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Trading Spaces

Aging | April 30, 2015
As we visit one another in our supportive networks of cozy kitchen tables, nestled desks, chippy furniture, silver, and Boho styles there are many of us who are, or have been in the last year, trading spaces. I have listened to you, gleaned tips from you, and now it seems it is my turn. My husband and I are trading spaces, we are leaving the fences of suburbia behind. Those comforting dividers that keep us all neatly lined up in a row. Those familiar white picket, brown or iron structures which whisper, this is my space and that is yours. This perfectly defined space which is familiar, comfortable, it is what I am accustomed to. It is home. We are trading the spaces of suburbia for a little more space, not too far from home. A few acres in Rockwall County Texas, where the bobcats and coyotes roam. This is our home site, imagining all of the possibilities and at the same time feeling, well.... As though I am living in an ambiguous position these days, The place where one says-is it this

Spring Wreaths Galore

Decorating | April 30, 2015
Wreaths are sort of my thing and they have been forever, now. I just love figuring out how to dress up my front door, a sideboard, hutch, even a greenhouse door. I am all about burlap, yarn, grapevine and such. Everyone has a craft that just sort of brings them joy and making wreaths is one of mine.                                                                                Source Well, it is Spring time and Spring is symbolic for fresh and new beginnings. So, ladies it is time to spruce up our front doors. I have been busy searching for some creative and inspiring wreaths and here are a few which caught my eye and  I think you may enjoy taking a peek as well.                                                            Spectacular Spring Wreaths                                                                       Liz from Hometalk asked me if I would enjoy curating a Spring Wreath Board , because just like you, she knows I love, love wreaths, so for more inspiration just click on th

Best Fruit Salsa Ever

avocado | April 27, 2015
I have a recipe to share, it is the best fruit salsa ever, no kidding. Texas gals know their salsa, and I have been here long enough (30 years) to claim residency. So come on over to my backyard and let me cook some shrimp on the barbie and serve you, my friend, the best fruit salsa ever. Growing up in Idaho, garlic powder and black pepper were the most zesty things that I ever tasted. But once we crossed the Red River and settled in the southwest, cooking took on an entire different flair, and I love it. It is going to have some zing and zest to it, because that's how we do salsa in this home. Serrano's oh yes, garlic, onions, lime juice...oh yum... It is fresh, healthy and pretty. Easy to make, just allow yourself a little prep time. The table is set, the grill is hot, it is nearly supper time! xoxoxo Please Join Me~ Ivy and Elephants Style Sisters Cedar Hill Farmhouse

Treasures For The Garden Winner

contest | April 26, 2015
All my goodies from LTD Commodities, a Time To Bloom showcase, arrived in a very timely manner, well wrapped, intact and not one thing broken. I am particularly partial to the garden Angel, she reminds me a bit of a Santos Cage Doll. Sarah, who oversaw this give away was on top of everything and I appreciate that so much. Congratulations to our winner Marigene from  Mimi In the Middle Of No Where Marigene enjoys finding treasures from thrift stores and creating charming tablescapes. I am sure she will find something to strike her fancy. If you haven't met this talented lady stop by and say Hi. Marigene, please send me your email, and I will give you the instructions to claim your gift card. I wish there was a gift card for each one of you, my sweet readers and friends. I appreciate your thoughtful comments and friendship so very much. There will be another giveaway soon!        Until then, get out your camera and snap a photo of your favorite gnome for this          Let Your Gnome

A Grandmother's Rocker

Angles Attic | April 21, 2015
This was a Grandmother's Rocker, a rocker that sat on a Texas porch. Creaking as it swayed, wobbling as it is rickety- in the soft, sunny and humid days of a steamy Texas afternoon. I found this treasure at Angels Attic , a mission store that our Church operates in our community. I volunteer here a few times a month, in the Furniture Hospital, and on this particular morning I was greeted with an extra dose of cheerfulness. "Good Morning," various volunteers chortled as I walked to the back of the store. "Something great, just came in and you are going to love it." And I did the very moment I saw it. My volunteer friends know me well, I am becoming known as the "Stuff Collector." You know how some people are known as the crazy cat lady. You get the picture.... Anyway, whenever you spend a few hours or a day volunteering , you are sure to enjoy the fellowship from the various personalities of the ladies who work here. Always a tale to share, mixed togeth

The Other Side of Fifty

Aging | April 21, 2015
Will you walk with me as the storm clouds move West, and the sweet scent of rain caresses the rolling meadows, while cheerful Bluebonnets dance between blades of grass. Just beyond the fence posts we hear the powerful rumble of thunder, Mother's Nature signal that the Season's are changing, just as you and I are. You might be twenty, forty, sixty, eighty... However rest assured we are all aging and with grace we will all be on the other side of fifty one day. So please stay and visit awhile, you won't be disappointed, I dare say there is something here today for all. We all are at varying season's of life, for some of us the walk may be slower, the eyes not as bright. But the spirit...oh..the spirit is alive, vibrant, eager and well. Anxious to embrace it all, run with the wind, sing in the rain and grab each moment. Some of those precious moments slip by us,  and then as age teaches us- so many life lessons, we notice certain things and say to ourselves "oh, I rea

Treasures For The Garden

decorations | April 19, 2015
You know by now, that I love to Garden, whether it be in Containers, Greenhouses, raised Flower Beds, or a traditional garden spot and I know that many of you all do too. So, when  LTD Commodities offered a gift card for you and I to purchase some goodies from their awesome website, I said of course.                                                                           Source I wasn't certain how to go about hosting a giveaway, so  I contacted  Brenda form Cozy Little House . She kindly walked me through the steps and presto here we are-thank you -Brenda! LTD commodities is sponsoring a  Time To Bloom . They have some great gardening tips, facts, as well as a very nice selection of gardening goodies. If this sounds of interest to you just follow the link above and see what strikes your fancy.                                                                          Source If you find something you like and would like to be entered into this drawing just leave me a little note wh

Fresh Strawberry Poke Cake

baking | April 13, 2015
We were craving fresh strawberry shortcake and I was in the mood for baking so I got busy and perused all my go-to's for recipes and found this outstanding  Strawberry Poke Cake Recipe . I made a few minor modifications, (recipe is below and it is printable) we were super pleased with the flavor, consistency and appearance. This is a great white cake/pound cake recipe if you are in the need of one.  It is a dense cake and I needed to adjust the baking time. There was no way that my cake was done in the 30 minute time frame from the online recipe, it took a full 40 minutes. So, maybe my oven thermostat is off, I am not sure, so  I bumped up the time and made the revision in the recipe which I have provided in this post. The flavor of this heavenly cake reminds be of sugar cookies...yummy. I think the red polka dots mingled in with the white cake are so fun, festive and well, Spring like. I brought out my  Butterfly Meadow Dessert Plates ,  they seem perfect for this dessert, as they

Garden Party

celebration | April 08, 2015
Red Tips are in full bloom~ Songbirds share their merry tunes-it's an ideal setting for a garden party! Make your outdoor blooming vistas the backdrop for your celebrations. Mother's Day, Graduations, Showers or Birthdays. Dress up the table using vintage fabric or a white tablecloth makes the day feel even more special. Bring out the favorites, stemware, plates, dishes and utensils. ( my very favorite stemware hand painted by my daughter.) Most of the decorating is already in place, thanks to Mother Nature. Bouquets of your very favorite Spring flowers arranged in creative containers or vases. Daisies and miniature carnations make this posey, but just imagine Peonies, Lenten roses and Lilacs...oh..the fragrance... Chippy plant stands in assorted shapes and colors. Short on Chair covers use tablecloths secured with tulle. A Simply Splendid Day. For more floral inspiration you may enjoy this  Passion To Decorate With Flowers xoxox Please Join Me~ Our Home Away From Home Stylemin