tables for a Bridal or Baby shower.

In This Photo

Moss container basket with small pot filled with Tarragon. Add a mini bird nest and a few natural looking bird eggs.

Moss baskets for around $6.00 at Quick Candles. Bird Nests for $3.99 Tarragon $4.99.

I typically grow my tomatoes in the garden plot, but this year I thought I'd give them a try on the patio and they are loving the shelter the patio brings them as well as the warm and sunny afternoons. For added interest I placed them on this weathered metal bench, tucked in a petunia or two around the base of the tomatoes and even added a cherub.

In This Photo

Metal bench - similar product found at Hayneedle for $80.10. Assorted pots and Tomato Plants from any local nursery. Tomato plant around $4.98

It is no secret I love tulips! When Rita from Panoply; who's "blog is all about antiquing, thrifting, home décor and landscape gardening..." Sent me this darling vintage planter I was over the moon! I added a simple pink Kalanchoe to set it off.

In This Photo

Vintage flower pot varying prices depending on the shop. $2.50-$25.00 Flowerng Kalanchoe

If you want to add a little magic to any container garden toss in a unicorn, castle and some fairy dust (colored sand) This is such an economical, fun and whimsical way to dress up any container garden. Check out any local craft store and watch for sales too on Fairy garden supplies.

In This Photo

Mexican Tarragon $4.98 Unicorn and Fairy Castle from Michaels from the Fairy Garden collection ranging in price from $3.99 and up. Colored sand from Hobby Lobby $2.49.

I enjoyed sharing some of my ideas on container gardening with you all and my back patio too. I hope that you feel a little Spring inspired and that you will have a day that is blessed with beauty and joy! Thank you for joining me and all of the other ladies too.

Keep on reading for more inspiration!

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Garden Party coming up the end of this month! Yippee!