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Easy Chocolate Tart

Happy Valentine's Day to one and all and I hope that true love finds you wherever you happen to be! Today on At Home With Jemma we will be making an Easy Homemade Chocolate Valentine Tart. I sure hope that you decide to make this yummy chocolate dessert recipe too, because I don't want you to miss out on one incredible nibble of this tasty treat!

Easy Chocolate Tart Recipe

I chose this easy chocolate tart recipe because it is from the one and only Pioneer Woman. You know her... We all love her...her family, her style, her food and her cookware. Ann Marie "Ree" Drummond has given us the gift of practical, tasty and good food, that we can actually make!

Because it is Valentine's Day I thought that while I am sharing this wonderful chocolate dessert recipe, I'll also share a few handmade Valentine decorations that I made to decorate our "new," "old" Colorado home. No one can have too many hearts on the day of love...

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I have always been intimidated by the notion of making Ganache. It sounds so fancy and after all it is French..."Ganache (/ɡəˈnɑːʃ/; French: [ganaʃ]) is a glaze, icing, sauce, or filling for pastries made from chocolate and cream."

But today was the day that I took a big leap of faith and I made Chocolate Ganache. I grabbed my apron, pulled out my copper pot, heavy cream, and chocolate and gave myself a pep talk. I said "Lady youare going to make Ganache!"

Guess what, it really wasn't difficult. I even feel sort of foolish for making such a big deal out of making it. So, once again friends, if I can make Ganache you can too. I decided to tweak the recipe a little because I wanted super simple and it worked!

Simple Chocolate Tart Made with Oreos and Ganache

Faux or Real flowers…who knows for certain.

Ingredients For Easy Chocolate Tart


Crust- One bag of Oreos and One stick of melted butter

Ganache- One and one half cups of heavy cream or whipping cream, three tablespoons of butter, 12 ounces of dark chocolate chips, 12 ounces of milk chocolate chips.

Shaved White Chocolate Garnish - Four ounces of white chocolate, 2 teaspoons coconut oil. 

Special Equipment-11 inch Spring Foam Pan or Fluted Tart Pan with removable bottom.

Come on Friends, Let's Make This Chocolate Tart Now!

Recipe For Chocolate Valentine Tart

  1. Crust: Add the cookies to a food processor and pulse to fine crumbs. Add melted butter and pulse together. Since I don't have a food processor I used a gallon size plastic ziploc bag put all the cookies in the bag and using a rolling pin crushed cookies until fine, I poured the melted butter in to the bag and mixed it all together.
  2. Pour into an 11-inch fluted tart pan with a removable bottom or a Spring Foam pan and press the mixture in with a 1/4-cup measure to form an even crust on the bottom and sides. Put it in the freezer for 15 minutes to set.
  3. Ganache: Put the cream and butter in a pan and heat over medium until the mixture starts to bubble, stirring occasionally. Place the dark and milk chocolate chips in a large bowl and pour the warmed cream and butter over it. Whisk everything together until melted and fully combined, then pour it into the chilled tart base. Refrigerate the tart a minimum of 8 hours or overnight.

My Antique Secretary Desk With A Fresh Coat Of Paint and Valentine Cheer.

Directions For Shaved White Chocolate and Curls

  1. Shaved White Chocolate- Place chocolate and coconut oil in a microwavable bowl and heat on high for one minute and 30 seconds. Remove bowl from microwave and stir. (be careful that bowl is not hot.) Put back in microwave for 30 more seconds. Pour the melted mixture onto a buttered underside of a clean baking sheet and spread it in a very thin layer with an offset spatula or knife. Put it in the freezer until set, about 2 minutes. (To check if it is set, press it with your fingertip; it should leave the slightest mark but not a depression.)
  2. Using a sharp-edged spatula, scrape the chocolate from the bottom of the baking sheet into curls or shavings. Remove the tart from the pan and decorate.

Recipe For Simple Shaved White Chocolate

Homemade Valentine Crafts decorate our home.

Happy Valentine Bouquet

I have added a Grapevine wreath, Faux bouqet and red buffalo check runner to the dining room table.

Handmade Pompom garland with glass beads brings color and cheer to our living room.

From Jemma’s Kitchen to Your Kitchen With Love!

Happy Love Day to YOU!



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DIY Farmhouse Wall Hook Rack

Ten On The Tenth Thrift Store Makeover

Hello Dear Readers and welcome to TEN on the TENTH! If you are a bargain shopper today is your day! Today you will find thirteen bloggers sharing economical, easy and naturally, thrifty ideas on how we made the most of our thrift store shopping experience. Today I am sharing my DIY Farmhouse Wall Hook Rack. This DIY project is a quick makeover and makes for super cute home decor, for any room in our homes. Double bonus is this... I think it'd be perfect for Valentine's Day too!

Links To All Of The Blogs Are At The End Of This Post.

As you probably know by now we recently moved to Monument Colorado and naturally one of the first things I wanted to do was check out the nearby shops. Monument has a super cute downtown and I have really been looking forward to checking out a few of our local thrift shops too.

Sadie, my traveling and walking buddy

This past week Sadie and I loaded up in the Yukon and headed out. I even had a small list of wish items in my purse and I had truly planned to make a full day of it. However once I arrived at Tri-Lakes my search ended.

DIY Thrift Store Find Farmhouse Wall Hook Rack
Organized Thrift Store

But for this blog post our challenge was to find a thrift store find for under ten bucks. You won't believe this - I found my treasure for $5.00 with money left over for a chocolate milkshake!

I found this rather humdrum stained wooden rack and gave it a new life with some light sanding, chalk paint and acrylic paint.

From Drab to Fab in just a few simple steps!

P.S. Customize this makeover to your liking, DIY is all about your vision and style.

Five Dollar Wooden Wall Hook Rack

Supplies For DIY Farmhouse Wooden Wall Hook Rack

  1. Wooden Hook Rack
  2. Hammer
  3. Nails (for hanging rack)
  4. Paint Brush
  5. Black Acrylic Paint
  6. Sandpaper
  7. White Chalk Paint ( I used spray paint)

DIY Black and White Farmhouse Style Wooden Wall Hook Rack
Lightly sand wooden wall hook rack with extra-fine sandpaper

I think this project is one of the easiest ones that I have ever done. Having a repertoire of different levels of DIY projects makes for a satisfied creator. We all know that we do not want BIG projects all of the time...

Farmhouse Wall Hook

Directions For DIY Farmhouse Wall Hook

  1. Sand lightly
  2. Wipe down with damp cloth.
  3. Allow wooden piece to dry and then spray paint with white chalk paint.
  4. Once chalk paint has dried paint hooks and edges of wood with black acrylic paint.
  5. Once piece is dry using nails and hammer hang Farmhouse Wall Hook.
  6. Presto we are all finished, now wasn't that a piece of cake!

Thank you so much for joining us all today.

I would also like to thank each and every one of you for the caring and kind comments you have left me. Feeling very thankful!

Happy Valentine's Day Week!


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Facing The Fear

Hello Dear Readers and whoever ever else might be reading. I suppose one never truly knows who "hears" or reads what we write behind this computer screen. But write I shall as I am beginning a new chapter in an old life. I am writing this to hold myself accountable.

I can make a wreath…

If you have been reading my blog the last six years you know I can make wreaths, sand, paint, garden and cook. I love my family. I love Jesus and I love adventures and the outdoors.

But the real question that I have for myself this year is can I learn something new, unfamiliar and totally out of my comfort zone? Am I too old to learn new things??

"Can you teach an old dog new tricks??"

I can sand...

Can I learn something new…

Materials are purchased, contacts have been made and I have even received my first e-mail from my "teacher." I am excited, apprehensive and searching. I search to stretch my mind, move out of my comfort zone and commit to uncharted waters of learning, and ultimately facing the fear of embarking on something "new," at 62. I am afraid.

Can I memorize and retain and pass a test…

I leave you today with an article that my daughter shared on Instagram... Felicity Aston.

Love to hear how you are Facing Your Fear.

First Woman To Cross Antarctic.

See you on Sunday with Ten on the Tenth!