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Lemon and Lime Spring Tablescape

Hello and thank you so very much for joining me today as I share my Lemon and Lime Spring Tablescape. The focus for this tablescape is the centerpiece. As I thought about what Spring meant to me I knew immediately that I wanted my table to feel fresh; garden fresh, spring fresh and renewed. What better way to get that freshness than to take the table outside and incorporate living elements in the centerpiece.

Chloe from Celebrate and Decorate has organized this fun and inspiring tablescape Blog Hop. Truly there is something for everyone and for every budget! I am so happy to be here with this group of creative artists. You will find all of the links at the end of this post for tons of Spring inspiration.

The first step to creating my living centerpiece was a trip to the market. Of course I would love to be able to grow my own lemon and lime trees but North Texas is prone to some hard some freezes.

I purchased lemons, limes, parsley, rosemary, and Mexican Tarragon to add to some tulip bulbs that I am forcing to bloom. I also added in a couple of brown egg shells that are sprouting cat grass for an upcoming Easter project.

To finish this natural centerpiece I added just a little faux because I don't have any Forsythia. But isn't it so realistic and truly I find mixing real and faux greenery or blooms works out very well. Then for good measure I add a few sweet ceramic chicks and a bunny too.

Keeping everything basic and simple right here with a white tablecloth and yellow napkins and of course lemon and lime print bowls.

Then the other fun part of this tablescape begins and that is incorporating goodies from my girls!

These placemats and hand painted goblets are from my Samantha and the ceramic Oil dispenser is from Amanda.

Amanda brought this back from her trip to Cinque Terre, Italy!

This happy yellow teapot is a sweet treasure from Tessa.

For our family the quessential Spring dessert is always Strawberry shortcake!

Of course every Lemon and Lime Tablescape needs a Lemon wreath to welcome family and friends!

Happy Spring Friends! Thank you for embracing nature with me today as I shared this thrifty and natural Lemon and Lime Spring tablescape.


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Peeps and Petunias Easter Centerpiece

Good Tuesday Morning Dear Friends!

How many more days do we have to wait for Spring ...not a single one! Say what... I know how excited we all are to kick off the Spring Season. How about we start this week with a Springtime tablescape bloghop and an easy DIY Peeps and Petunias Easter Centerpiece.

Incorporating colorful Peeps Candy into our Spring and Easter Décor is a fun and an economical way to add a touch of whimsy.

Using Peeps in Easter décor isn't anything new. In fact I made a Peeps Easter Centerpiece a few years ago. But just for fun for 2018 I put a new spin on it by using some different vessels and a new product that I stumbled across at the craft store.

This fun and colorful product is Bunny Batts Funfill and I love it! (No advertising here, I just wanted to share this easy to work with fiberfill.) It's not messy and I think a really great alternative to Easter grass, plus it's reusable too and can be used for other Spring projects. I placed the fiberfill on top of the petunias and then added a few Easter Eggs.

To begin this project I used a Trifle Bowl for the foundation of this project, then tucked in a couple of colorful petunias and placed them inside a moss pot that was just a wee smaller than the trifle bowl.

Next up I added the Peeps. I used three packages and had two leftover (which I did not eat, I really prefer to decorate with peeps, not eat them!) How about you????

Tuck those little colorful peeps all around the moss pot.

I just love the pastel shades of Spring, I have missed them so much and I bet you have too.

Thank you for joining me today, I appreciate you all so very much and your sweet and supportive comments from my Wispy Willow Flower Farm post just warmed my heart so much! So THANK YOU!!

This group of talented ladies are sharing their beautiful Spring Tablescapes throughout the week and I am sharing some of their photos and links right here. There will be plenty of joyful, colorful and happy Tabletop Inspiration to celebrate Spring!


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Wispy Willow Flower Farm

Hello dear readers! Well I just made my annual pilgrimage to visit the Arboretum for the annual Dallas Blooms with my neighbor Stacey and as always I left feeling very inspired. I simply cannot resist sharing some of these blooming exhibits with you, the fragrance and merriment of the surroundings further ignited my dream of a owning and operating a flower farm with a crafting shed on site.

I am seriously thinking of naming the Farm- Wispy Willow Flower Farm and I would love some input from you. Wondering if you would stop by the Wispy Willow Flower Farm; a farm that served up gorgeous blooms and delicious homemade pie? Would you sit under a wispy willow tree and watch a cloud float by?

I dream...of a flower farm where everyone is welcome and everyone welcomes one another. This farm will be an environment of learning, and discovering an appreciate for nature and creating.

Where butterflies flutter and bees are busy making honey.

Join me for a moment on my dream and close your eyes.

Just imagine the refreshing and intoxicating scent of a field of tulips, daffodils, peonies, stock, lavender and roses. Within these gardens young and old would commune and share not only viewpoints on life but baskets of blooms to keep or better yet share!

This most gracious artist allowed me to take her photo, and then I spied her artistry and fell in love. If you would like to see some of Gail Greenoe's art please click on her website right here.

It was as if every bend brought unexpected joys. These vibrant children seemingly appeared out of nowhere, they came tumbling over beside me as I was bending down to take some photographs of the tulips. Their young voices were filled with eagerness and glee as they begged to be in some of my photos.

How could I refuse!

As I reflected on the days events in the gardens I realized that I witnessed many women who were living their lives intentionally not aimlessly. Some of these women were artists, some tended to the gardens. These women reminded me of the women who I saw hiking in Colorado who were in their 70'sand 80's. Strong women who embraced the beauty of nature with a fierce hunger to live lives which are rich with experiences.

There are some days I feel as though I am not living my life to the fullest and that makes me very frustrate, prickly and melancholy. I have come to realize that the women I admire and respect the most are those that are learning, creating, growing and challenging themselves all throughout their lives. They don't reach a certain age and stop. These are active women who create and are engaged with our planet.


Seems to me dreams are often times layered, the door opens just a little then an event happens and then another and soon the door is open wide and all at once it feels like you are well on your way to making your dreams come true.

I am going to hold onto this dream of Wispy Willow Flower Farm with all of my might.

It feels as though another door might have opened just up a wee bit more when Jen from Rural magazine, invited me to be a contributor for Rural for the upcoming Spring issue. I am thrilled to be sharing an inspirational article for the gardening section in this stellar magazine.

Rural Magazine is a " women's magazine, creatively building community and connection through natures beauty."

This I know for certain I do not want to be old and stagnant before my time. (Hopefully never ever)

I'd like to be the woman on the mountain at 80 who owns the Wispy Willow Flower Farm.

As one woman to another, no matter your age, how are you harnessing your energy to stay focused and achieve those dreams?

Sweet Spring Rose Wreath

I am feeling like we could all use some flowers in our life right about now. Seems like March is that in-between month of Spring and Winter, and it never can make up it's mind what season it wants to be. So I figured it couldn't hurt any to add a little flower power pickup to our lives. Today I am sharing this easy to make sweet Spring Rose Wreath.

So many of the craft stores are brimming with various shades of pink this year. Pink just seems to go with everything!

Gingham is back and I am thrilled!

Do you think we can wear a gingham dress this year?

I am one messy crafter. I try to be neat and follow the crafting rules for orderly conduct.

But I fail, but I do have fun!

I always play with the wreath for an hour or so before I actually fasten everything on permanently. I have also found that taking a few photos with my phone or a camera helps me to get a clear viewpoint of how the finished product is really going to look. Much easier to remove lopsided eggs or flowers prior to gluing the on.

I used a very sturdy extruded foam floral wreath form so I could use floral pins to attach most everything. attached the moss with Aleene's glue. Hot glue is a great product but it looses it's sticking power after awhile so I only used a dab of it to attach those tiny little roses.

I think it really and truly is the season of Pink. Are you a pink person or blue?

Thank you for joining me today and happy wreath making too.

Three Tablescape Essentials For Every Home

Happy Day to you and welcome to my three table-setting picks that I believe everyone should have in their home. Now that sounds down right bossy doesn't it? I think I should reword this and say how about saving money while decorating your table! Don't you just love decorating even more when you find a super sweet deal!

Before I share my three essentials for your table and mine, I'd like to welcome you to Ten on the Tenth! You will find all of the links to this fantastic group of creative thinkers at the end of this post and trust me you will not want to miss one of them!

This months challenge was finding décor in our home that we actually use, that is actually around ten bucks. Whew, initially I drew a blank.

Just as I was about to throw the sponge in I rediscovered this darling vintage Farmhouse Tablecloth in my antique hutch. Now dear readers this tablecloth is the real deal. This vintage Farmhouse floral tablecloth is the original farmhouse décor from my farming family and is the inspiration and anchor for this post.

Don't you just love this print! I think my Mom picked out a super cute tablecloth don't you agree....

Well, on top of loving this tablecloth and feeling so inspired I discovered that I have many items in my home that hover around ten dollars and that I use frequently. Having made that happy discovery I just bet you'll be amazed at what you have or what you can find to use in decorating your home too!

Tablescape Essential Number One: Creative Vases and Glorious Blooms

Vases filled with gorgeous blooms are just my weakness. Don't be shy on your choice of vases either. For this tablescape I used three pink vintage vases and a decorative water pitcher. Total price for three chubby pink vases nine dollars.

Where do I shop?

I found these vases at a darling little consignment shop in Destin Florida and snapped them right up as fast as I could!

Live flowers I buy at the super market and then I make mini bunches out of them.

I always buy faux flowers on sale wherever I can find the ones that look the most real and you can never truly go too wrong with roses! These roses cost one buck a piece!

I have a secret to share with you, not all of the flowers in these photos are real...mix and match!

Tablescape Essential Number Two: Fun Plates

Do you love fun plates as much as I do? I am slightly crazy over them. Give me polka dots, stripes, butterflies and gingham! Happy Dance!! Just look at how this gingham plate adds interest and fun!

Where do I shop?

Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Home Goods, Pier One, World Market, Dollar Store, Walmart and I shop the sales.

Cost of each plate at 40% off $3.50 at Michaels.

Tablescape Essential Number Three: Colorful Napkins

I have about 4 dozen white, cream, tan, taupe napkins and I made do, I really did. I dressed them up with cute napkin rings and all was good. But a few years back I broke loose and purchased purple, yellow, orange, blue and naturally pink and it made all the difference in my table décor.

Where do I shop


These pink napkins are a recently purchase from World Market and they were on sale for $7.00.

For more simplified and budget friendly decorating you might enjoy Easter Vignette On My Tea Cart, Easter Vignette & Mercury Glass, or Spring In My Dining.

Thank you so very much for joining me today!

I'd just love for you to take a moment or two and gather more thrifty decorating ideas for your home from these other creators.

Can't wait for next week and all the fabulous Springtime Inspiration!