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The Dance Of The Garden & Gardening Tips

Do you love to garden ? Do you love to be right smack in the middle of nature? Well if you do and if you are looking for some gardening tips and have some to share, I'd love for you to stick around ! By now I am sure you know that I am most content being in the middle of nature. That includes my garden, the mountains, the forest, the valleys. These are perfect spots where I can I plop right down in the middle of it all, burrow my hands into the soil, hike a mountain, picnic among the trees or simply sit in a quiet valley and just hear the silence. It is here in these intricately designed elements, which far surpass anything that man could make, that I find my happy place. Among the glory of nature I just enjoy watching the dance of it all, you know nature has it's own rhythms just like the tides of the sea and one of my favorites dances to be part of is that of the Garden . Have you ever watched a seed spro

Distressed Modge Podge Fabric Jar

Happy Monday and welcome to our Spring Challenge! Today a group of 8 bloggers will be sharing their DIY projects. We were given the challenge of using fabric, Modge Podge and recycling something in our homes for this Spring activity. I will tell you my creativity was certainly challenged. However, once we ate two jars of Homestyle Ragu , I had just the jars that I needed to complete this Spring project! Please follow along for my inspired Spring journey and those of 7  Lovely bloggers. All links are at the end of this post. I am a jar saver, I think it all began with the multitude of mason jars that Mother had in her basement. Those jars were used for canning, picking berries, flower vases, water jugs, craft jars and more. So when I find a jar that strikes my fancy the first I thing I do is soak off the label and wash it up real good. I liked these Ragu jars from the beginning because to me they had an old time feel. So here we go with our Blogger Spring Challenge of Recycling and the

Bunny Rabbit Giclee Print Giveaway & Easter Trivia

It's been such an early Spring for us in Texas, already many of the trees are turning a lemonade green. You know that fresh green hue of newborn leaves so unlike the deep forest green of mid-Summer. So with the longer days of sunlight, the chirping of happy birds, hopping cottontail bunnies it seems to me to be the perfect time to celebrate Spring with some precious art and Easter Trivia. Please join me for this giveaway and for some interesting facts about the season of rebirth! Today Darren Gygi and I are happily offering you our final giveaway on my blog, and just in time for your Easter and Spring decorating too! Please leave us a comment on what your favorite Spring flower is and you are automatically entered. Winner will be notified by email one week from today. This concludes my year-long contract with them, it's been a congenial and pleasant journey and I have only the best of the b

Buttermilk Cake & Rambling & Reminiscing

It was a typical 1960's vegetable garden plotted out between the slough and our red brick house. Symmetrically framed by asparagus on the North side and Raspberries bushes on the South side. In between all of this is where the soil was plowed over in early Spring and the garden was planted. My Mother and Father were natural Farmers and ran a lucrative farming operation. Summers were spent working side by side digging ditches and hauling in hay.  They were at their best when they were working in the endless Summer Sun in the soil that they loved. It seems as though they never sat still and their Winter weight of 10 pounds melted off as soon as the signs of early Spring set in, where they grew pencil thin and were at their very happiest. Time...where did they find the time to run 150 acres? Mom and Dad, a tumultuous team at times, that managed the books and plowed the fields while tending to me and my sister. Dad always repairing farm equipment and Mom handing him the tools. "Ma

Easy Spring Planter Tips & LoveFeast Shop Giveaway

Hi everyone, seems as though I have been away for quite awhile and now that I am back this post is jam-packed with goodies. I have recently returned from a special and sweet week in Oklahoma with two of our Grandbabies and came back home to Spring weather. Naturally the gardening bug hit me hard and I got to work on some Spring projects while also partnering with a great shop which many of you may already be familiar with  LoveFeast Shop . On top of all of this, today is Ten on The Tenth. Where ten "masterminds," just teasing a bit here. Share creative and thrifty projects or finds for just around $10.  Links at the end of the post. So in honor of Spring joy, gardening and decorating I am here to share with you some simple tips for creating your own Spring planter that will cost just a few cents over $10 and a perfectly lovely LoveFeast Shop Giveaway too. Let's begin with the giveaway, because it is just too good to wait for! LoveFeast is sweetly offering this "Com