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10 Great Maxi Coats

One of my favorite styles for a Winter coat is back in full force for this Season, the Maxi Coat. In fact this classic, and stylish coat made the cut for Marie Claire Magazine  as one of the best Winter coats for 2015. Here are some of my favorite picks and why I love a Maxi Coat.                                                               Source I truly believe that the Maxi Coat is not only fabulous and flattering, they are an essential item of clothing that every woman should have in her closet. Even when they are not the "trend" of the season, this coat is timeless. They can be worn with jeans or a classy dress, dress them up or down. Wear them with boots, heels, or even keds.                                                                Source A Maxi Coat is extremely versatile, they come in such a variety of fabrics, so they fit the bill  for virtually every climate and lifestyle.                                                                             Source If I

Love Yourself

I just really want to reach out to all of the women today, and say I think that you are great! You are amazing women, doing amazing things every single day of your lives. You are the ladies that nurture the children, the husband, friends, parents and grandparents. You are the volunteers, the worker bees,  the soldiers of society and you make the world go round. I know that you are striving each, and every day to take care of everyone in your world. That you are always putting someone's needs and cares above your own.  Then you evaluate, critique and you put way too much pressure on yourself too. So, stop and love yourself, accept yourself, forgive yourself and above all this- BE GOOD TO YOU! Know that you are a star in the dark sky, and that your light shines brightly for those who love you, even if they don't tell you so. There are many times our hearts long to hear those words of affirmation from our friends and family, but they never come. But just because these words are no

Facebook You Came Through

Don't you just love a story with a happy ending, when everyone's wishes really do come true? Well it happened to me, and it all took place just when I was about to step away from some Social Media meanderings. Just when I thought that, those happy endings only came true in Fairy Tales, Facebook you came through. In this day and age when we are put on hold for hours to even make a Doctor's appointment, it   is an awesome thing when Social Media comes through and actually amazes you with it's support. I did have some trouble finding an email to contact FB for my particular issue, but when I did they responded, then resolved. But it was not only FB that came through it was YOU!  My dear readers, and friends that responded when I sent my plea out for help on my  Facebook Debacle Post . You knew I was in a state of panic, when I sent out my 911 and you were here for me through emails, comments, and messages. So, thank you!!  The winner of the $25 gift card to TJ maxx is Mela

8 Real Fall Porches

I have been traveling to see family a bunch this past month, and during my trips I have taken photos of real homes, with real Fall Porches. Cottage homes, brick homes, estate homes, homes from different eras. They aren't over the top, but they are very pretty, and each one of them is a Fall Porch that anyone could create. This porch caught my eye because the owners made such a great use of a flagstone addition.  Notice that there is not an overhang, but they have created a very inviting and welcoming space. I will always enjoy a home with a black front door, they just look so sharp.   Pride of ownership shines here with pumpkins in flower pots, stems tied with bows and urns with vines. Sometime the simplicity of decorating makes the biggest statement of all. A bountiful arrangement of very large pumpkins will take this home all the way through Thanksgiving. I do think two wreaths on the front doors would have added the extra punch to tie it all together. But, of course you know me,

8 Chocolate Cakes For The Holidays

Does chocolate soothe your soul, Quiet your mind, and give you a general sense of well being? Did I see some smiles... Well, with the Facebook Debacle  unresolved, I was a little on the uptight side, and we were totally out of chocolate. Seemed the next best thing to do, was to dream of chocolate. So, I have been distancing myself from the entire FB matter. and dreaming away on Pinterest.                                    The Best Chocolate Cake ~ My baking Addiction I found 8 irresistible chocolate cakes for you, and I to make for the upcoming Holidays. I have included all of the links beneath each photo so you can just click on them and presto, you will be taken to these talented bakers websites.                                      Playing With Flour~ A Super Moist Chocolate Cake I found this recipe from Playing With flour it is originally from Ina Garten's Cookbook, and is a relatively easy cake to make, very pretty topped with buttercream frosting too.                        

Woodland Wreath~ DIY

The Woodland wreath is a lovely wreath for your Fall decorating, it is also very natural and has a slight rustic and primitive feel.  If you are searching for a craft that is hands on, and are eager to take a walk with Mother Nature this is the perfect craft for you to do this Fall. This Woodland wreath also comes with a short Tale of a little grandson with sun kissed blonde hair, brown eyes and very busy hands. The majority of the goodies on this wreath were collected by the grandson, and his Mimi as they spent several Fall afternoons on walk abouts in the warm afternoon sun in Sacramento. The two of them spent time outside while his Mommy, and new baby sister rested inside their home. The little brown eyed grandson talked alot... about fire trucks, garbage trucks, his friends and such. He found many treasures, some of which did not end up on this wreath, but were still carefully gathered and placed in the paper bag. After many afternoons of searching, walking, chatting and savouring

Our Home From Sticks-Tradition

My friend Stacey, over at Poofing The Pillows , wrote a thought provoking post asking us what it is that makes us proud of our homes. Pay her a little visit too-she is a sweetie. Well, this really got me to thinking about what I wanted our new home to be a symbol of. I had already been doing some pondering on what one word, would describe our home, and  what would make me proud to call our house our home. Because at the end of every day a house is made of wood, brick, stone etc... But a home is another story. Houses, just like people, come in all sizes, shapes, ages, colors and styles. But homes represent different things to different folks. You may live in a mansion, bungalow, apartment, townhouse, houseboat or penthouse. It really does not matter, because until you put your stamp on it, and claim this space  as your own, you can fluff it and puff it, but until you really emotionally own it, it is still just space. From the moment we met with the architect, I told him I wanted my f