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Nothing Is Sweeter Than Love

Nothing is sweeter than love, and I know this to be true, especially when I see loving, warm smiles

on my children 's faces, and in my minds eye it is as if they were toddlers just a moment ago.

Nothing is sweeter than love, when I hear the the sweet voices of my grandchildren calling my name.

My heart truly swells with such love for these precious gifts of life.

Nothing is sweeter than love, when my husband holds our grandchildren

ever so tightly that they wiggle and squeal with utter delight.

Since I have been savoring these tender moments in the life of my family,

it seems only logical to prepare a sweet dessert table for two, for Valentines Day.

                                                  Desserts for the hubby and for me.

I have put together two different dessert tables and I just can't decide which one to use,

So, please help me choose...

First choice, is Silver and Peonies.

Second Choice Frosted Heart.

Soft and glowing, maybe a little Winter Wonderlandy-maybe...

Do you have a favorite yet?

Please let me know.

Thank you to Melinda From The Refeathered Roost, for co hosting our Valentine Blog Hop!

"I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where,

I love you simply without problems or pride:

I love you in this way because I don't know any other way of loving"

~Pablo Neruda


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Lets Talk Tunics

I have been thinking about Spring and of shopping for a few new things to update my wardrobe.

Then, my dear friend, Laura emailed me about how she like Tunics and that got me to

thinking about how much I like them and how I have a few myself.

It looks like chambray, white and chevron print are in again for Spring 2015.

During the Winter months I like to pair them with leggings and boots.

When you hear the word "legging," you may cringe.

Leggings have changed, they are not the leggings we grew up with or our daughters leggings.

Many of them are more like a well fitting slack, for the most part they hold their shape well

and are very flattering because they do not become baggy.

One of the tricks to wearing a tunic with a legging is the length of the tunic.

Make certain the Tunic is long enough to  cover your bottom and is loose,

by doing this you create a slimming, flattering look.

Never be concerned with sizes, buy the size that is flattering for you.

The tunics on this post came from Soft Surroundings, Macy's, Nordstrom and Calypso St. Barth.

Tunics are for every age, every body shape, dressy or casual style.

(Macy's has 20% off with promo code online)

Tunics are so feminine, and as the weather warms they can be worn with a great looking pair

of flats or if you are feeling casual and comfy a pair of Keds.

Keds are back in style and they come in so many great colors, even Taylor Swift wears them...

(Keds has 20% off their Winter collection plus free shipping)

I like to have a little fun with my collages so I always try to put in something that

is dreamy, or a splurge...

Just could not resist these custom closets-which one would you choose ?


Valentines and Ironstone

Good Morning and welcome to our Valentine Blog Hop, it has been so enjoyable coming up with

some Valentine ideas to decorate our homes and then share them with you.

Today our kind hostess is  Melinda from the Refeathered Roost.

Melinda has created a charming Valentine retreat around her beautiful outdoor fireplace.

Go get cozy with some hot cocoa or tea and pay her a visit.

Then if you have time come back because,

I have a story to tell you...

I could have cried, I could have laughed (I did eventually) or I could just add flowers.

What could possibly be the reason?

Ironstone-yes, the one and only, traditional, gloriously, beautiful Ironstone.

I am late in beginning my collection and I would appreciate any tips or advice on

where to truly begin, is it with gravy boats, water pitchers, bowls...

Do you know what this shiny white pot is-

hint it has a lid that doesn't fit and one handle...

So, here is my very first piece of Ironstone,

I chose this one- pure white Johnson Brothers pot.

I won't be able to serve anything in it...except  flowers or ferns.

I searched and searched as to what this one handled gleaming white container could be.

After receiving some disturbing news...

I frantically began to cut and sew fabric into various Texas Size Valentine Hearts,

adding some XO's, rickrack, and wooden buttons, all with the idea that I would

fill my Ironstone pot up with hearts!

In the end, it was all a very feeble effort to help camouflage what my purchase actually

turned out to be.

I was getting ready you see, to kick off the week with some Valentine cheer.

Short on time...short on hearts....

By now you know me well enough to know that my go to is-Flowers.

I found some happy yellow primrose, added some baby's breath and my

Valentine Vignette is well on it's way using an Ironstone Chamber Pot....

Yes, a chamber pot-did you guess right?

Be sure to visit gracious Melinda at The Refeathered Roost .

Stop by on Friday for some Sweet Valentine Inspiration/


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Sew Me Some Passion

Sewing and passion, such a marvelous combination, don't you agree?

Mix in some creative writing, passion on Motherhood, wit and one sweet puppy and you have Linda

from Sew What!

I am sure many of you know Linda. Be sure to pay her a  visit, she has shared some warm

memories, a heartfelt journey on how passion ebbs and flows and where she finds passion today.

She has a heart of gold and kindness is woven  through her various projects and posts.

Thank you Linda, for joining the Passion, Purpose, Productivity Project where we are

growing and inspiring one another throughout each week.

So many great conversations from everyone, truly an enlightening gathering of such

talented women sharing their thoughts.  I appreciate you and for taking the time

to leave your comments, please continue to contribute, we are all gaining inspiration from

one another.

I am learning from all of you that there is no fancy formula or pesky pressure to live with

Passion, it dwells in all of us and we acquire more passion for life by being present in the moment.

Two weeks ago Dewena from  Dewena's Window, was one of our guest writers for

the Passion, Purpose, Productivity Project. Dewena shared some insights, some passions and some

rich writing and photos that will certainly light the passion for living in your heart.

Last week we welcomed Honora from her home in the Pacific Northwest, where she creatively writes

from Pondside.

Honora explored the topic of coasting and passion, she shared some inspiring observations on a

renewed way of looking at life.

As I continue on this journey I am becoming more aware of the bounty of life that is

blooming all around me and striving to focus on the small details of the day that make up the

precious moments of the week.

If this is your first visit, this is how the Project began.

It is such a joy for me, to have this opportunity to meet new people and develop new friendships,

there are just so many lovely ladies that I have been so fortunate to meet!

Truly, I thank you for inspiring me-you are beautiful and amazing!


Peeks of Passion

Just a few days ago I went on a little journey with one of my daughters and grandchildren.

We went to Klyde Warren Park in Dallas Texas-it was simply wonderful to be part of such

a large group of mankind all blending together in harmony.

Bright and colorful food trucks line up along the side of this city park and the food is amazing.

We had one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches ever and my daughter and I added tomato slices-


Besides the beautiful blue skies, marvelous company and harmony all around us.

This statement about sauce said it all, but I took it a step further and replaced


Now lets read it-

We do not charge for PASSION, Passion is a gift to mankind and WE SHARE IT FREE!

Seriously, I was not the only one feeling this passion for life on this sunny day,.

Passion was all around us, Mom's and Dad's pressed into the moments of the minute.

Engulfed in the activities of the hour.

Professionals in skirts and suites walked by without even so much as checking their cell phones.

Present in the moment of that perfectly blissful, blue sky day.

Passion is being aware, passion is being awake, passion is feeling alive.

                                             Passion Bag Photos Courtesy Of Dewena

Yeah Baby, living with passion is the real deal, it's not virtual, it's not purchased from a store.

It's around us everywhere, if we just stop, breathe and look.

I will tell you this, since we started this Passion, Purpose, Productivity Project,

I see passion all around me and sometimes in unlikely places.

Passion doesn't come bottled neatly in a jar, it comes messy, beautiful and delightful.

It comes with chocolate, and messy faces, tears, tantrums and woes for all of us at all ages.

Young, old, in between-we are all in this business of aging together.

Growing up and growing old-is not easy for any of us.

Passion takes risks of getting hurt, disillusioned, dissapointed and living to the very fullest moment.

Passion has no room for complacency, for playing it safe or holding back, Passion runs like a race

horse to win the last moment with energy, hope, tolerance and life.

Passion is contagious, just like a laugh, a smile a hug.

Passion is a gift to mankind, so go and share it cuz' you know it is free.

For more Passion and Inspiration, please visit my friends who are committed to living with Passion.

Dewena's Window



Minky Heart Wreath

Left over Minky fabric, a heart wreath which needed an overhaul, tulle fabric that did not get used for

the craft it was intended for...

Hum, a Minky Wreath seemed like the perfect solution for this odd mix of materials.

Materials For Minky Heart Wreath~

1. Wire Form Wreath
2. Minky Fabric
3. Fiberfill
4. Tulle
5. Masking Tape
6. Scissors
7. Tape Measure
8. Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
9.Wooden hearts and flower buttons

Start To Finish~ 45 minutes or less

Minky Heart Wreath is not fancy or fussy so I decided to hang it on one

of the guest rooms headboards, brighten it up just a tad.

I feel like this Minky Heart Wreath could be used as a Valentine Wreath,

or for a baby shower or even a little girls bedroom.

This Minky Heart Wreath reminds me just a little of  Molly's Wreath, Welcome Baby Girl,

which was one of my most popular wreaths for 2013, I used tulle for this wreath too.

A tutorial is also included for Molly's Wreath.

 (My picture taking has improved some, so please don't judge too harshly...)

Both of these wreaths are super easy to make.

Next week Melinda from The Refeathered Roost and I will be sharing some Valentine Love.

                                                                   Please Join Us!

Wishing you all a Happy Wednesday!


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Matters Of The Spirit

As we continue our journey together, discovering the daily rewards of  living a life with

Passion, Purpose and Productivity,

I am pleased to introduce to you, a remarkable, talented and eloquent woman who has been

inspiring the blogging community since about 2007.

Honora from Ponside , will be sharing her thoughts today, on living with intent and Passion.

So, click on the link above and hop on over with your cup of coffee or tea and visit!

Thank you Honora, so very much for spending time with us today.

Until a few years ago, I did not know that there was a Pondside.

When I did discover Honor'as Pondside, I discovered something much more,

I discovered another world where integrity lives and natural beauty thrives.

As for me, I am remaining committed to living  a life with Passion, Purpose and Productivity.

I am becoming more focused on living a life with more intent, being present and finding more

exuberance/ passion as well!

Maybe it is the awareness of the many precious moments which are woven into the day that ignite


How is this all going for you, do you have any tips to share...

When I found this beautiful saying I thought of all of you and really felt it was worth sharing.

Naturally,  common sense tell us there are other things which do matter, but what a gentle way

to journey through life.

However, I am realizing that by accepting that there are going to be some things, that we just have to

let go of,  in order to live more passionately, joyfully and gently with where we are now.

My heart and soul want to live just as passionately at eighty as I did at forty!!

I know for a fact, that there were some things which were meant for me when I was younger,

that are no longer meant for me now.

So, how does one maintain a zest, a passion for life as they journey through it's Season's?

I truly feel as though Dewena from Dewena's Window, gave us insight into

how we might just be living a life with passion and not even realize it!

(If you have not visited Dewena, please do,)

Dewena, you have inspired me, with a clearer appreciation that Passion-exists often times in

the most unlikely places!

Passion is Not fretting over...

Gardens that did not get weeded,

exercising days that were missed,

wash that didn't get washed ...and why?

Because instead of doing these tasks I was...

on the phone with a loved one, chatting about this and that,

making wreaths out of coat hangers,

sitting on a back porch laughing with an old friend,

writing a note to my beloved Mother,

listening to the Tall Tale of a wide eyed child.

I really was Living a Life With Passion, all along.

I suspect you are too!


Passion Fashion For Marsala

Does living a life with passion have to be dreadfully serious?

Do we have to ponder and pour over the possibilities of how or where we might find it?

Or could it bloom in us as effortlessly as tulips and crocus do in the early Spring?

Well, today lets keep it simple, sort of like looking through a catalog-

Lets make it a Passion for Fashion sort of day.

Have you heard that Pantone's color for this year is Marsala?

I am dying to know what you think of it...

According to Pantone-

"It enriches our mind, body and soul, exuding confidence and stability."

Personally, I am in a quandary over the color.

"Marsala a subtly seductive shade, one that draws us in to its embracing warmth."

 Marsala shines when it is paired with a neutral.

Such a pretty color, so I can't quite put my finger on why I am feeling uncertain about Marsala...

I may be feeling skeptical about Marsala because Spring is just around the corner.

The pure intensity, vibrancy and richness of this full bodied color for a wardrobe seems to have more

of a Fall and Winter feel than Spring and Summer to me.

So, what are you thinking, will you be adding some Marsala shoes to your wardrobe, paint

the inside of a bookshelf with this rich hue, or perhaps add a sweet little accessory like this stool

with a buttery background combined with a geometrical Marsala pattern?


I read that Marsala will make a strong appearance in the Kitchen and dining areas because of it's

warmth, with rich red and paprika undertones.

I am really liking this island in the nearly all white kitchen.


Perhaps a scarf wrapped around the neck would be a good choice to ease into this

hearty and stylish color.

Will you be adding Marsala to your home or wardrobe or both?

I love Fashion, whether it is dressing my home or me!

Do you have a Passion for Fashion?

Have a wonderful weekend!