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May Garden Party In The Tropics

Welcome to our May Garden Party and thank you for joining us today! We loved your April gardens and we can't wait to see what you are growing in your May gardens. My goodness what a difference a month makes in nearly everyone's gardens except if you live in the tropics. In the tropics gardening is year around and 24/7. In fact it almost seems as though the plants grow overnight! Today I am sharing some highlights of the gardens I visited in Puerto Rico.

With average temperatures in the mid to high 80's and plenty of sunshine, I was treated to an assortment of blooms everywhere we went. Whether I strolled among water gardens in a courtyard or enjoyed smiling grandchildren giggling among the blossoms in my daughter's gardens.

The brilliant colors and massive size blooms always left me in awe of Mother Natures breathtaking handiwork. Bougainvillea's are everywhere and on this particular occasion they were cascading along a beach fence line.

Wyatt conquering incoming waves after a warm walk to the seashore.

When my daughter and I saw this giant Fiddle Leaf Fig in a local Garden center we gasped with joy and wonderment. If only ours would grown this big!

Welcome to Gardening Island Style in Puerto Rico!

Amanda and Preston's private patio engulfed in Palms and an assortment of tropical plants.

You are never too young to begin the joy of gardening!

Big, Big Pink blossoms and yogurt smiles too!

Big, Big White blossoms too!

Green, green, and more luscious green!

Oh and Big, Big purple blooms too!

I hope you enjoyed gardening island style as much as I did sharing it with you. Now, we are all looking forward to seeing your beautiful gardens!

Thanks again for joining us, Summer is coming soon!

Happy Gardening and Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


How To Glaze Jars & Other Surfaces With Modpodge & Sand

I have never met a jar that I didn't like! So you can imagine the fun I had creating my own glazed jar recipe. I have been using jars in my d├ęcor for years. My mind is always trying to come up with a new spin on creative and thrifty ways to use what I already have in my home.

Since I already had some sand leftover from a Fairy garden project and modge podge I came up with this simple DIY glaze recipe that can easily be applied to many surfaces. You can adjust the amount of sand and application to achieve the desired texture. After the glaze has dried the project can be painted or sealed.

If you are a fan of recycling, modge podge, and DIY well, this neat project is for you. These jars can be used as luminaries, vases, desk accessories, and as centerpieces for Weddings, Bridal or Baby showers.

Supplies For DIY Glazed Glass Jars

  1. Assorted shapes and sizes of clean jars with labels removed.
  2. Decorative ribbon, embellishment. (Any craft store or sewing store.)
  3. Decorative sand . (Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Walmart)
  4. Mod Podge.
  5. Paint Brush.

ModPodge and Sand Glaze Recipe

Mixing ModPodge and sand together can be used for a variety of crafts. When mixed together it becomes the "mud or mortar for creating interesting textures and holding "things," in place.

  1. Fine sand
  2. Modpodge
  3. Plastic Spoon
  4. Plastic bowl
  5. Paint brushes or sponges (cheap-throw away)

In a medium size bowl add 1 cup of fine sand (your choice of color) add 1/4 cup of ModPodge and mix until smooth. The paste should be of a paintable consistency for this project. If too runny add more sand if too thick add more ModPodge.

Cover surface with old newspapers and paint sand glaze onto clean jars. For added texture swirl or dab on glaze. For a smooth texture use a damp nylon brush. Add desired embellishments using Modpodge. Let dry overnight before painting or using.

How about customizing these jar projects for Father's Day or the 4th of July by using static cling lettering or die cut letters. Replace the flowers and fill the jars with seasonal colored candy, golf balls, tees etc...

Looking for more DIY jar ideas?

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Thanks so much for stopping by and Happy Crafting too!

Collecting Experiences Not Things

Hello Dear friends and thank you for the cheery welcome home wishes from Puerto Rico. I arrived home on Tuesday and traveled to another daughter's home on Saturday. Traveling to spend time with family is one of my favorite things to do. I love that one on one time with my family; it gives me and them the opportunity to really get to know one another. Amazingly enough they haven't booted me out early either...yet!

I returned from both of my visits INSPIRED! My girls inspire me to be a better human being and woman, they are role models for me. Their passions and focus on living life intentionally remind me to do the same. Our seasons of life are diversified, but nevertheless similar. So with that in mind I have turned a corner in my life where my internal being is craving to collect experiences-not things. My goal is to use those experiences to recharge my mind, body and spirit and in turn use all of that to grow, create and serve.

I've sort of waffled back in forth in life when I became a empty nester. Not really knowing how to cultivate my time in a rewarding way. Seems as though I was stuck in the muddle of life; sort of like an old truck that sinks down in a pothole and doesn't' have enough gas to reve up it's motor. It's time to let go of the "what if's-could have's-I wish and why's." I am really honing in on this concept and I am sharing my simple list of some tools that are working for me.

  1. Keep a routine everyday (make the bed, water the plants, feed yourself and the dog) you get the idea.
  2. Keep social media to a minimum (you don't need me or anyone else telling you how to live your life) if someone inspires you well then read their blog or FB or Instagram post. If not hit unfollow and move on. What works for me may not resonate with you.
  3. Make a list for each day on what you are going to accomplish-it really does keep us on track.
  4. Exercise daily. It clears the mind, is good for that old ticker and stimulates the mind.
  5. Smile-smiling makes you feel better if when you are down.
  6. Take time for YOU.

So in a nut shell this is my life and I am going to make the most of it. I am going to rock the sixties and beyond. I am not that old truck that is stuck in the mud, I am an empowered woman who is going to forge the bumpy path of the next season of life with a grateful heart and fire under her belt! Oh goodness, I might even turn out to be a real pain!

Thank you daughter's and grandchildren for loving me, inspiring me and encouraging me to be all that I can be in the next Season of Life.

I love you all!

Mama Mia

Greetings From Puerto Rico

Greetings family, friends and dear readers. I have been traveling a bit this past week to the island of Puerto Rico. My time was well spent with my family in this tropical paradise and it has been very precious and beautiful to me. It has been one of those trips that will help to sustain me through the decades of my life.

When Amanda, Preston and the children moved to Puerto Rico in December of 2016 my heart nearly broke. They moved from their darling home in Sacramento, California (1,723 miles away) to Dorado, Puerto Rico (2,156) Even though the distance is not significantly greater, somehow it seems so. The vastness of the sea which separates us plays tricks on my mind. If I think about it all too much I get a big pit in the middle of my stomach.

Colorful small towns, food trucks and various vendors dot the coastlines from shore to shore. So no matter what coastline we traveled to (Atlantic or Caribbean side) a medley of colors painted the turquoise waters and matching blue skies.

Puerto Rico has a rich history and even to this day the island fights for it's rights as an unincorporated territory of the U.S. The Puerto Rican government has a 45 % poverty rate and is in a debt-crisis.

I am reminded how blessed I am not only by family, but by having a home that is safe and secure, so much of the island is till reeling from hurricane Maria. From the air, sights of missing roofs covered in blue tarps sprinkle the tropical landscape.

As the seasons of life ebb and flow I have began to cherish these brief moments even more. I have become a collector of memories and moments in the later decades of my life. Oh, this may sound depressing to many of you but it is not. It is complete and total freedom to carve out the way I wish to spend my moments, hours and live my life.

Hiking has always been a passion of mine whether in the Rocky Mountains or in Puerto Rico. There are wonderful hiking trails all around the Island, some close to the sea and others in the mountains.

The Golden seashore of Domes Beach is world renown for it's surfing competitions with waves reaching up to 25 feet. We spent one weekend in Rincon and played in the ocean for two days. I paddled out to sea with the rest of the family and joined in on snorkeling. We saw a beautiful sea turtle, barracuda and glorious seashells too.

I love the time I spent with my daughter and her sweet family. I enjoy her companionship so much. (Avery had just had enough of everything, even though pizza was on the way!)

Thank you for a wonderful visit dear Daughter, Preston and family and beautiful Puerto Rico!

I am sharing links to Amanda's and Preston's Sacramento Home Transformation.

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Thank you For joining me today!