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Six Autumn Wreaths

With Autumn just around the corner I wanted to share some Autumn Wreaths that you could easily make, and add to your front door, book case, patio, porch or in any spot that you desire. Wreaths look fabulous anywhere and are an economical way to add interest and texture to your home.

                                                              Natural Fall Wreath

I have included four of my own wreaths, these four wreaths had the top views over the past few years, the other two are included in my collection of wreaths on my
Welcoming Wreaths Pinterest Board, where you will find nearly 400 pins to inspire you.
I made this one last year using pine cones from Colorado and acorns from Texas.

It is simple and natural.


Don't you just adore this natural wreath, so full and colorful.One of the many nifty things about it, is that it would take you right through Thanksgiving, without having to change a thing. I follow Tinywhitedaisies, her collection of photos are so inspirational and lovely.


                                                          Fall Wreath Make Over

This Fall Wreath make over, was a top post, so I felt I should include it in the selection.
Part of the reason it was such a hit, is because I made it from a Fourth of July Wreath.
I think it is interesting to see what we can recycle and reuse.

                                                                   Stone Gable

Yvonne over at Stone Gable has Autumn inspiration for everyone, you will find wreaths, recipes, outdoor and indoor decorating tips and more.
Her style and resources will not disappoint.


                                                         Burlap and Flowers Wreath

This was another popular wreath as well, I used florist picks, a straw wreath form and burlap
to make this for the Fall and Thanksgiving season.


                                                Burlap and Chevron Collegiate Wreath

As you know football and mums are big in Texas, so I sold these in my etsy shop last year.
They were a huge hit and I would customize them according to the college or pro team that
anyone wanted.  The letters were removable so that the wreath could be used throughout the Fall season.

I will be including Fall recipes,decorating ideas and recipes throughout the next few months.
I am also looking forward to participating in the upcoming Blogger Fall Tour.
It is going to be a wonderful treat for us all, so mark your calendars!


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Orange And White Fall Vignette

With the house coming along and the weather cooling off just a little,
(you will laugh if I tell you what my reference for cool is-94 degrees)
I developed an overwhelming need to decorate our cute little third story apartment for Fall.

So when the Fall decorating bug hit me, I realized I had nothing to decorate with.  
Really, how could that be-even though I thought I had brought everything to the apartment that I would need for our stay, I didn't.  

Well, it seems if I was going to decorate, then I was going to need to spend some money and I am feeling very thrifty these days.  I feel as though any "extra," change needs to be
saved to go towards some pretties for the new house.
So, my Fall decorating shopping spree had a pretty tight budget.

My Fall decorating shopping spree took me all over the city.
We just recently got a Big Lots, and I wanted to check it out. I love that place.
It was my first time shopping there, and I found some super cute Fall items, plus a couple of greeting cards-I think this may be a secret store to find some different seasonal items.
It was so well organized and everything was in it's place, I was impressed with the cleanliness and friendly staff.

Next up was my favorite store Hobby Lobby, we all love that store, don't we?  But you know I felt that their selection of Fall items, was not quite as good as last year, I am wondering if it is because they have their Christmas out too, and have dedicated more space to that, just wondering if you feel that way too.

My next stop was Jo- Ann Fabric, they seem to have such a miscellaneous selection of
fabric, crafts and seasonal that I always feel as though I have walked into an old Five & Dime store.  I typically only shop there if I am in a browsing sort of mood, they usually have a neat little 75% off aisle too-always fun to see what they have.
I love finding deals on decorating items-it is a fun feeling!

My final stop was T.J. Maxx, they had a few things out, but I couldn't seem to find anything that would fit in with my Orange and White Vignette, so I left feeling a little disappointed.
I suppose, it is always a bit of a hit and miss sort of shopping trip there anyways.

Have you started decorating for Fall?

Have a lovely weekend!


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Our Home-From Sticks

Have I mentioned that we just nearly have a house made out of sticks, it is true.

Did I  also mention that we are growing tired of our third floor apartment and that the heat is so wretched.

Also, I would like to mention that I am enjoying decorating our Apartment for Fall!

construction, frame, moving, building,
Totally amazed, enthused, anxious and maybe overwhelmed that our house went from 
a spot of earth to this.  There were twenty men working on preparing the home site for the foundation to be poured, these men work long hard hours and really know their craft.
Seeing is believing but wow, I am still having difficulty grasping that ten days ago our house was nothing more than cement, plastic, and sticks on the ground.

building process, breaking ground, plumbing

Oh, a little off the subject, but just look at this!
I found a pair of boots that I am totally smitten with, well, I actually am lovin' the entire look-
Oddly enough it appears that I like the same color in my clothing as my paint color,

choosing paint, colors for walls, gray paint

We will be using Sherwin Williams paint, so far I am partial to Basalt Powder, Into the Gloaming, and Gracious Greige.  
But still way too early to be certain, I do know that I want to stay away from green or yellow undertones.
Anyone have any experience with these colors or have a recommendation?

paint, gray, white, cream

I am discovering that the cabinet maker will be able to add some perfectly lovely features to our Built-Ins.

solid wood, decorating ideas, design ideas, knotty alder
I have been doing my homework and reading up on my style of decorating.
I felt that it was important to define my style for me, so that I would stay focused. 
I like knowing... the history especially of certain time periods-I find it all so romantic.
When I say romantic, I mean in the sense of decorating, architect, design, art, gardens-
not the lovey-dovey business. 

I can safely say this-my style is Gustavian French Country, some decorators refer to it as
Farmhouse French. If you are interested in what Gustavian really is-
the link is Gustavian Style .
For my own definition  it is Swedish style influence, combined with
a restrained interpretation of the French Louis XV and Louis XVI style. 
These will be my guidelines, and then you know me, I will toss in all of those irregular, beloved and treasured items which I have packed to and from.  
From that point on I guess I will just have to rename my

lighting for our home, french country, shabby chic, design


We have been shopping for lighting and meeting with our interior decorator.
She is guiding us along and sharing great tips on how to choose lighting for each room.
I did a post on choosing lighting over at The Women's Room.
You could hop right over and get some great insight on choosing lighting for a new home, or if you are updating your lighting~3 Steps To Choosing Lighting For A New Home

Building our new home,

My husband did get his over-sized garages-he has plans for crafting great goodies out of wood.
Watch out grand-kids-here comes some toy boxes:)

A little more of the story continues Here-Three Tips For Building A New Home.

Looking forward to seeing what happens this week!


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Snippets Of A Woman's Walk

I have been wanting to share some snippets of my morning walk with you all, my walks are my time for silence, contemplation, sorting, prayer, rejuvenation.  I have walked for years now, up hills and down, in cities, suburbia, around lakes and parks.  

My walks with nature are my therapy session, I don't think I have thought of nature, and walking as "therapy," until I began to write this post...but yes this is what they are.
They clear my mind as I snap a photo, listen to a dove, watch a deer.

I am surrounded by nature where the forest meets the lake and muffles the sound of humanity.  I no longer hear the rumble of laboring trucks or feel the urgency of the traffic as it blasts by me, making me shudder and grumble and mumble and say to myself-slowdown.

As I age, I have found that I have to spend time with nature daily.  If I don't I become
restless and anxious.  Being with God's creatures- such pure forms of creation soothe me and always remind me of how precious and fragile life is.  I never know what I will find as I go around the bend, today it was a Momma deer with her young twins.  The day before a lanky coyote was slinking across the path looking furtively behind him. 
Everyone of these photos came from my walk, just look at the beauty that surrounds us and until we are submersed with nature we have a tendency to miss it all.

It is in these quietest of moments in nature, that I relax, and breathe so deeply that it feels as though my soul has been purged of all of the years of a full life, I sigh.
I have lived a blessed life, much love, joy, gratitude as well as disappointments, loss and
illness, but it is a life that has been woven together so perfectly through Grace.
It has not been a perfect life-but I know that it has been stitched together perfectly.

I walk, and walk many miles, and several hours, sometimes I feel as though I am a wild horse that needs to free herself from the reigns, and bridle of society.
I wonder if this is the physical transition into yet another phase of life, a metamorphosis of growing older.  I am so grateful for the life God has given me, and I am looking forward to the chapters that await me.

Perhaps I walked too far today, and I am rambling...or perhaps I am the female version
of Foresst Gump as he walked, and walked.  
In any event, if you see a gal with a purple fanny pack, it is most likely me-come say Hi.

Any remember this too-
"Mama always said, life is like a box of chocolates .  You never know what you are gonna get."

How do you rejuvenate your spirit?


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5 Tips To Stay Motivated

As part of our  Aging With Style series I have been reading about how motivated people stay motivated. 
Whenever we begin a self-improvement regime, begin a new career, a exercise routine, diet or let's just say anything. We usually begin highly motivated, and with a great attitude. Then as the days, weeks, and months roll on, or something unexpected in life hits us, we can easily become discouraged and thrown off track.

Motivation is amazing, but it is not magical, it does not come in a pretty package,
or a pill.  But it can be harnessed. 
I know, there are many "how to's," in the world-however these five tips are reasonable, and easy to apply to anyone's life.
Consistency in applying these tips makes all of the difference for success in staying motivated.

Tip 1~Think It-Feel It-See It

Think, visualize, feel, breathe and write down what your goal is. Embed your goal into
your heart, mind and soul.  Over time it will become a pattern, a way of life, a habit. 
It will be who you are, a quality, an attribute-woven throughout your framework.

Tip 2~ Make A Plan

Define why this goal is important to you, what is it that you hope to achieve by embarking on this journey. Make a written list of what you hope to accomplish.  Having a physical list helps to hold us accountable and also helps us to remember.  

Lets remember this ; "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."

Tip 3~Break the goal up-Chunking

By breaking the goal up into pieces it makes it easier to visualize and navigate it.
This also helps to eliminate becoming overwhelmed, by organizing pieces of information into
smaller pieces (chunks) the goal seems reachable.
Anyone who trains for a marathon does not start out running 26.2 miles.

Tip 4~Stay Positive

The power of thinking positive is huge. Telling yourself that you can reach your goals, will help you stay motivated.  Write yourself affirmations, and post them on a mirror, a refrigerator, in your purse,  your walking shoes, a book, the mirror of your car.  Remember if you think you can, chances are you will.

Purposefully infuse your life with a positive attitude.

Tip 5 ~ Manage Mistakes

We are 100 percent human, so we are going to make mistakes.  Mistakes are a learning
opportunity.  Great growth comes from mistakes, the key is to learn from these mistakes and keep on moving.  Conduct regular self-examinations on how these situations were handled and how you would respond, handle and navigate them differently next time.  Write down a strategy, and a solution for when problems arise, it will help with managing mistakes. 

This 5 step process helps me to stay motivated, energetic and positive, do you
have any tips to share with us today, that work for you?


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Buy it or Leave it ~Reclaimed Finds

It is a happy Friday my friends, by the time you open your eyes from a restful sleep my husband and I will be out at our home site meeting with the builder.
Today is the day that the house begins it's journey of being framed and becoming our home. 
Do I hear a round of cheers?
I sure hope so, you are all the best. and you have kept my spirits up, and motivated me to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Thank you!

In preparation for adding some architectural finds to our home, my husband and I have 
been shopping in Dallas for some unique pieces.
First stop was at Architectural Antiques were we discovered some reclaimed finds from cottages to mansions.

I could not resist taking a photo of this Suit of Armor.
But, before we pull out the pocket book, I thought I would ask you all what you think of some
of these items.
First up Suit of Armor-not my style, but would you buy it or leave it??

Wonder how this reclaimed light would look in the Foyer-buy it or leave it?

We found quite a nice selection of wall sconces, we need six for our home.
We are placing two in the master bedroom, two in the family room, one in the foyer
and one in the powder bath. Buy or leave?

These glass vintage door knobs really did catch my eye, they are the real McCoy.
I am not sure if $15.00 a pop is a steal or a rip off, do you?

An element of French Country design is the use of  wrought iron accents.
I was pondering the notion of having a unique piece of wrought iron added to the front of our home and mortared in.  What do you think- buy it or leave it?

We found a bit of everything, antiques and hardware dating back to the 1800's.
Including a vast selection of international collectible furniture,
There was something for everyone from chicken coops to villas, a feast for the eyes!  

Wishing you a lovely weekend and as always be safe!


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Five Tips To Refresh Your Patio & Porch

Today I am sharing our apartment patio,it is an eclectic assortment of finds as 98 % of 
our home goods are in storage.  
When we first moved here in May, my spirits were high, and I was motivated to garden
on the patio. We even brought quite a few plants with us, the dear movers, bless their hearts, packed these plants up three flights of stairs.

I know, it sounds ridiculous now, just please overlook my crazy moments, moving does strange things to a gal.
And then, just as we moved in- the wretched rain began, for one full month.
The house plans slowed way down... and I lost interest in my patio garden.

I sound a little grumpy don't I...I know I do...

I took a good long hard look over this past weekend at our patio. and I was a little shocked 
on how I had neglected my garden patio.
Right then and there, I said to myself, whoa Lady, you need to get with the program.
So come on out with me, I'll turn on the fan and we will have some sparkling water.

Have you ever had sparking water-oh my goodness it is so refreshing,
all of those little bubbles.
It is my new favorite drink, of course I still like diet coke, and probably always will...
especially if you also have some Doritos to munch

1. Add Art

Lighten and brighten up outdoor corners and niches with Art.

So many great places to find outdoor Art nowadays.If you have a generous patio overhang
you won't need to be concerned with Art that is not specially made for the outdoors.
The overhang will protect your art and your furniture.

2.  Add New Pillows

Pillows fade fast in direct or indirect sunlight, and you might just not have noticed how drab
they have become.  Now is the time to find some great prices on Summer outdoor pillows.
They will brighten up your outdoor spaces immediately.

3.  Add A  Bouquet

We are in between Seasons,here in North Texas.
It isn't Fall, and it seems like it shouldn't be Summer-

Depending on your climate it can be more cost efficient to purchase some fresh flowers than invest in bedding plants to brighten up patio tables or refresh your containers.
I chose some fragrant and vibrant Stock to do just that.

4.  Add Some Succulents

Succulents will grow anywhere, nearly in any climate for nearly anyone.  
You should seriously jump on board this party boat, because succulents are a great way
to add interest, color, and texture to any spot on your porch or patio.

5.  Add A Lantern or Two

Lanterns- in all shapes and sizes provide a great warm glow to any outdoor space.
I found this one at World Market for 90 percent off, this is the time to buy those outdoor goodies. 
Most retailers are gearing up for the upcoming Holidays, and want to get rid of 
Summer time decorations.
So, now my patio is ready and waiting to be decked out for Fall, I can't wait-
here I come Hobby Lobby...smiles....

Any tips on how you refresh your outdoor space?


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