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Vintage Decorating With Pumpkins

Welcome to day two of decorating with pumpkins.

This little Fall vignette is on the mantle in our family room. I have 

chosen to keep the colors more muted with a bit of a natural feel.

I have shopped my home for most everything placed here, including 

the pumpkins.  Those on the wreath I have had for years.  In order 

to give them a little glow and cover up some imperfections I painted 

them with metallic acrylic paint-a soft champagne color.

I have inverted two rustic, chippy pots and placed natural burlap 

pumpkins on top of them,  I like the simplicity of the burlap on the

wreath and pumpkins.    In order to add some height I placed some 

beloved antique books underneath them.  

A few weeks back, on a Saturday afternoon I went to one of our 

local antique shops and was delighted with this window!  I had been

looking for one with panes, but this one had the best asking price of

15 dollars, so I just could not pass it up.  After a good washing a 

little sanding and some lettering it was ready for our mantle.

You know how I love to make my wreaths.  I got a bee in my 

bonnet about wanting to create one out of chicken wire.  So, off to 

Home Depot I went and bought a little roll.  First I cut the wire, then

shaped it to the form that I wanted and wired it together.

After a few puncture wounds-wearing gloves next time...I wove

burlap throughout the chicken wire, added a burlap bow, my glazed

pumpkins and some flowers! 

So, keep it simple.  Use what you have, paint a pumpkin if it needs

a lift, dust off an old wreath and give it an update.  Turn a pot over,

or use an old vase, add a little pumpkin or two and you are ready 

for Fall!

Please join me on Wednesday for another fun tip on decorating with


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Simple Ways to Decorate With Pumpkins

So, let us begin day one of decorating with pumpkins with 

with the sad tale of a recipe gone wrong and a little cake

that no one wanted.  You will need a comfy chair and possibly a 

tissue for a tear which you might shed.

The day began with a festive table runner freshly ironed, the glow 

from a beloved light, a very old recipe that I was trying to rework 

and a sad little cake all frosted, decorated and that no one wanted.

Truly the only thing pretty and redeeming about this little cake

was her decorative top knot-a happy and bright orange pumpkin.

It really wasn't the cakes fault, it was mine and I do apologize, 


I had spent a few hours searching for a cake that utilized a cake mix, 

was well suited for transportation, and one that I could decorate with

an air of festivity ( A pumpkin) wink~

After all who could resist a German chocolate cake mix infused with 

chunks of ooey gooey milkyway pieces, orange frosting and of 

course a top knot with a festive pumpkin?  

Would you...seriously?

Well of course you wouldn't or couldn't!  

The trouble that I ran into, and I am filled with remorse,  is that I

tried to substitute 1 (9.9 ounce) dry package of coconut-pecan 

frosting mix with my homemade version.  

You see, this is a quite an old recipe and unfortunately this dry 

packaged frosting mix is no longer made. 

Alas-my cake became the little cake that no one wanted. 

However, I do console myself that my cake did have her moment of 

glory with her little photo shoot and pumpkin top knot!

Wishing you all better days of baking or substitution baking and a 

simple way to decorate with a pumpkin!

See you on Tuesday with another way to decorate with Pumpkins!

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Halloween Wreath Winner

I would like to thank all of you entered the Halloween Wreath 

giveaway, it is closed now.  Rafflecopter randomly picked the 


Congratulations to Mary Alice from Chateau Chic !

Inspirational Thursday-New Orleans Garden District

In July we took a fun trip to  New Orleans.  We thoroughly 

enjoyed so many aspects of the city but one of our very favorites 

was the Garden District.  It too, is rich with history and so much 


My husby and I rode the trolley to the Garden District and then set 

out on our own little walk about.  Naturally it was hot and humid, 

but this did not deter our zest one bit!

Some homes in the District seem to be better preserved than others, 

but never the less they are still beautiful and amazing structures.  So 

much of the architecture is Greek Revival. 

The Garden District was developed between 1832 and 1900 and is 

considered to be one of the best preserved collections of historic 

southern mansions in the United States.  

As you can see the homes are very nestled and somewhat hidden 

behind very large trees and heavy black wrought iron fences and 

gates, also a typical style during this era. 

The Garden District was the place for the new wealthy to set up

their households in genteel style.  In particular these homes 

showcased the essential British element of taste; the personal garden.  

These homes demonstrated the latest in Victorian elegance, a 

melange of high styles gleaned not just from the Spanish and 

French but also includes the Italians and British. 

When we got home I was curious as to what the lowest listing price

was for one of America's most historic neighborhoods-$855,000!  

Would you spend those dollars to live in the Garden District?

Please Join Me~

Travel Photo Discovery

Halloween Wreath Giveaway

I have so enjoyed making this Halloween Wreath for my first 

giveaway, it is just a little way to say thank you for joining me.

It measures approximately 15 inch inches in height and width.  The 

frame is wire, so it is very light.  It can be hung anywhere, but if 

you do hang it outside it will need to be in a sheltered area away 

from rain, sleet, snow and heavy wind.

You know, I always make my wreaths and then live with them 

awhile.  When I made this one, I felt it needed just a bit more

sprucing up to feel festive. So I added some cats, then some feathers

and in order to tie it all together incorporated the faux pearls from 

the bow to the feathers.  The cats are attached with just a smidge of 

hot glue-so you could remove them after Halloween and use this 

wreath through Thanksgiving. 

It needs a home now-so I hope you will all enter the giveaway!

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doing so.  We can also stay connected on Pinterest, Twitter and


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Stanley Hotel and Fire Engines

Do you remember the novel and movie The Shining?  The novel 

written by Stephen King, the movie directed by Stanley Kubrick.

This is the Stanley Hotel, where the inspiration for the novel began. 

I have taken the liberty to do some editing on picmonkey.

After all, it is one of America's most haunted Hotels.

In reality it does not look haunted at all.  This is how the Hotel truly 

looks.  A beautiful, gracious property built in 1901, by Freelan 

Oscar Stanley, an American businessman who along with his brother

co-founded the Stanley Motor Carriage Company.

 It is located in Estes Park Colorado and is just minutes away from 

The Rocky Mountain National Park.  The day that we were there, it 

was filled with the hustle and bustle of an afternoon wedding.

There is a fascinating story behind the story of The Shining. 

 I have included the link if you would like to read it.  Just click the 

link and scroll down to background The Shining-Novel

I thought how interesting it would be to attend a Costume Party at 

this fascinating and Historic Hotel which sets 7,500 feet above sea 

level, on groomed grounds and nestled in mountain pines.

You can see that the day was just lovely, so much sunshine, fresh  

air and these delightful fire engines.

Can you imagine being responsible for putting out a fire with this 

engine, just look at how all of the hoses, nozzles and contraptions  

are on the front of the engine and threaded here and there.

I was so taken with this hood ornament-and look at the shine.  Must 

get a good polishing every single day.

You may wonder did we see any friendly ghosts, perhaps a cup of 

tea move mysteriously across an end table or did we see Mr. Stanley 

himself ?  We did not-but please stop by on Friday to enter for 

the Halloween Wreath giveaway it is spooktacular!

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Welcome Fall Entry Vignette

Although the weather outside is still a tad bit warm and muggy, I am 

in full blown Fall mode.  I have decided that if I wait for the weather

to tell me it is Fall, I will have to wait for a very long time and, I am 

just am not willing to wait.  

And so I shall begin to welcome Fall.  I have many ways to 

welcome Fall and since I am admittedly a bit of a pack rat, thanks to 

age and saving many, many treasures. I no longer have to purchase 

any decorations. (Unless of course I feel as though I must!)  Just 

another great thing about getting older, I have stuff!

All of these marvelous orange pumpkins, golden baubles, 

copper whatnot's, burnished leaves, and tattered burlap reside in a 

very special box in the attic marked "fall."

I must tell you, that to those around me I appear rather matter of 

fact about the business of decorating, but deep inside me...well...I 

am smiling-giddy, happy!   I have always loved to decorate, ever 

since I was just a child. 

You see, my parents had an old travel trailer.  It was a rather beat up

old vacation vehicle, but it did serve it's purpose.  However, I wanted

to spice it up a bit.

So, my Mom let me spend some allowance money on crepe paper.  I

suppose by now you are getting the picture...not a great one is it-oh


Well with pink and blue crepe paper, scissors and tape in hand I 

began to make curtains.  I am sure they were just lovely-wink...

So a tweak here and a tweak there I found myself in the midst of 

enjoying decorating. Those childhood days are now just a fond 

memory.  Once a girl, now a woman who has a passion for creating 

spaces that reflect love, joy, happiness and inspiration.

So, please join me in my reflective mindset, welcome Fall, embrace

lost youth, give gratitude where it is do and for certain never ever

take the love of crepe paper lightly!

I am so excited to share with you that I am going to have my first

giveaway!! Yippee-it will be this week and it is a Halloween Wreath!

Details to follow! Thank you all for being such great blogging 


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Inspirational Thursday-Magnificent Mountains

You know, I grew up in the West where nature is bigger than 

mankind.  Where you remain humble in spirit because you are 

surrounded by magnificent mountains that stretch for thousands and 

thousands of miles. 

Where never ending blue sky and puffy white 

clouds seem to be within arms reach.

"Great things are done where men and mountains meet."
~William Blake~

Where natural beauty moves your heart and soul to ache.

Gushing mountain streams from melting snow cap peaks

race with abandon around curves and corners,

with absolutely no fear or wonder what their density might be.

Simple sweet serenity rests on each mountain ridge.

Cool, clear mountain lakes surrounded by pungent evergreen forests 

where  deer, elk, bear, wolf and eagles call home.  A gentle 

reminder for mankind that we are not the almighty.

Pristine mountain air, gentle sunsets and mountain breezes.  

Peaceful, calm, no storms of life, no rush of words, no ego's.

The essence of the magnificent mountains calms, 

quiets, reassures that all is well.

(All Photos in this Post taken by Jemma while enjoying the Mountains in Colorado)

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Fall Birdcage Vignette

I am so pleased with the use I have gotten out of my two Bird Cages.

They are no longer in my garden, they have been rinsed off, 

freshened up and ready for the indoors and Fall.

I feel as though the time they spent out of doors gave them a bit 

more character and a little more of a chippy attitude, which is what I 

was looking for.  Don't you just love vintage with an attitude!  You 

might remember my post back in April Birdcage In My Garden

Well here they are now-ready for Fall.

You know, I wasn't a instant fan of burlap, at least in my home.  I

enjoyed seeing how other people used it in their homes, but I was

a late bloomer in that department.  Of course now I use it as 

accent pieces throughout my home.  I found these darling burlap

flowers and pumpkins at HL-40 % off -such a sweet little deal.

I really could not make them for this price.

I started wondering why it was that I was hesitant to add burlap,

and then it occurred to me that it was because I grew up on a farm

and burlap was synonymous with grain and potato sacks!  Well,

once I overcame that hangup, I was all over the burlap craze!

Pumpkins, burlap, chrysanthemums and of course apples.  Fall

and apples just go together-so when I spied these red wooden apples

I knew my vignette was well on its way.  

I play around with my vignettes.  They move from location to 

location until the perfect spot is found.  Sometimes it is the light that

is the deciding factor, other times it is the space.   

For this Fall Vignette I chose both lighting and location.  You know

what they say "location, location, location."  This little end table has 

it all and really shows off the best of my birdcages.

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