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Vintage Pink Lamps

Decorating | April 30, 2013
It was a Vintage Lamp weekend  A little road trip to Oklahoma to visit our youngest daughter and baby Molly... Pink Vintage lamps that kept calling my name- I hovered around them like a bee does to the hive.  Should I? Or Shouldn't I? They were only $ 15 for the pair- They actually work! They really and truly "fit," in with my decorating style.   But... They are Pink! Should I keep them Pink or repaint them? Please join me at these Parties: Cozy Little House Crafty Texas Girls The Thrifty Groove

Fashion Friday-Nautical

Fashion | April 26, 2013
I have been thinking Classic and Timeless - Nautical. It is a look for any age or body type.  Source Nautical stripe boat neck. Source Add accessories, but with caution-too much may look more like a  costume than a trend. We all have clothing budgets and because Nautical is timeless it is actually a smart way to spend your clothing dollars. Have a safe and fun weekend, my friends!

Inspirational Thursday-Gecko In My Garden

Inspiration | April 24, 2013
My Garden is an extension of my life,  my well-being, my thoughts, my creativity, my sanctuary.  When my world seems to have spun out of control  my garden  centers me, comforts me, inspires me. Do you see my little friend?  My Gecko? He loves my garden,    He returns every year, my garden is his home, my garden is his sanctuary. You know, being part of nature is enlightening.   Being part of nature reminds us of how small we all are- How fleeting this life is. How important it is to stop, to truly listen, to truly connect, to truly give. So for today, let us all go outside- just  stop.  Let our minds rest and feel the power of being a small part of something so incredible and inspiring. Sharing this week with: Viewing Nature With Eileen

My Little Blue Flower Pots

Diy | April 23, 2013
I am so enjoying all of the materials that are available to re-do things.  I know it is fashionable to be DIY, but gosh it is also just plain fun!!  Everywhere I look in my home I see re-do's! I am really wondering what I saw in these two yellow flower pots... Perhaps it was the design?   The color of this flower pot wasn't  even particularly flattering to the plants! So when my husband began cleaning out the corner of the garage where my  flower pots are tucked away, he asked me if he could throw these two yellow flower pots away. I gasped, because I am a bit of a hoarder with my flower pots-you already know why from my previous posts.  However I did agree something  desperately  needed to be done.                                                        Source I knew that spray paint was going to be my choice for re-doing these flower  pots. I also knew that I loved blue!  Who can resist blue? What I didn't know was that there were so many glorious colors, shades textures a

Deviled Potato Salad

egg | April 21, 2013
Well, I don't know if you all had Potato Salad growing up-but I did!  It was a  major part of our picnic fare- My Mom, fixed a great picnic-fried chicken, deviled eggs, potato  salad, black olives, and a dessert.  This wonderful Potato Salad recipe comes  from Southern  Living Cookbook-Second Printing 1971. I suppose you remember that I grew up on a agriculture farm in Idaho-with a  major emphasis on ... potatoes! I can cook potatoes in all sorts of ways and yes they are always, always,  wonderful!! You must  cook potatoes in their jackets for this recipe -and I prefer a russet.   I do know  that Yukon's and Red's have a great reputation but on my farm-it  was and always will be a Russet. You may be wondering- Southern Living- isn't Jemma from Idaho? Well, my Mother's twin sister moved to North Carolina after marrying a Lieutenant during World War II.  She sent Mom this recipe book and Mom became hooked on many of the recipes. So, for the presentation of this salad

Fashion Friday-Palette of Greens

Fashion | April 18, 2013
I need a little vacation... Nothing fancy... Just a place where I can read a great book... If I could I would pack a bag  or maybe two... I know some friends that would like to join me, would you? And after a glorious day of shopping, and finding just the best of everything... Source For Desserts Naturally, we would stop for a delicate and delicious dessert. Pantone colors for Spring 2013 include a vast palette of greens.  Pistachio,  Midori, Cool-Blue-Greens, Cool Mints, Beachglass. The Key words are: Easy and totally relaxed. So, my dears, enjoy and have a relaxing weekend.

Inspirational Thursday-Bluebonnet Spring

Inspiration | April 17, 2013
As an update to this post-A Fertilizer Plant in West Texas, near Waco, had a  major  explosion last night.  My heart, thoughts  and  prayers go out to these  individuals and their families. Living in the Great State of Texas we have a beautiful little flower that blooms  gracefully and faithfully all along the highways and byways of life... This bright blue flower is the bluebonnet and is the state flower of Texas-It was  designated our State flower  many years ago-1901.  It has been called the wolf  flower, and buffalo clover.   Some say it is the Shamrock of Texas. The home of  this bright and shining flower has an interesting origin, it grows in  one  of the most  endangered ecosystems  in North America-it is  the prairie .  I  suspect it is at risk do to what we call "progress." The Bluebonnet typically blooms from late March to early April.  The Bluebonnet  seems to always be a favorite object for artists and photographers and always a  favorite background for children a

Container Gardening-Confessions of a Plant Lover

Gardening | April 16, 2013
Container Gardening, I have a Pinterest Board on this very Topic.  I would have never thought that I would be such an advocate of  growing plants this way, but I am and this is why... May I be completely truthful? I hesitate to be this open... I love Texas and I also don't... Ah... Such a relief.. There, I said it... Do you think that being totally honest with yourself and others is well- therapeutic? I need to be honest... Why? Because I am writing this and devouring chocolate chip cookies.  That can't be good... Truly, I am a gardening, plant and flower loving addict... And, in order for me to get the blooms, vibrant color, abundant and hardy growth, magnificent show...   I have admittedly resorted to containers... Does this make me less of a gardener? Or just a wiser one? If I could I would choose a flower bed. However, our lack of water, Our scorching heat, Our incessant sun, Has brought me to this... What would you do?? Please Join Me: Fishtail Cottage Garden Party A Strol

Lazy Daisy Wreath

Diy | April 14, 2013
Challenging myself to reuse all of the wreaths I have made in the last 12 months.  First challenge is: Keeping it simple by using the White Deco Mesh Wreath From Easter. When I started thinking about wreaths, I realized that I had too many!!   So, what better place to start than with the most recent wreath that I have made. After removing all of the Easter Embellishments, and storing them in baggies.  I ventured over to Hobby Lobby.  I found this delightful Blue Burlap Ribbon.  I like the contrast of the light and airy deco-mesh with the heavier Burlap.  I wasn't really sure at first, but now I think mixing the two textures adds a bit of interest. I had these bright and happy daisies in my craft box-just waiting for a good use. Aren't these little darlings so realistic?  I added five of them - experimented with placement before securing with florist wire.   I love working on my projects in this room-it is one of my very favorite rooms- my kitchen nook-I love this light!!  I mad