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Terra Cotta and Cloche Vignette

cloche | August 28, 2013
This is a spot that has needed just a touch of something.  I wasn't  quite certain what it was that would perk up this spot on  my bookshelf until I came across these two charming glass cloche's at Michael's. The history of the glass cloche bell jar is quite interesting.  The  cloche was developed by the French.  The purpose was to protect  an early garden plant from frost. It is not the season for sprouting plants or protecting them from  frost, but I do have an abundance of marigolds blooming.  I picked a few and used  two marigold blossoms and tied a simple bow out of  twine around  their stems and placed them under the cloche.   The French knew that by placing the plant under the dome it would hasten the crop to maturity.  So, it seems that not only were they decorative they were are also very functional.  I like this seasonal arrangement and mix of terracotta and glass  together.  These two saucers were natural terracotta-In order to  achieve a scratchy chippy appearan

Polka Dot Brownies

brownies | August 25, 2013
I was simply looking for an extraordinary brownie recipe. So, I pulled out one of my many, many cookbooks, a 1985  Southern Living one to be exact.  Flipping through the pages  two pieces of notebook paper fell out with two recipes, in my handwriting. was my handwriting from a much  earlier period in  my life.  You know how when you are  younger you  experiment with different styles of writing?   This was my  period of loops and swirls.  Life was good in  1985-so this just  had to be a great recipe.  Please, please  do not ask me where  or who I copied this recipe from...It is as much of a  mystery  to  me as to you. But, honestly it won't matter one bit when  you bite into this  heavenly treat.  They are a cross between a  bar cookie and  fudge!  The consistency is amazing and they are oh so, so  easy.   I made a few little adaptations here and there just to take them to the next level of pure decadent delight!  Polka Dot Bar Cookies With Vanilla Frosting & Caramel I

Inspirational Thursday-Roses & Apache Blessing

Flowers | August 21, 2013
I bought two rose buds for myself and I would like to share  them  with you. What is the special occasion you may ask and I will reply - is there really any need for one? I spent a good bit of time picking them out, because it was a treat  for myself.  I was savouring the moment like it was a perfect piece  of  rich chocolate.   It was a splurge to remind me that I need to be  kind to myself.   "Would you like them wrapped up?"  The Florist asked. I hesitated for a moment thinking well they are just for me, so not  really.  But then I caught myself... "Why, yes I would, I replied."  With a slight lilt in my voice. The florist wrapped them gently and tied them with a very  special twine...I was smiling inside, these were my gift to myself.   Oh, I receive lovely and thoughtful gifts from family and  friends and the treasures they have given me are priceless. These rose buds were a gift to myself  to help me to  remember  to worry less,  find more energy and strength

Pink Vintage Lamps-Revisited

lamps | August 20, 2013
Well, the last time we visited about these adorable   Vintage  Pink Lamps    was when I returned from my  little visit to Oklahoma  in April. This is where I found  these two little dreamy pink lamps and also when I fell in love with adding pink as an accent to my formal living  areas. These little darlings actually work, however since they are dear to  me I am a bit leary of plugging them in on a full time basis. Because of their age, I would imagine that the wiring has seen better  days for full time use.   I have been carrying one of these pink and precious darlings with  me for several months, just in the event I might find the perfect lamp shade for them. It has been extremely challenging to find a perfect lamp shade for these two pink sweetie pies.  I suppose it is because of their age. (Hum...perhaps there is something for me to learn here...wink...) I really did not see this post going in this direction!  Perhaps,  I will just save this topic for another day... So, my current d

Banana Tres Leches Cake

banana | August 18, 2013
Have you ever experienced the joy of a moist, rich, buttery cake  soaked  in not one, not two, but three varieties of milk?  A cake which actually tastes best after being refrigerated overnight? And it all begins with a white cake mix and bananas that weren't  eaten in time... You know the routine, buy a bunch of bananas and there they sit. No one wants them on their cereal.  Oh there is always the banana bread, the banana cake and the banana muffins.  But truly I wanted to bake a real treat.   So, on this day I was just in the mood to step it all up a notch. First off, I had to begin with a mind set of forgetting about  counting calories, embrace every single bite and basically throw all caution to the wind.   This Tres Leches Cake recipe has some qualities of the poke cake,  which I adapted  from Betty Crocker. Correction on this recipe, 2 packets of whipped topping mix combined with 1 1/2 cups whipping cream whipped until spreadable

Inspirational Thursday-Be Ever So Still

Inspiration | August 14, 2013
Be ever so still, be ever so quiet, let the rush of the wind caress your weary limbs. Seek not to hear with your might...                                           But your soul. Rest quietly on these steps and hear the singing of the cicadas. If you listen carefully the rhythm of their song will quiet you. You will hear the perfect cadence of the life that has been designed for you and you alone.  You needn't question, wonder or worry. The smallest of creatures know their perfect plan.  Let nature engulf you and comfort you with the knowledge that you are right where you need to be. May peace reside in your soul always... Thank you to my daughter and her husband for these photos   they were taken at their home in Ft. Benning Georgia Please Join Me At These Parties: Travel Photo Discovery Fishtail Cottage

DIY Mid-Summer Wreath Makeover

burlap | August 12, 2013
So, seriously is Summer passing as quickly for you as it is for me? Seems as though June was just here and I was  busily preparing for  the 4th of  July.  I enjoy the traditions of this holiday, the potato salad, cookouts and  such and I always make a 4th of July for our front door and this  year was no  exception, but this Holiday is long gone and it is time  to do a wreath makeover. Well, Red, White and Blue are wonderful for the 4th, but not so  much for the upcoming months. So let me share with you how I took this Patriotic Wreath and  transformed it into a Mid-Summer Wreath, that will easily  transition you into Fall too. As cute as this was, it had to be taken apart.   Which I did, and only  left the white deco mesh.   Oh, I was really so close to cutting off all of the deco mesh too, but then it occurred to me, the fuller, the better.  I don't know why I suddenly had this epiphany, I should have know this all along. So, with snips here and there the old was gone and the new

Inspirational Thursday-Balcony Gardening In New Orleans

Balcony | August 07, 2013
As you know our journey to  New Orleans was a delight.  We  enjoyed good food, listened to great music, and appreciated the  natural beauty of a well loved City.  We also took a little walkabout and with camera in hand - this is what we saw!  Beautiful Balcony Gardening in New Orleans, where abundant  flowers and foliage are mixed together with wrought iron,  rich and  vibrant hues and a colorful History. Ferns and trailing vines grace this terracotta colored stucco home, I  could  almost envision a Historical figure  emerging from one of these  illuminating grey  doors.   Such a beautiful balcony garden graces this charming and cheerful  yellow home.  Planters with tumbling sweet potato vines,  periwinkles, and graceful trellises.   We watched tentatively as a mysterious looking fellow carefully watered each  and every  planter. Variegated spider plants, lime green foxtail fern, and a forest  green  pine tree enhance this nestled balcony. Perky peach blossom tinted balconies, accented

Pecan, Coconut and Strawberry Cupcakes

baking | August 06, 2013
Forever and ever I have loved  caramel frosting.  I remember Mom making this frosting, and me waiting for the smooth, rich, and  buttery  crystals on the spoon that had been used for stirring.  Heaven, I tell  you!  Well I whipped up some of this luscious frosting  and then I  needed something to frost!   Oh, you might think I should have baked first and then made the  frosting.  But, by now you know me- and well, this isn't the first  time  that I  have been known to put  the cart before the horse... For the sake of sensibility,  this recipe will begin with the cupcakes! I have been in the mood to experiment with cake mixes, this is one of those recipes and it really is quite delightful and simple.  I wanted to incorporate the fruits of the season into this recipe. Fresh strawberries are in the batter along with coconut.  I topped  the cupcakes with fresh blueberries from our local Farmers  Market  and spruced them up with white sprinkles.