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8 Terrific Stocking Stuffers For Women

It is as important for me to take care of my skin as it is to eat well, exercise regularly and 

maintain a good attitude. 

I have extremely sensitive skin and I have to be ever so careful with the products that I use.

I also needed to update some of my makeup, my cosmetic bag had seen better days and I 

had used up all my lipstick.

"Mother Hubbard's cupboard," was essentially bare.

So over the course of the last year I have been trying out a few new facial products.

I have picked eight of my favorite facial products to share with you today and I also wanted 

to tell you a little bit about them and I why I think they would be terrific stocking stuffers.

1. It Cosmetics give a flawless airbrush glow by incorporating peptides, hydrolyzed collagen and antioxidants, this line of cosmetics is also referred to as a problem-solving color cosmetic.
I love how it helps to hide my dark circles and blend in the Melasma  on the sides of my face.
 2.Block Island Organics manufactures an amazing product that cares about how it formulates it's sunblocks and other products. 
It is a moisturizer, as well as a broad spectrum sunblock providing protection against UVA and UBA rays, by using Vitamin E and C, zinc and other ingredients.
I am outside walking daily and I have to wear a sunblock to protect my skin.
Block Island makes an affordable and soothing sunblock that I can easily wear daily with or without makeup.

3.Lip Sheer cares for my lips.
It provides just a hint of color, is long lasting, ultra moisturizing and uses plant based ingredients.

4.Smell The Roses Hydration Spray  is a hydrating spray to spritz over your makeup.
This is a great spray to use during the Winter months. 
I enjoy how it hydrates, nourishes, detoxifies and calms my skin.

5.Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain is long lasting custom color for cheeks and lips.
Also all of Jane Iredale skin products are proud to be cruelty free and many of their products are also gluten free and vegan based.

6.L'Occitane enriched shea butter is like a balm to my skin and leaves it so soft.
It feels so soothing on my dry Winter hands and the lingering scent is heavenly. 
Even my oldest granddaughter commented on how good I smell!

7. Stephanie Johnson Astrology Cosmetic Pouch  is such a clever little bag. 
When I saw this bag I thought how perfect for many of the young woman in our family.  
It is such a great size and I like the little tassel too.

8.LeSportsac Nylon Cosmetic Bag  is a very reasonable priced bag and perfect to slip into
a larger purse. 
Keeps everything organized, with such a clever saying too.
"You look Fabulous!"

Just a little news about the house and moving.

We would have been moving into our new home this week, but with the rain, it has delayed 

us a couple of weeks. 

So, we are moving out of the apartment this Tuesday and into a Hotel for the rest of the 


I just hope that my paperwhites will bloom in the Hotel Room!


We Have a Winner For Vinegar!

Hello all, I surely hope that you all had a simply wonderful 


We spent quality time with our families and I am looking 

forward to sharing some of the highlights of the day with you

all later on in the week.

But for today I am announcing the winner of the vinegar

giveaway, I am a day late, so please forgive me.

We have just been enjoying Thanksgiving so much for 

several days.

                                                            She Wears Many Hats    

Our winner is Diane from Lavender Dreams

Congrats Diane, just send me your address via email!

I have included some great salads from my

Pinterest Salad Board and the links to the original source.

                                                                BHG~ Healthy Pasta Salad

I thought some of the flavored vinegars might just be a great 

alternative to the higher calorie salad dressing.

Not totally sure, but one never knows.

                                              I Heart Eating ~ Cranberry Spinach Quinoa Salad

Thinking of you all and sending wishes for a good weekend.


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The LIfe I Almost Didn't Have

I am thankful for the life I almost didn't have.
I don't say much about it, I never have, I sort of let folks think that I just sailed through it, I have at times almost convinced myself of that too. 
That having colon cancer within a year after going through a divorce with young children is a breeze.
I will tell you this, it is not.
cancer, faith, life, divorce, inspiration, athomewithjemma

There were many things that got me through that year of surgery and chemotherapy.
Holding onto my dreams, longing for serenity, good friends.
Thank you Laura and Alice, my Mom, and my children, oh yes, those children of mine.
The smiles, the golden locks, the beauty and longing to spend time with them and watch them grow, and my Faith.

cancer, life, divorce, faith, hope, God,

I have tried on all sorts of hats to fit the part. 
I have been strong, I have been weak, I have been scared and I have been brave. 
I have even laughed at the notion of death.
Because I had my family and God.

cancer, fear, hope, faith, God, love, family, athomewithjemma

I have felt as though I walked alone even when I have been 
engulfed with love. 
Who fights those battles of the mind, at night, alone, in a 
bed when nausea engulfs your entire being.
Thoughts begin to rage like a fire that cannot be stopped.

colon, cancer, faith, family, God athomewithjemma

When children need to go to dances, music lessons and friends must spend the night.
While you hang your head over that porcelain friend, and somewhere in the heavens stars twinkle in the night.

chemotherapy, cancer, fear,

I have pretended it was all fine, when it wasn't, and finally now in the waning years of my life, it seems fitting to share the hurt, anger and frightening moments of those 365 days of that year.
Was there any way that I could have shared my story then. With children so young, fragile and naive. 
Could I really have told my Mother the fear I felt, when she had already lost one child?

colon, cancer, chemotherapy, faith,

Instead I swallowed it all away in one big gulp in my hospital room and vowed to never share the burden of my life, or the one I almost didn't have. 
Maybe I was too afraid, instead of being brave.
cancer, faith, love, hope, cancer, chemo, surgery,

But today on this day, the day before Thanksgiving nearly 20 years after my sealed fate.
I can tell you and myself, how thankful I am for the Life I almost didn't have.

Sending love and wishes for you to have a very Blessed
Thanksgiving Day.

A Baked Potato & Giveaway

This week officially kicks off the beginning of the Holidays and when the cooking begins.

Kitchens all across the country are brimming with cooks in aprons, chopping boards 

covered with celery and ovens bursting with pies.

In fact, my husband and I were just reminiscing about the joys of Thanksgiving of years 

long ago and what our favorite desserts were.

For my husband it was coconut cream pie, while mine was the perfect homemade pumpkin 

pie with whipped cream.

With sweet splurges like these throughout the next month, I have decided that I am going

to save my calories for the pies, snacks, and Christmas candy.

Nakano is here to help me stay on track with their tasty Sinless Seasoned Rice Vinegar.

These flavorful Natural, Gluten free Seasoned Rice Vinegar products will help us all to 

swap out high calorie condiments and unnecessary fat in our everyday meals 

without sacrificing flavor.

Good news is you can find Nakano Seasoned Rice Vinegar in most grocery stores.

I am going to be mindful of what I put on my plate and keeping up my exercise regime too.

You will remember a few months ago we discussed Aging With Style and staying Healthy.

During these Winter months it is even more important that we stay moving and motivated 

so that we don't have unwanted pounds and achy joints when Spring arrives.

In keeping with this healthy mindset my husband and I have a salad every night and at 

least once a week we add an Idaho baked potato to our meal.  

I did grow up in Idaho on a potato farm, so I will always have a part of that State in my heart.

To cut on fat and calories for our Idaho Russet potato we switched out the butter and sour 

cream for the Garlic Rice Vinegar.

The taste of the potato was amazing and sinless!

By doing this we saved 26g of fat and 205 calories.

When I discover good things in life that make me and those I care about happier and 

healthier I want to share the goodness, this is why I chose to do this post! 

This is when I began to think that this Seasoned Rice Vinegar would also make a super 

Holiday gift for the people in my life who want to cut the unnecessary calories and fat in 

their diet too. 

Maybe the daughter who loves to run, or the friend who is crazy over yoga.

Just make up a little gift basket with a few other goodies and surprise them with 

your thoughtfulness.

Now it is your turn to share how you will use Nakano Rice Vinegar on your meals...

Drawing will be through Random Number Generator and winner will be announced this 


Product will be shipped directly from distributor.


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Texas Celebrate~A Blog Hop

Good Afternoon my Dears, I am so excited to share this news with you today.

In just a few weeks, a gathering of Texas bloggers will be baking, dressing, decorating

and celebrating Christmas in the Lone Star State, for a blog hop.

It won't be the same sort of fun without you all, so please stop by for a visit December 7-11, 


                                                                  Coco Rose Textiles

We will be sharing how we gussy up our homes, in our own special decorating style.

                                                               Pure Passion Magazine

That surprises are some of the very best part of Christmas, no matter what your age.

                                                                             The Knot

A little velvet ribbon and Christmas ornaments make all the difference to any table setting.

                                                                    Coco Rose Textiles

There will be joy, whimsy, and thankful hearts at every stop along the way.

                                                Hosted By Stacey ~ Poofing The Pillows

We are all looking forward to seeing you in Texas!

Happy Saturday!


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Paperwhites ~ A Time To Grow

The joy of nurturing will always delight me; my children, family, friends, and flowers.                   
But today I spend time with the Paperwhite.                                                                              
Waiting and watching with quiet anticipation, as the tender white blossom unfurls it's 

fragrant petals-when just a few weeks ago, it was artlessly, a brown bulb, hibernating 

quietly from months of rest.

Slowly stretching, perhaps even a yawn may be heard if one listens and respects the

sounds of nature, as the restful moments give way to reawakening.

It is extraordinary how something can be transformed from an object which appears to be                                                                        

                                         Into a perfectly orchestrated something.

                   Slumber time is over, dusty gray begins to give way to green and growing.

                Perhaps even a little gaunt, while greedily reaching toward the morning glow.

               Each tender blossom must be treasured, for the season of living is so fleeting.

              Hold on to the fragile moment of every hour, drink in the fragrance of the day.

                             Do not waste, or muddle your time in worrying.

                        Be as if you were the flower and make this your time to grow.


And so my dears, it is time to plant your Paperwhites in order for them to grow while 

providing you with joy and spectacular blooms for Christmas.

When you click on the above link it will take you to one of my very first posts-on growing 

Paperwhites. Here is another link for more information on growing Paperwhites as well.

Have a joyful weekend and be good to yourself,


Please Join Me~

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DIY~Pom Pom Winter Wreath

I have been thinking about making a Pom-Pom wreath for at least a year, maybe even 

more, but I have always talked myself out of doing so.

But not this year, in fact I turned up the Christmas music, lit my Christmas candle and set to 

work to make this DIY Pom-Pom Winter Wreath.

You know I like this wreath because it reminds me of...



snow balls, which then of course,

leads us to snowmen, which I always, always loved to make when I was a child.

But this is another story that I will share when we get closer to Christmas.

So here we go, just imagine a light dusting of snow, hot cocoa steaming on your craft table

and you and I about to begin this wonderful craft project.

Now, you know this pom-pom wreath could be made out of any color of yarn, so if you

want color, then seize the moment and do it!

But since I wanted to keep the look crisp, light, and reflecting frosty Winter 

mornings and snowy afternoons, I used white.

For more Winter White Inspiration hop on over to my Metallic and White Christmas Mantle  

The directions are below, and very easy to follow.

DIY~Pom-Pom Winter Wreath
~ 1 Large and 1 medium pom-pom maker
~ Simply Soft acrylic yarn: white. 
~ Flat white florists wreath (in the diameter of your choice)
~ Hot-glue gun and glue sticks or fabric glue.
~ Pom-pom trim
~ Decorative Ribbon (for hanging wreath)
~ Sharp scissors


I have included a Youtube Video for instructions on how to use the pom-pom maker.

These little pom-pom gadgets are amazing to use and the pom-poms work up very quickly.

Make enough pom-poms to cover the front of the wreath form.
 (I made 3 sizes, I trimmed some of the pom-poms to make them smaller)

After all my pom-poms were made I "shaped," them because I wanted a uniform look.

Glue pom-poms to wreath form using fabric glue or hot-glue gun, alternating sizes.

Glue one end of the pom-pom trim to the back of the wreath form, and wind the trim around 

the wreath, filling spaces between the larger pom-poms.

Glue trim end to back of the wreath.

The video is only about 4 minutes long, and if you haven't used a pom-pom maker 

before, I highly recommend watching it.

Now, I am a little obsessed with making pom-poms, I will not lie.

So in my next post I  will be embellishing pillows with handmade pom-poms...wink...


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Winner Of Darren Gygi Hydrangea Print

Thank you to all who entered the  Darren Gygi Hydrangea Print, giveaway!

I appreciate all who stopped by and visited.

The winner of the giveaway is Kim from Exquisitely Unremarkable, Kim please email me

your address and I will send this giclee print out immediately.

This week I will be sharing some creative DIY projects on making and using pom pom's for

Christmas, as well as an Angel Cake.  

Until tomorrow!


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