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They Call It Home Part 1

California | May 31, 2015
I have "homes," on my mind, with the building process just around the corner. But I am not the only one that does, many of you do too, and our daughters do as well. One of our girls  just recently relocated to California with her husband and son. They purchased a precious 1950's home in the Sacramento area, I shared a few photos of their  Mid Century Home  a few months ago. However, since then, they have gotten very serious about making major updates and I thought your might enjoy viewing how it really all began. So here is part one of Amanda's story... The first night we slept in our new California house, my two year old son,Wyatt,  my husband, Preston, our dog, Patch, and myself slept on a full size blow up  mattress on the floor of what would become Wyatt’s room.  I couldn’t sleep at all.           It  wasn’t the lack of personal space , or the noise the bed  made every time I tried to shift, or the fact that we only had one pillow that was  fully occupied by m

Downsizing and Moving Tips

Aging | May 28, 2015
Our home is sold, ninety percent of our household goods packed and stored. My husband and I have been in our two bedroom, two bath apartment on the third floor,  for two weeks.  All unpacked and assuming a routine.  And just as many of  you suggested and( I thank you so much) we are making the most of downsize living! The "idea," of selling and moving was nearly paralyzing for me and truly it was something that I believed I could not do, oh I knew in reality I could do it.  I just wasn't quite sure how. But through prayer, the support of my family, positive thinking, and a "can do attitude," it has been far less overwhelming than I had ever imagined it to be. I know there are many of you out there who are going through the same thing, and I thought it might be of interest to pass on some tips along the way. I really never imagined that at 58 years old I would be moving into an apartment and building a new home. So, I discovered and implemented a plan that worked

Raspberry Scones

baking | May 05, 2015
This is a recipe which you might just consider making this coming Sunday for Mother's Day. Bake it for your own Mom, or if you are a Mom with young ones, have your hubby help them make it for you, or if you are like me and you have a craving for a fresh raspberry scone- Ta da...make some for yourself! Did I mention that they are No Fail- I know this to be true because I made them with a plastic spoon in a Pyrex casserole dish, with not one measuring cup nor, a measuring spoon . But I did have a very random cooking tool that did not get packed during the move -a pastry blender...hmmm  (or the almost move-yes we are sitting in a house full of boxes since Friday, double trouble on the buyers end, shame on them -details to follow. (  Am I fit to be tied? Yes.) Fresh butter, juicy ripe raspberries, homemade vanilla extract (thanks to my SIL-Vicki) you can already see why this is an amazing recipe- A dough that is incredible, in fact one that I was thinking could double as a pie crust,