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Homemaking| Summertime Tiered Tray With Lemons

decor | June 29, 2021
Summertime, Summertime! Has Summer arrived in your neck of the woods?  Well, I know for certain it has hit the state of Mississippi, so we are just a chilling with some lemonade, eating some peach pie and doing a tad bit of decorating too. Today I am sharing my Summertime Tiered Tray With Lemon d├ęcor that is perfect for any style of Kitchen. I hope this Lemon Tiered Tray inspires you to make one for your Kitchen too. For more details on how I put this cheery Tiered Tray together please visit my  Face Book Page  where I have put together a 15 minute video just for you. Summertime Tiered Tray With Lemons

Julia Child and Her Homemade Pie Crust

desserts | June 27, 2021
Oh, how I adore Julia Child,  the famous chef and television personality. It isn’t just her great cooking know how and recipes- it is her! She viewed her cooking as a calling and left a dynamic culinary legacy. With this having been said I am here today to share Julia's Pate Brisee. Pate Brisee is the French version of a classic pie or tart pastry. Interesting fact is that by pressing the dough into a disc and chilling it rather than shaping the dough in a ball, it allows the pastry dough to chill faster. I have some photos to share, a video and of course the recipe below.

Best Sugar Cookie Recipe

desserts | June 21, 2021
What Baker or Homemaker doesn't want the Best Sugar Cookie Recipe Ever...right? A recipe that can be rolled or dropped to make the most delicious sugar cookies ever and it's a simple recipe that offers great results! By now you know that I just love sharing baking, making, and family happenings here. You see, for me these things are the backbone of living.