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Southwest Simplicity

Jemma's Tales | October 27, 2017
Welcome Friends to my revised, updated and easy to navigate blog, I am super excited that you have joined me today and if you were here with me you'd hear me squeal! Please take time to peek at the categories and I made a little welcoming video too. At Home With Jemma is southwest Simplicity made from my heart and home, I am embracing all things handmade and home cooked. My little craft shop is a reflection of myself and the creative mindset of both of my Parents. They have given me the gift of artistic expression. Everything in the shop is hand painted, glitterfied, blingified and made by me. (I am having fun) In a world where products are mass produced it feels good to me to make something just for you. Here on our front porch you will find a comfy chair, southwest congeniality and a genuine simplicity that comes from my heart to your home. Take off your boots or shoes and stay awhile. You will still find the same Jemma here, the one in her craft room, kit

Taffy Colored Pumpkins

Crafts | October 23, 2017
Hello friends! I have been gone for a bit, but I have returned  refreshed, renewed, revitalized and recharged-Fall does that to me, how about you? I have a new lease on life and I'd like to share the joy of it all with you. Thank you for welcoming me into your lives where we are able to chat and exchange ideas. You know I really do believe that we can be anything we want to be at any age, we just have to go out and embrace it all. Not to say there won't be hurdles, but anything worth doing is going to have bumps along the way. Thank you too for your sweetness in your emails, I loved, loved hearing from you and  I missed you too! During the course of the last few months the garden was a little neglected. One of our wee pumpkins was budding out ever so slowly and was going to be a little late for Halloween cheer. But my motto is never let a pumpkin go to waste (especially homegrown!) If it can't be turned into a carriage, well how about a taffy colored planter for some pansie