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5 Patriotic Desserts

cake | May 27, 2016
Memorial day is the weekend which officially kicks off the Summer. But it is also a somber day where we remember those who have fought to protect our freedoms. Many of us will be having special meals and events today so I have assembled some Patriotic Desserts that caught my eye. If you don't have the chance to make them this weekend save them for the 4th of July! I found this gorgeous checkerboard cake with an awesome tutorial on  The Cooking Channel . Making a checkerboard cake is simpler than it appears:) Wouldn't it be so cute served on this cake plate that is simply edged in red...                                                                     Dot & Bo I thought that this  Betty Crocker  recipe was so nifty because the recipe calls for pureed blueberries to help achieve the blue layers. Who would have thought that you can stay healthy while eating cake?? Smiles... Although I did see on FB that eating chocolate cake for breakfast is good for you....hmmm, sign me up

Wandering Wednesday~Caring for Linen

homemaker | May 25, 2016
I guess I did not realize how many linen napkins and tablecloths I had until I began to  unpack them, wash them and iron them. Hmmm, seems as though they have multiplied while I was asleep. Are there such things as linen gremlins?? So as the ironing pile grew and grew, so did my curiosity about the nature of linen. You see, I grew up during the transition period from all natural fibers like cotton, linen and  wool to the synthetic generation of memory fabrics that required little to no ironing, also known as permanent press. As a youngster my Mother would iron weekly, and I remember the clean, clean smell of  fresh washed  fabric pressed against  the iron, while the little blue radio on the kitchen  counter  belted out  Frank Sinatra. I was never much of an ironing gal, even in college. Then came marriage, home making, having babies and raising them, along with PTA, girl  scouts  Sunday School... Back then it seemed like dragging out the old ironing board and iro

Garden Party #2

Gardening | May 23, 2016
Good Gardening Morning! I It is our second garden party of the season and today I am sharing my real working vegetable garden and a few flower beds with you all. I spend several hours a day in my gardens, weeding, watering, trimming, fertilizing, disease control, bug control and sometimes eating some sweet peas too! First up I wanted to share these darling bright eyed sunflowers they have grown tall and sturdy from seeds. I decided to try a different variety this year, these sunflowers are intended to be used in floral arrangements. They grow about 3 feet tall and have medium size blooms. This is my first year to grow  Tomatillo Plants , I have two of them,  you can see the tiny fruit forming now. I will be making some wonderful salsa with them in just a short time. Every garden really should have some  Nasturtiums , they are edible too. They are super easy to grow and add such vibrant color, next to them you will see some carrots. Great for kiddos to grow too a

Tips On Magnolia Market at The Silos

Magnolia Market | May 20, 2016
We made it to Magnolia Market at the Silos while Amanda, Preston and the children were here. We woke that morning to fabulous clear skies, good spirits and the anticipation of what we would find. We are fortunate to live in such a centralized part of Texas. Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Waco are all within a reasonable driving distance. Waco especially and that is where the famous Magnolia Market is. Just 1 1/2 hours driving distance from home. I have some thoughts from that day which I have been wanting to share with you all. I like Waco and Magnolia Market! Both Waco and Magnolia are filled with Historical and Old Fashioned goodness. Waco has lots of trees and some cool places to grab a bite to eat. Magnolia Market is a wonderful and nifty place to visit, they have really done a fabulous job of preserving the area. I am partial to grain Silos anyhow, growing up on our farm in Idaho we naturally had Silos too. I love old, preserved, and cherished Farm equipment and supplies. Now t

The 4 C's of Organizing an Art/ Craft Retreat

Craft retreat | May 17, 2016
We are steadily making progress on our upcoming craft retreat which is just around the corner. Tuesday June 7th will be here before we know it and I am thrilled to be part of  this exciting event. I really want everything to be beautiful and so special for the Ladies who will be  gathering together at our home. More than anything I want them to feel welcome! So, a little while ago  we looked at the journey of how Texas bloggers became a community plus  Ten Tips on Organizing a Craft Retreat . Today I thought we'd focus on what I believe to be  four extremely important fundamentals for the success of any retreat that you are  considering organizing and hosting. 1. Cohesion-Why it matters. No matter the type of retreat you are organizing it is important to be cohesive in order to accomplish successful and strategic planning and implementing the retreat. Working with your retreat team is an ideal opportunity to develop leadership roles, enhance communication, engage and encourage cre

Duncan Donuts Coffee & Peas

Inspiration | May 15, 2016
So, I am sorting of writing this off the cuff so to speak, as my husband makes fresh Duncan Donuts Coffee and we just finished eating fresh peas from the garden. Do you know that every time I write a post reminiscing of the past, share family values and reflect on life I lose several subscriptions. Yep, it is true. So, I am going to tell it like it is for me. If it is not the same for you, please feel free to move on. I love Jesus, my family, growing good things from the earth. These are the things that bring me joy, comfort and strength. I am proud of where I came from and I am embracing the journey of where I am being led. Which is by faith. I am a survivor of cancer, divorce and deaths of those that I loved more than life itself. I believe in goodness, forgiveness, rainbows and heaven. I feed wild bunny rabbits in my garden. I feel the joy in gentle rain, crops and choirs singing Sunday hymns. I believe that goodness lives in all of us, no matter how dark our days. I know that God h