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Six Autumn Wreaths

With Autumn just around the corner I wanted to share some Autumn Wreaths that you could easily make, and add to your front door, book case, patio, porch or in any spot that you desire. Wreaths look fabulous anywhere and are an economical way to add interest and texture to your home.                                                                Natural Fall Wreath I have included four of my own wreaths, these four wreaths had the top views over the past few years, the other two are included in my collection of wreaths on my Welcoming Wreaths Pinterest Board , where you will find nearly 400 pins to inspire you. I made this one last year using pine cones from Colorado and acorns from Texas. It is simple and natural.                                                                 Tinywhitedaisies Don't you just adore this natural wreath, so full and colorful.One of the many nifty things about it, is that it would take you right through Thanksgiving, without having to change a thing. I

Orange And White Fall Vignette

With the house coming along and the weather cooling off just a little, (you will laugh if I tell you what my reference for cool is-94 degrees) I developed an overwhelming need to decorate our cute little third story apartment for Fall. So when the Fall decorating bug hit me, I realized I had nothing to decorate with.   Really, how could that be-e ven though I thought I had brought everything to the apartment that I would need for our  stay, I didn't.   Well, it seems if I was going to decorate, then I was going to need to spend some money and I am feeling very thrifty these days.  I feel as though any "extra," change needs to be saved to go towards some pretties for the new house. So, my Fall decorating shopping spree had a pretty tight budget. My Fall decorating shopping spree took me all over the city. We just recently got a Big Lots, and I wanted to check it out. I love that p lace. It was my first time shopping there, and I found some super cute Fall items, plus a co

Our Home-From Sticks

Have I mentioned that we just nearly have a house made out of sticks, it is true. Did I  also mention that we are growing tired of our third floor apartment and that the heat is so wretched. Also, I would like to mention that I am enjoying decorating our Apartment for Fall! Totally amazed, enthused, anxious and maybe overwhelmed that our house went from  a spot of earth to this.  There were twenty men working on preparing the home site for the foundation to be poured, these men work long hard hours and really know their craft. Seeing is believing but wow, I am still having difficulty grasping that  ten days ago our house was nothing more than cement, plastic, and sticks on the ground. Oh, a little off the subject, but just look at this! I found a pair of boots that I am totally smitten with, well, I actually am lovin' the entire look- Oddly enough it appears that I like the same color in my clothing as my paint color, hum...                                                          

Snippets Of A Woman's Walk

I have been wanting to share some snippets of my morning walk with you all, my walks are my time for silence, contemplation, sorting, prayer, rejuvenation.  I have walked for years now, up hills and down, in cities, suburbia, around lakes and parks.   My walks with nature are my therapy session, I don't think I have thought of nature, and walking as "therapy," until I began to write this post...but yes this is what they are. They clear my mind as I snap a photo, listen to a dove, watch a deer. I am surrounded by nature where the forest meets the lake and  muffles the sound of humanity.  I no longer hear the rumble of laboring trucks or feel the urgency of the traffic as it blasts by me, making me shudder and grumble and mumble and say to myself- slowdown. As I age, I have found that I have to spend time with nature daily.  If I don't I become restless and anxious.  Being with God's creatures- such pure forms of creation soothe me and always remind me of how preci

5 Tips To Stay Motivated

As part of our   Aging With Style  series I have been reading about how motivated people stay  motivated.   Whenever we begin a self-improvement regime, begin a new career, a exercise routine, diet or let's just say anything. We usually begin highly motivated, and with a great attitude. Then as the days,  weeks, and months roll on, or something unexpected in life hits us, we can easily become discouraged and thrown off track. Motivation is amazing, but it is not magical, it does not come in a pretty package, or a pill.  But it can be harnessed.  I know, there are many "how to's," in the world-however these five tips are  reasonable, and easy to apply to anyone's life. Consistency  in applying these tips makes all of the difference for success in staying motivated. Tip 1~Think It-Feel It-See It Think, visualize, feel, breathe and write down what your goal is. Embed your goal into your heart, mind and soul.  Over time it will become a pattern, a way of life, a hab

Buy it or Leave it ~Reclaimed Finds

It is a happy Friday my friends, by the time you open your eyes from a restful sleep my husband and I  will be out at our home site meeting with the builder. Today is the day that the house begins it's journey of being framed and becoming our home.  Do I hear a round of cheers? I sure hope so, you are all the best. and you have kept my spirits up, and motivated me to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Thank you! In preparation for adding some architectural finds to our home, my husband and I have  been shopping in Dallas for some unique pieces. First stop was at Architectural Antiques were we discovered some reclaimed finds from cottages to mansions. I could not resist taking a photo of this Suit of Armor. But, before we pull out the pocket book, I thought I would ask you all what you think of some of these items. First up Suit of Armor-not my style, but would you buy it or leave it?? Wonder how this reclaimed light would look in the Foyer-buy it or leave it? We found quite

Five Tips To Refresh Your Patio & Porch

Today I am sharing our apartment patio,it is an eclectic assortment of finds as 98 % of  our home goods are in storage.   When we first moved here in May, my spirits were high, and I was motivated to garden on the patio.  We even brought quite a few plants with us, the dear movers, bless their hearts, packed these plants up three flights of stairs. I know, it sounds ridiculous now, just please overlook my crazy moments, moving does strange things to a gal. And then, just as we moved in- the wretched rain began, for one full month. The house plans slowed way down...  and I lost interest in my patio garden. I sound a little grumpy don't I...I know I do... I took a good long hard look over this past weekend at our patio. and I was a little shocked  on how I had neglected my garden patio. Right then and there, I said to myself, whoa Lady, you need to get with the program. So come on out with me, I'll turn on the fan and we will have some sparkling water. Have you ever had sparking