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Perfect Guacamole Dip

I think we can all agree that we are all ready for Spring. When I think of Spring I think of fresh everything! So today I am sharing my perfect Guacamole dip with you. There are many vegetables in season right now and the wonderful Avocado is one of them. The Avocado is the darling of the produce section, packed with nearly 20 vitamins and minerals.

Did you know that avocados are low in sugar. How can something so tasty be so good for you. Oh and they also contain fiber, which keeps our tummies from feeling so hungry. By adding just a half of a fresh avocado to our lunch we might just feel a fuller and eat less...woohoo! I am all about that, aren't you?

And then there are all of these other wonderful ingredients too.

We have homemade guacamole about twice a month and we often times forgo the chips and just add it to our salad. So much less guilt that way...

I also wanted to share this recipe with you just in case you are hosting an Oscar party. If you are you might enjoy my Entertaining Board on Pinterest too.

How about using an Avocado as part of your marriage proposal? Millennials are!

In an effort not to let anything go to waste let's plant an avocado seed and grow our own avocado tree!

Seriously it is possible.

Only about a million years ago when we lived on the island of Oahu in Hawaii I followed the steps below and grew my own Avocado Tree that actually produced Avocados! You can imagine what a thrill that was for me. I have since grown them inside and even though they don't produce or grow as big as the one in Hawaii, they are still a fun and cute little plant to grow and kids love watching the process too.

Thank you for joining me today and happy pre-Spring!

Gardening Under A Crabapple Tree

Long, long ago on a 100 acre farm two parents made room for a tiny gardening spot underneath a crabapple tree for their youngest daughter. Oh it was just the absolute loveliest of spots. In the dry Summer heat the shapely crabapple tree provided just the right amount of shade. In the Spring the prettiest pink buds blossomed; just as quickly as the delicate blossoms appeared, they faded and gave birth to eager little crabapples which tumbled about the garden spot. It was here the youngster learned about gardening, the cycle of life and dreamed.

This youngster was me.

Planting and growing defined me from an very early age and even though the seasons of life have taken me from one coastline to another, I have always worked the soil of all of those regions.

I was born to two farmers who loved to work the rich volcanic soil in Idaho. Mom and Dad passed that love of growing right on down to me. It was on this land that I dreamed of a flower farm of my own. I am still dreaming of this flower farm to this day. Along the way I have studied, experimented and learned much of the science of producing not only flowers but vegetables and goodness gracious I love it all so very much!

For you gardeners this post is for you.

If you have any tips to share please chime in. I have found that Farmers are inclusive and enjoy sharing their knowledge, expertise and experience of what has made their particular crop successful.

As a grower I find that it is all about the beauty, quality and yield. There is just something so incredibly satisfying about looking over a handsome crop. You see you own this crop, it becomes part of the person you are. You tend to it, think about it and watch over it just like you would a small child. Keeping the crop safe from disease, heat,'s a tricky balance...

Writing this blog is a great way for me document and keep notes on gardening practices that work well for me and when they work well for me, well naturally I want to share them with you! Today I have put together a gardeners guide on how to transplant seedlings.

As a gardener you may have heard the term hardening off your seedlings. This is a process that is done over a 7-10 day period of time so that seedlings become accustomed to strong sunlight, cool nights and less-frequent watering.

I shared the first segment of this two part series a month ago which is the Beginners Guide to Gardening.

I will be continuing this series all throughout the year. Some other topics on gardening that I have planned will include choosing basic gardening tools, how to deal with "dead," soil. (Which we have in our region of Texas.) Growing Lavender and poppies. If there are any other gardening topics that you'd like me to share please let me know.

Gardening is such a satisfying hobby for me, is it for you?

Thank you for joining Sadie and I today and happy gardening!

Spring is on it's way!

Homemade Dark Chocolate Truffles With Almond Butter

Hello friends and happy candy making day! It has been awhile since I shared a recipe with you. Seems I'm on a candy making kick these days. So in honor of love and dieting...and craving chocolate, I am happy to be sharing the one of the best and easiest homemade chocolate truffle recipe ever. Don't candy and dieting sound like an odd marriage? But when I diet I crave more chocolate! This is no ordinary homemade candy recipe, this candy is actually sort of healthy. I know you are saying "sure it is." However it's true, it is homemade dark chocolate truffles with almond butter and oatmeal!

Now, what I am wondering is this; what is your first reaction to this ingredient list...hmmm....I know what mine was!

"Whaaatttt......but the ingredient list got my attention.

Since the appeal of candy is normally it's sweetness, some type of sweetener is usually the primary ingredient. However my focus for this candy recipe was less sugar and sweetness along with a healthier mindset. So when I happened upon this dark chocolate truffle recipe in Cooking Light, I gave it a try. Let me share this recipe, and my thoughts with you.

Neat fact about these Almond Butter Chocolate Truffles is that you will have no guilt in eating one and you won't crash either. These terrific truffles are packed with 8 grams of protein 5.1 grams of fiber. Oatmeal never tasted so good!

Well here are my thoughts on these homemade dark chocolate truffles with almond butter. They are better the second day although very tasty on the first. This is a dense candy that forms well and holds its shape. They are great for presentation and no fail. I made my truffles about half the size of what the recipe suggested and they were just right. (Who wants one big piece of candy when they can have two smaller ones...are you with me!) The next time I make these truffles I am going to add vanilla extract. I suspect that you could add any of your favorite extracts to the almond butter/oatmeal mixture and really kick the flavor up nicely, as well as have a variety of candy choices.


Now, just add your favorite toppings and serve today, tomorrow or on Valentine's Day!

Thank you for joining me today!

If you have a major sweet tooth in your family you might like to try this peanut cluster candy recipe!

For more Valentine ideas you might like this post on Valentine ideas under Ten Dollars.

DIY Glittery & Glamorous Gardening Shoes

I am so thankful that gardening season is nearly upon us, just one more day of gray and I might just start to scream! I have just recently discovered that I need some new gardening shoes. My trouble is that I really can't justify buying a new pair of fun and flirty gardening shoes because I have several pair of old faded tennis shoes sitting in a pile in the garage. Those faded and tired old shoes have sat there for an entire season because I just couldn't come to terms with throwing them away. So I am going to share with you all how I turned those ugly shoes into glittery, glamorous gardening shoes for under ten bucks!

You see the way I see it is this; if Micheal Kors can produce a glitter sneaker that sells for $275.00, yes that is correct and ridiculous! I'll share my little secret on how we can make our own pair for under $9.95! Who knows we might just have a proposal for a business venture here...

So today is our monthly Ten on The Tenth !

Whoo Hoo! Bargains galore friends!

Links are at the end of this post and you and I won't want to miss out on a single one of them. I am always just as surprised and tickled as you as to what everyone else is creating and coming up with.

Let us begin at the very beginning of this nifty and thrifty project with this pair of old faded black pair of Mossimo tennis shoes from target. The inspiration for this project came to me when I was shoe shopping with some blogging friends. One thing led to another as we were chatting and laughing. ( I honestly don't think that they thought I'd follow through with this notion!) So today let's take these faded old tennis shoes and elevate them to gardening chic.

I am excited, are you!

Get Ready-this project can be completed in just 6 hours.



  • Glitter.
  • Mod Podge.
  • Scissors.
  • Painters Tape.
  • Paint Brush.
  • Measuring Cup.
  • Spatula/Spoon For Mixing.
  • Paper Towels.
  • Paper/Plastic to cover work space.
  • Tennis shoes.
  • Plastic container for modge podge and glitter.
  • Polyurethane spray to seal shoes.
  • Toothpicks to remove mixture from shoelace holes.


  • Cover work area.
  • Tape off shoes.
  • Mix Modge Podge and Glitter together for maximum sticking power. About 1 1/2 parts glitter to 1 part glue.
  • Remove laces from shoes before applying glitter and modge podge mixture.
  • Apply Mixture with paint brush and let dry for 3 hours and reapply mixture if desired.
  • Use toothpicks to "clean," out modge podge mixture on lace holes on shoes.
  • Once shoes are completely dry spray with polyurethane.
  • Lace shoes.

These glitter and glamorous gardening shoes are all ready to be sealed, laced and worn into the garden!

I think Sadie likes my new glittery shoes too, or maybe she likes the scent of the treat I have in my coat pocket....what do you think!

I think that there are so many possibilities with this project and the real key is to just let your imagination take you on the journey of creativity. Love to hear from you on how you would take this concept and make it your own!

Thank you for joining me and feel free to enjoy the creativity of the bloggers listed below!

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Please join me.

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Pink Depression Glass & A Romantic Table For Two

Welcome to day 4 of the second annual Romantic Valentine's Tablescape Blog Hop, where twenty bloggers have joined together to share their artistic interpretation of this sweet Holiday theme. All of the links to these creative bloggers are at the end of this post and truly there is something for everyone! Today I am happy to be sharing my Pink Depression Glass and my romantic table for two Valentine tablescape.

This inspiring event would not be possible without our talented friend Chloe of Celebrate and Decorate who brings this group together throughout the year.

Chloe welcomes individuals such as myself that love to do many things; crafting, gardening and decorating. I am not a professional decorator by any means. I just know that I have loved making my home feel and look welcoming since I was a young woman. My first whirl at decorating was when I was a kid and I made crepe paper curtains. So I guess what I am trying to say is this. Do what you love with passion and whether it is sewing, gardening, decorating or whatever just go for it, be authentic and be you!

Gosh time has flown by so quickly. Seems like we went to bed one night and woke up empty nesters! Throughout the year there are holidays that we celebrate without family around. However, I still enjoy decorating and I hope and pray that I always will! I view the holidays as a way for my husband and I to enjoy our time together as well as appreciate treasures of the past (many of these treasures are from the women in our family.) I lovingly bring out various China patterns, silver, mementos and linens while remembering the stories behind many of them. Last year I created this fun light and bright Valentine Table.

These pink depression glass plates were my Mother's and they are the anchor for my color choices for this Valentine tablescape...and of course I truly love anything that has a pink, blush, or rose tint!

For this Valentine tablescape I knew I wanted to keep it feminine. I also used these three key components to build upon. This simple outline helps to keep me on track, otherwise I wander.

  1. Colors(Pink, white, gold, green)
  2. Theme (Valentine)
  3. Centerpiece (Birdcage)

I layered the two depression plates on top of one another, then added the white birdcage on top of them. This added color, height and interest to the table. Of course because I do adore flowers, I added bouquets, garland and greenery too.

These rose tinted Mikasa wine goblets were a wedding gift from a friend and strangely enough I haven't broken one of them! I am sure I have just jinxed myself...

I love a romantic dinner with soft music, plenty of candles glowing along with a few twinkling lights tucked under the gold mesh table runner. Love twinkle lights!

China Noritake-Savanah (My Mother's)

I shopped the Wedding department at Hobby Lobby and that is where I found these white heart floating candles and they were only 99 cents a piece!

I wanted to dress up this birdcage so I added some narrow wire edged ribbon and a pearl necklace.

Seems every Valentine party should have a few nostalgic Valentines!

Not sure what our menu will be just yet.

But I do know what we will be having for dessert! Homemade dark chocolate truffles. Recipe will be shared next week! However if you are in need of candy recipe for this weekend try this crockpot candy.

Thank you so very much for joining me today. It means so much to me to have you visit and please download our Free Valentine Printable on our sidebar too!

I know it will mean a lot if you pop on over to visit the other tablescapes creators too-their links are listed below.

Now, please enjoy today's amazing tablescapes and hop right on over to Dining Delight!


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Spring Flowers And A Week Of Romantic Tablescapes

Hi everyone and welcome to February! February is a month of planning and preparation for Spring, both inside and outside our home here in Texas. Today I am sharing some Spring flower decorating ideas to help us all get through the Winter blahs. For more inspiration on this Valentine table just click right here!

This week I will also be sharing the sequel to How To Grow A Vegetable Garden From Seeds. In this gardening post I will discuss how to "harden off" your seedlings in preparation for planting in the garden. This week I am participating in a Romantic Tablescape Blog Hop (links to all of the participants are at the end of this post and you won't want to miss any of them!) Plus I will also be joining the creativity of Ten on the 10th and showing you how to save an old pair of sneakers from the dumpster for under ten bucks.

This was a little Spring vignette I put together on our family room mantle in our previous home.

I always enjoying dressing up our vintage rattan tea car, I can't believe she used to be brown!

I think I have a thing for pink and white tulips! I shared a little story right here on lessons I learned from a Farmhouse sink.

Geraniums do real well here in the Spring before the heat hits. I keep them inside for awhile so I can enjoy them. This was a fun little sweet and simple Valentine Vignette from a couple of years ago.

I went through a bundt cake craze, you can find one of my recipes right here.

Spring is coming!! I have so much to share with you this week, so your inbox may be a little fuller with post from me:)


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