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Holland House Cooking Wines Giveaway & Recipe

I am sort of assuming that many of us would like to cook a really delicious and easy meal that would tickle everyone's taste buds with bold and smoky flavors. If you are saying yes, then please stick around because today I am partnering with Holland House cooking wines to share a recipe and offer a fantastic giveaway of some of their most popular cooking wines, just in time for your Holiday cooking! Just leave a little note in the comment section and you are automatically entered. Winner will be announced Sunday December 4th. The Holland House brand has teamed up with Tatyana Nesteruk host of the You Tube cooking show. Tatyana specializes in family friendly step by step tutorials which make cooking easier than ever! As I was making this savory dish I discovered that I make a dish very similar to the Bold and Smoky Pepper Marsala Pasta only I keep it vegetarian most of the time, making this a very versatile dish. Holland House is a brand that we can all have confidence in using. M

Jubilee On Ice & A Dessert

I am probably a little biased but for me there is nothing quite as special as a country Christmas and I know for certain there are three other bloggers who feel the same way. Today the four of us country girls are sharing the heart of our Country Christmas with you. Carole from Garden Up Green organized this memorable event. You will find all of the links at the end of this post where other Country  stories are being shared by some lovely ladies. I am not just a little bit country, I am all the way country in my heart and when you see this photo you will see why it is true. Mom, Dad, Sandra and I lived on this slice of heaven in the farm country of Idaho. It was a gentle life founded on the principles of love Jesus, honor your Mom and Dad, work hard, play hard and be thankful. Very simple and yet it worked beautifully and resulted in not wanting much and being grateful for most everything. Sundays were for Church, followed by a country-style dinner and a very special dessert. I always

Art Giveaway & 5 Decorating Tips

I seem to be in a spot in life where the faster I go, the further behind I get. I visit my sweet friends blogs and then I leave before I comment, I could blame it on many things, but the fact is I am spinning my wheels.  However there is some great news mixed in with my muddled state of mind and that is we have a Merry Christmas Art Giveaway from Darren Gygi  today along with 5 easy tips on decorating. Our Giveaway is the snow-sled print , I think it's neutral appearance will fit in with any decor. It would be super cute in the Kitchen too. Just leave a little Howdy in the comment section and you will be entered. Drawing and announcement of winner will be on Thursday December 1, 2016. I have combined the snow-sled print with Mr. and Mrs. Claus to create a vintage Norman Rockwell type of Christmas theme in our Family room. Then I  added this "Be good for goodness sake" sign which my crafty Texas daughter made me one year.   Sometimes decorating for Christmas can be overwhe

Christmas Shopping With Tin Roof Studio

Welcome to week 4 of our small business shopping extravaganza, this will conclude our weekly features. However next Thursday there will be a roundup of all the shops which have been featured just in the event you might have missed this special Christmas shopping opportunity. Today I have the pleasure of  introducing you to the talented Artist Cecilia Bramhall  from  The B Farm: Tin Roof Studio . Cecilia is offering free shipping on all orders placed by December 5th, you will not want to miss out on this opportunity! Details below. Hi, I'm Cecilia from The B Farm and I've just opened a new shop " Tin Roof Studio "   where you can find beautiful pieces of original art. We are actually in the process of turning part of our barn into my art studio (yes, it has a tin roof!).  I am so pleased to be part of  Jemma's Old Fashioned Christmas Shopping With Etsy Shops. Tin Roof Studio  is all about beautiful pieces of art, p

Thanksgiving Reflections & Wishes

Often times the Holiday season can be a bittersweet celebration. So today it was important to me to share some stories of life, hope, and love on this Thanksgiving with a hopeful heart that we will all live mindfully each 1440 minutes of every single day. Our family has been through the seasons of life these past two weeks, life can change so quickly. God blessed us with the sunrise of two healthy, beautiful and strong new grand-babies, while at the same time the sun set as our Heavenly Father called one of our young men home. The Sunrise of Life The ages of my children are spread out like seashells on the seashore, I began having my family at 20 years old and although my youngest and oldest child are 13 years apart they each increased the size of their families by one more these past two weeks. Babies! Oh yes, they are angels direct from heaven above and they are mesmerizing to watch and love. I am delighted to report that our two new grandchildren are thriving under the watchful eye