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Happy Easter

Happy Easter From Our Home To Yours~



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Easter Lemon Icebox Pie

In keeping with the tradition of Easter, a fabulous dessert must be present for Easter Dinner.
Wouldn't you agree...
I asked my husband what dessert he would like for Easter Sunday.
"Would you like a pineapple upside down cake?" I asked.
"Oh, no it is tasty but too gooey." 
"How about a coconut cream pie?"
" I was thinking about that Lemon Icebox pie that you made when Dad and Deb where here."
Decision is made, and Here is the Easter recipe I am sharing with you!

I am serving this sweet and tangy baker's confection on some of my favorite Spring plates 
they are the Lenox Butterfly Meadow Collection.
Any plate that has butterflies and flowers as it's pattern is a favorite of mine.

This is our breakfast nook and I wanted to make Good Friday extra special.
The color purple has been significant all throughout Lent.
This year Lent began February 10 and ends March 26th.

I have kept a bouquet or plant of purple flowers throughout the season of Lent.
Traditionally purple will be taken away and black will be incorporated on Good Friday to communicate the movement of this sacred time.

I searched for many recipes for this Lemon Icebox Pie, and all of them are very similiar.
Since, I do have some favorite chef's and Emeril Lagasse is one of them,  I chose his recipe for Lemon Icebox Pie.

I have also included the recipe below, in printable form for you.

Fresh lemons and lemon zest are a must for this most delicious dessert.

Either a homemade graham cracker crust recipe here, or purchased one will work.

Please note that this recipe uses 1-8 ounce package of cream cheese at room temp. 
Not just 1 ounce!
Thank you my dear friend Carol:)

We enjoy all sorts of Lemon desserts, so here are a few others that I have shared in the past.

Glazed Lemon Meyer Cake

Lemon Icebox Tart


Thinking of you all on this Holy Friday.

I will be back on Easter Sunday sharing the joy of the resurrection with you all.
Until then my friends...


Please Join Me~


My Thrift Store Addiction

Blue Sky Kitchen

J & J

Cozy Little House

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Wandering Wednesday~Dallas Arboretum

I cannot think of a better place to wander than through an Arboretum.

Where birds sing melodically, and sweet, soft fragrances linger on a gentle Spring 


No one is in a rush, in fact strolling is encouraged.

It all feels like the good old days...a tranquil paradise where one's soul can rest.

Please join me and then tell me, where you have wandered this past week?

The Arboretum is a series of gardens and fountains with a view of White Rock Lake and

the downtown Dallas skyline.

The majority of the grounds were once part of a 44-acre estate known as Rancho Encinal, built for geophysicist Everette Lee  DeGolyer and his wife Nell.
Nell's interests included her wonderful flower gardens.

The DeGolyer home is listed on the National Register of Historical Places.

Dallas Blooms  is the largest floral festival in the Southwest, with gardens that explode with
over 500,000 blooms.

In 2015 it was named by Fodor's Travel as one of America's best Spring Floral Festivals.

It truly is Artistry in Nature.

Just when you think you have seen the very best of the best, you turn a corner and gasp once again.

Now, where have you wandered this week, I would love to hear...


Please Join Me~

French Country Cottage

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DIY Easter Centerpiece

Each Easter we gather our families together for our annual Easter egg hunt and dinner.
This year we celebrated on Palm Sunday.
I always enjoy getting together we our extended and melded family of many.
The day is always filled with much laughter and memory making moments, organized chaos, the sound of busy feet, squeals of delight and smiles.
In fact, if we can make it through one of our large gatherings without any injuries or too big of tears we consider the entire event successful!

This year we combined Easter and our granddaughters Birthday celebration together.
I am sharing with you today one of the simplest Easter Centerpieces you will ever make.
I made another one a few years ago using faux flowers that you might want to take a peek at too, it is here.

Did I mention that I really enjoy entertaining, especially our family...big smile.
I just really like to share with you all, tips on how to entertain in our homes with our families.
You know, family is our most precious gift and making them feel loved, welcome and special is one the the best gifts to give to them and ourselves.

Our Easter gathering is filled with children, so naturally I like to keep the whimsy and magic flowing through our home and make it the theme throughout the day.
So, anything that involves Peeps and marshmallows screams kiddos to me. 

Supplies For DIY Easter Centerpiece

Two Clear vases-One large one and one smaller as the smaller vase will fit inside the larger one.
One package of assorted mini marshmallows.
Several packages of peeps.

I am just going to use arrows, instead of a lengthy explanation of the process that will just make this all seem so much more difficult than it really is, you know what I mean...
This is such a simple assembly.

Presto, in 10 minutes you have a centerpiece.

Happy Birthday sweet Afton, we love you so much!

I found this little tin Chalkboard at Target in the three dollar tubs.

Used a little colored chalk.

The day was so beautiful.
A little windy and cool but there were plenty of eggs and the hunt begins!

Followed by magical bubbles.

Thank you for joining me, looking forward to seeing you back for Wandering Wednesday.


Easter Vignette On My Tea Cart

I am so happy that you have joined me here today and I just know that we all have Easter thoughts on our minds.
So, today I am sharing a little Easter vignette on my Tea Cart with you, along with a couple of links to previous inspiration on my tea cart and a Easter wreath from a few years ago.

I also just wanted to say how much all of us appreciate you joining us in Thoughts of Home on Thursday and thank you again for making my Thursday so special and inspiring.

This vintage tea cart is rattan and once was brown, about twenty five years ago or more, 

but as time passed the brown lost it's luster.

An easy update was a little gold paint.

My tea cart is perfect for all Seasonal's Vignette's, but I do believe that Spring becomes her 

the very most.

A variety of eggs and keepsakes from the sweetest of friends, and dearest of daughter's, 

grandmother's and my Mother.

Soft pastels and creamy whites add a whisper of elegance and simplicity in the dining room.

One whimsical wooden Easter bunny with his favorite green egg.

If eggs and bling are your cup of tea for Easter, you might enjoy hopping over to my 

blingalicious Easter Egg Wreath

Pastels are not for everyone, but for me they are the very essence of Spring and joy.

May Spring and the Easter season fill your heart with pure happiness.


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Wandering Wednesday

How have you been since last week?
Any knew news to share or thoughts of any particular kind?

You do not have to have a blog to chime in, so please do.

Today is Wandering Wednesday and I have a few things on my mind of where my wanderings took me and I surely do hope you can help me.

I know that many of you are gardeners with a vast knowledge of plants, plant care and such.

This is one of the many joys of blogging, we are able to ask one another for assistance in 

all sorts of matters.

I certainly would like information on the type of Hydrangeas these are.

My second question is how do you get back in the routine of something after you have let

it go for quite awhile?

What motivates you to "begin," again?

I sure would enjoy hearing from you and helping me with some of my wandering questions 

and in turn I'd like to hear from you too.

                                                             Wild Woman Sisterhood

Thank you for joining me!


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