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Fabulous Friday

baking | July 11, 2014
I am so enjoying reflecting on the week staying positive, thankful and finding items that make our lives a little happier, a little prettier and a little more fun! Okay ladies, these are must have readers-but we have to save up for them.   My doorbell rang a couple of days ago and there stood my neighbor wearing these,   So incredibly cute... So I snapped a picture right there and then! Fabulous, flirty and fun! I have been doing a little baking on these hot Summer days, nothing fancy in fact a little  lazy-brownies from a mix, but you do know, they really are super good! I found these cute ceramic measuring cups at Michael s, in those little bins marked one dollar, two dollar three dollar.   These were three and I love them! I have been tinkering around and taking a few photos and I just like this one,  I like the light, the white and the reflection.   So sharing this joy with you... I have been doing some reading on enhancing my eyelashes and adding some glow to my face. In my youth

The Wicker Suitcase

charities | July 07, 2014
Our Church has several ministries and I am very   fortunate to be associated with one of them.  It is  Angel's Attic  an interesting and well  stocked  resale  shop. Angel's Attic has donated more than $100,000 to numerous charities both home and abroad. I have been volunteering in their furniture hospital. And I have been enjoying every moment of pondering  over the various pieces of furniture that pass through it's portals. As well as enjoying   sanding, painting and developing  caring friendships, along the way.  And then one day this wicker suitcase appeared. I casually eyed it for several days, passing by it, touching it, picking it up and then setting it back  down. I am not sure of it's history, I am not sure of it's  actual purpose. Is it a picnic basket? Is it a child's bag? Where did it travel? The wicker suitcase shows little  wear and tear. Some of the grand babies put their baby dolls in it. Some of the grand babies pack it around as if they are goi

Happy Fourth of July

apple pie | July 05, 2014
Happy Fourth of July weekend! I hope you are enjoying good food... A yummy slice of watermelon... A few fresh vegetables from your awesome garden, or farmers market. And some fresh flowers to brighten your world! Have a lovely weekend!