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Nothing Is Sweeter Than Love

Decorating | January 29, 2015
Nothing is sweeter than love, and I know this to be true, especially when I see loving, warm smiles on my children 's faces, and in my minds eye it is as if they were toddlers just a moment ago. Nothing is sweeter than love, when I hear the the sweet voices of my grandchildren calling my name. My heart truly swells with such love for these precious gifts of life. Nothing is sweeter than love, when my husband holds our grandchildren ever so tightly that they wiggle and squeal with utter delight. Since I have been savoring these tender moments in the life of my family, it seems only logical to prepare a sweet dessert table for two, for Valentines Day.                                                   Desserts for the hubby and for me. I have put together two different dessert tables and I just can't decide which one to use, So, please help me choose... First choice, is Silver and Peonies. Second Choice Frosted Heart. Soft and glowing, maybe a little Winter Wonderlandy-maybe.

Valentines and Ironstone

Blog Tour | January 27, 2015
Good Morning and welcome to our Valentine Blog Hop, it has been so enjoyable coming up with some Valentine ideas to decorate our homes and then share them with you. Today our kind hostess is   Melinda from the Refeathered Roost . Melinda has created a charming Valentine retreat around her beautiful outdoor fireplace. Go get cozy with some hot cocoa or tea and pay her a visit. Then if you have time come back because, I have a story to tell you... I could have cried, I could have laughed (I did eventually) or I could just add flowers. What could possibly be the reason? Ironstone-yes, the one and only, traditional, gloriously, beautiful Ironstone. I am late in beginning my collection and I would appreciate any tips or advice on where to truly begin, is it with gravy boats, water pitchers, bowls... Do you know what this shiny white pot is- hint it has a lid that doesn't fit and one handle... So, here is my very first piece of Ironstone, I chose this one- pure white Johnson Brothers pot

Sew Me Some Passion

Aging | January 25, 2015
Sewing and passion, such a marvelous combination, don't you agree? Mix in some creative writing, passion on Motherhood, wit and one sweet puppy and you have Linda from  Sew What! I am sure many of you know Linda. Be sure to pay her a   visit , she has shared some warm memories, a heartfelt journey on how passion ebbs and flows and where she finds passion today. She has a heart of gold and kindness is woven  through her various projects and posts. Thank you Linda, for joining the Passion, Purpose, Productivity Project where we are growing and inspiring one another throughout each week. So many great conversations from everyone, truly an enlightening gathering of such talented women sharing their thoughts.  I appreciate you and for taking the time to leave your comments, please continue to contribute, we are all gaining inspiration from one another. I am learning from all of you that there is no fancy formula or pesky pressure to live with Passion, it dwells in all of us and we acqui

Peeks of Passion

Aging | January 24, 2015
Just a few days ago I went on a little journey with one of my daughters and grandchildren. We went to Klyde Warren Park in Dallas Texas-it was simply wonderful to be part of such a large group of mankind all blending together in harmony. Bright and colorful food trucks line up along the side of this city park and the food is amazing. We had one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches ever and my daughter and I added tomato slices- YUM!! Besides the beautiful blue skies, marvelous company and harmony all around us. This statement about sauce said it all, but I took it a step further and replaced "EXTRA SAUCE," with   PASSION. Now lets read it- We do not charge for PASSION, Passion is a gift to mankind and WE SHARE IT FREE! Seriously, I was not the only one feeling this passion for life on this sunny day,. Passion was all around us, Mom's and Dad's pressed into the moments of the minute. Engulfed in the activities of the hour. Professionals in skirts and suites walked by

Minky Heart Wreath

Diy | January 21, 2015
Left over Minky fabric, a heart wreath which needed an overhaul, tulle fabric that did not get used for the craft it was intended for... Hum, a Minky Wreath seemed like the perfect solution for this odd mix of materials. Materials For Minky Heart Wreath~ 1. Wire Form Wreath 2. Minky Fabric 3. Fiberfill 4. Tulle 5. Masking Tape 6. Scissors 7. Tape Measure 8. Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks 9.Wooden hearts and flower buttons Start To Finish~ 45 minutes or less Minky Heart Wreath is not fancy or fussy so I decided to hang it on one of the guest rooms headboards, brighten it up just a tad. I feel like this Minky Heart Wreath could be used as a Valentine Wreath, or for a baby shower or even a little girls bedroom. This Minky Heart Wreath reminds me just a little of   Molly's Wreath, Welcome Baby Girl , which was one of my most popular wreaths for 2013, I used tulle for this wreath too. A tutorial is also included for Molly's Wreath.  (My picture taking has improved some, so please do

Matters Of The Spirit

Featured | January 19, 2015
As we continue our journey together, discovering the daily rewards of  living a life with Passion, Purpose and Productivity, I am pleased to introduce to you, a remarkable, talented and eloquent woman who has been inspiring the blogging community since about 2007. Honora from  Ponside  , will be sharing her thoughts today, on living with intent and Passion. So, click on the link above and hop on over with your cup of coffee or tea and visit! Thank you Honora, so very much for spending time with us today. Until a few years ago, I did not know that there was a Pondside. When I did discover Honor'as Pondside, I discovered something much more, I discovered another world where integrity lives and natural beauty thrives. As for me, I am remaining committed to living  a life with  Passion, Purpose and Productivity . I am becoming more focused on living a life with more intent, being present and finding more exuberance/ passion as well! Maybe it is the awareness of the many precious moment

Succulent and Candle Vignette

baskets | January 14, 2015
Succulents are a great group of plants, they are heat tolerant and cold tolerant, within reason that is. I have a nifty group of succulents that I move all around Summer and Winter and they just keep on doing their cute thing. I started  growing  Succulents , just about two years ago this month, and then added to my Succulent collection  in May of 2013. I am using just three of them for this Vignette, the rest are tucked in the Greenhouse until our temperatures get into the high 40's and we are not dipping into the 20's at night. I put together this little Winter Vignette using succulents, candles, milk glass and a basket. I added a little Sand dollar that I found a few years back when we went to Bald Head Island. Once you get succulents established they seem to be a very congenial plant and if one of the "stems," break off just tuck it into a little dirt, water and they will root for you. Presto, you have another Succulent. I suppose the most important thing to remem

Glazed Meyer Lemon Cake

cake | January 13, 2015
Tis the Season for citrus, you will find oranges, lemons, and limes in all the markets so fresh, zesty and flavorful. One of my very favorite fruits in the citrus family is the Meyer Lemon. Such a classic, that adds an incredible flavor to salads, dressings, entrees and of course desserts. I made a little Lemon cake today, it is a great recipe and whips up so fast that I felt it was a must to share the recipe with you. It is a cross between a bread and a cake with a buttery, lemon infused flaky consistency. You may already know the scoop on this precious lemon but if not, here are some interesting facts. The Meyer lemon is a slice of sunshine, and in 1908 Frank Nicholas Meyer brought this little fruit back from his visit to China. It is an orange,  yellow fruit with a sweeter taste than it's cousin the lemon. The Meyer lemon is thought to be a cross between a mandarin orange and a lemon. There is one thing I know for sure, it